The Time Line

Consolidated Time Line, a work in process from multiple sitesThe sites are:  Morgan Pillsbury Gell, Craig Franklin, The Duke of Manchester, Rumor Mill News Insights, Barteaux - The Family Story.  
      Also check out Greedville, the story of the business model today struggling to maintain control of the lives and wealth of America and the world.  Those named here are their flunkies, paid relatively tiny amounts of money to keep the whistle from blowing their names.  
      The lack of conscience and viciousness displayed by all of these individuals toward two disabled people defies belief.  But they were paid to perform these acts and did so in conspiracy with each other.  All are liable for all acts performed.
     They continue because they are being paid and because they know if they do not eventually there will be justice, and that they cannot afford.   And the accounting is coming. 
     The facts, dates and documents, are here.If a link does not work, or goes to a page which does not match the narrative please contact us so this can be corrected.  Jay and Morgan are busy little hackerbots.  

I'm not putting up everything.  If you want to learn more about that person(s) you can go to the site dedicated to them.  

       October 26th, Born: Mary Linda (Melinda) Pillsbury, Santa Monica, California Birth Certificate.

1950 - Richard Lee Barteaux is born and adopted by the Barteauxs
       February 25th, Born:  Richard Lee Barteaux, Santa Monica, California Birth Certificate.

       September 7th, Married:  Mary Linda (Melinda) Pillsbury & Richard Lee Barteaux, Starkville, Mississippi. Marriage Certificate

1967-  Morgan Gell  AKA Carolyn Anne Barteaux is born.
      July 5th, Born: Carolyn Anne Barteaux, Santa Monica, California. Adopted by Ronald Edward Kellett (AKA Foster) and again by Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Pillsbury

      April 20th, Settlement between Melinda Pillsbury Barteaux and Richard Lee Barteaux. Divorce Settlement

      June 24th, Divorce Decree between Melinda Pillsbury Barteaux and Richard Lee Barteaux.  DivorceDecree

       Character Reference by Marian Replogle, who knew Melinda and Morgan from the time Morgan was a small child through the time she was an adult. 

            May 1st - Marriage to Ronald E. Kellett (AKA  Ronald Edward Foster)

             Later the same year  -Adoption of Carolyn Anne by Ron Foster  (This was undertaken in an attempt to keep Carolyn safe from Richard.  If I had known then what I  know now I would have dropped her off at the Barteauxs home.  That would have been justice, let me tell you!)
May -   Adoption of Carolyn Anne by Dr. and Mrs. Pillsbury   Future Custody
                        John Fund gets his first job as a political operative working for Ed Crane and the
                    Kochs to gain control of the Libertarian nomination for president.     


 Summer -   Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and Janice Vargo take a trip to Northern
             California to visit family and see  friends from the Libertarian Party.  Stopping in
             Sacramento they meet John  Fund, who has promised them a tour of the Capitol. 
             John uses the occasion to ask Melinda to have her brother, Charles Arthur Pillsbury, 
             who is a Legislative Assistant and in law school at Davis, to get him a job. 

            Melinda later learns from her brother John contacted him directly and told him he
            was her boy friend and expected my brother to find him a job.  I will spare you the fall
            out from that.  Cap was in law school, flying for the Air National Guard, and working
            part time for a state legislator.  

December 14, 1881 - Dishonorable Discharge from the Army.  File 
            John Fund begins an internship with Evans and Novak and later reports to Melinda
            he was also writing for the Star, a tabloid. 

May  - The Manchester Story - His Grace, the 13th Duke of Manchester
               21 - Alex Montagu Manchester and Marion Johanna Montagu are separated after
                  incidents of violence directed against her children from her previous relationship
                  and her self.  Complaint, filed September 5th.  Police report filed.  Johanne Stoner
                  The Stoner Story 

April - At the recommendation of Robert Novak Fund is hired at the Wall Street
            Journal as a deputy editorial features editor.


            Fund named a member of the WSJ Editorial  Board.  He will remain so until 2001. 

June   5 -  Angus Charles Drogo Montagu succeeded to the title of 12th Duke of 
                   Manchester upon the death of his brother, Sidney Arthur Robin George Drogo
                   Montagu, 11th Duke of Manchester.  Alexander, his oldest son, succeeded to the 
                   title, Viscount Mandeville. 
                     ARTICLE -  by Ian Livingstone Mary and Alexander:  It's a title fight 

14 - Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville, is sentenced to jail


                           From The Age -"Duke's heir weeps in dock "

                           From The Sun, "Tears as heir, 22, gets jail"

September 29 - Law Suit against Richard Lee Barteaux, Senior, by the State of California, Substitution.   Dunne, Phelps, Mills, Smith & Jackson is handing the case over to Comstock & Comstock Case No. BKG 6526 926

1986 - October - Fund becomes an editorial page writer specializing in politics and

May 22 -  Melinda -  Divorce from Ronald E. Foster
June 19 - First Marriage to Craig Franklin

1988  - Letter and Post card from Fund to Melinda


June 21 - Relinquishment of Parental Rights, Ron Foster
 June 24 - Second Marriage to Craig Franklin  

 June 26 - Adoption of Children of Pillsbury-Foster by Craig Franklin
                       Craig insisted on having Ron Foster (Kellett) cede his parental rights, as documented above.  He then adopted the children by naming them as his natural heirs in the will made out by his brother, Sterling Franklin, an attorney then licensed to practice law in the State of California, Bar Number 68904.   Craig always presenting the children as his natural children.  Craig paid his attorney to come to the house in my absence between January 1 - 8th, 1998, to steal the current will and go though my private papers and steal when she thought it best I not have.  The attorney was Jacqueline Misho, Bar No. 101112


May 30, 1991 -  Email Memo from Michael Cory to William Bartley regarding JF credit 
                  card  records.  John has issues with paperwork, which a brief look at his office
                   and  home validate as true.  
July -  The Triumph of the 1991 Libertarian Convention. The untold story.
      October - Craig makes out a new will, exactly the same except that the debt to his 

      brother, Sterling, now paid, was removed.  1991 Will

     January 6, Letter to Dean Joseph Kertes from Janet Eddy, Ph. D.,   regarding the learning disabilities of Richard Lee Barteaux, Junior.  Letter
 April  17 -  Wendy and Alex meet.
  July - Alex moves into Wendy's apartment.  Wendy is pregnant.

   May 7 -Viscount Mandeville marries Wendy Buford, with whom he has been 
                   living for some time.  The couple are already engaged.  Wedding takes place at 211
                  W. Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana, 92701 Orange County, California.  A business
                  associate  of   Alex’s, John McDonald, acted as witness.  Marriage Certificate
        8th, Died:  Richard Lee Barteaux, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Death Certificate

         15 -  Born:  Alexander Michael Charles David Drogo Montagu, Alexander Junior,
                    to the Viscount Mandeville and his wife, Lady Wendy Montagu.
      January 17 – Northridge Earthquake 

1995 – The Roger MacBride Memorial Convention for the Republican Liberty Caucus.
Roger, an old friend of mine, had asked me to put on the next convention because he had concerns about Eric Rittenberg, who now calls himself Eric Dondaro. He wanted to know the organization would become effective. I agreed.
Roger died suddenly on March 5th of '95. At the convention in October we kicked off with a memorial service for him, something the movement seemed to simply forget.

Morgan did no substantial work on the convention but desperately wanted to be there to meet people. She lit on Eugene Volokh as the best solution to her lack of job skills and went after him like gang busters. 

John asked Melinda to have her kids look him up if they are in New York.  And remember, he says to her.  "They should call me Uncle John." 

Morgan calls me up in the spring and demanded I help her hook Eugene by writing literate and intelligent emails for her. After several hours of being harangued, I agreed. The two were soon a couple.

July 1 -   “Brown & Associates”
                           Firm retained by Franklin to handle the IRS problems.  Franklin
                            refused to give them the information they needed and so the retainer paid
                            was wasted.  Melinda was not informed of this action on Franklin's part.  

  August 9 - Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
                              Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees  
  September  - 27 -Alex, at the insistence of his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, agrees to
                          cooperate in a  divorce from his first wife, Marion Stoner Montagu. He has
                          been bigamously married to Wendy Buford Montagu for over three years.
                           Although ordered to do so by his mother Alex does not repair matters and
                          remarry Wendy.
                              Record of Proceeding/Outcome Sheet 

October    28 - Divorce becomes  absolute
                              Certified Divorce Decree

December 1 Franklin PayStubs.” Exhibit includes check still attached with .00 as
                             amount paid. Exhibit shows three garnishments from taxing authorities
                             'DD'  in amounts year to date of $18,365.42, $26,099.18, $128,416.18.
                             Second page 6/15/93 pay statement with voided check with the
                             garnishment noted and signed by O'Dowd, these facts are referenced herein
                             as though set forth in full.

      January - I discovered, and solved the problem of Craig's inability to file his taxes, thus saving the family from financial ruin. Divorcing and destroying me is the sort of thing a psychopath does to say, 'thanks.'  As you can see, Craig and Morgan had a lot in common.  

Morgan immediately tried to take credit for solving the IRS problem, as always, She had nothing whatsoever to do with it. She did come up occasionally as she was anxious to know I would be able to move her from the house in North Hills, then being sold, to an apartment in West Los Angeles so she could continue her campaign to marry Eugene.  

I later learned she had also begun claiming credit for my achievements during my years of political activism.   


27th Arthur Edward, son of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and Craig Franklin, was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident. Morgan came up to get a check for $5,000, a number which is clearly significant to Craig Franklin, at the ISU at Cottage Hospital, Goleta, California, not even glancing at her brother, still in a coma. Morgan's 'allowance' was $5,000 a month during this period.  This is the same amount he pays women to be available for sex, curiously. 

At the time I was in New Orleans at a NFRW convention, due to go on to New Hampshire to research the book I was then writing, Echoes from the Singer of Songs. The book was never finished. My life was changed completely and forever.

What I did would not know until the facts seeped back to me over the next several years were these. My husband, Craig, had married me because I was useful to him in multiple ways and had three beautiful daughters. Craig's fantasies focused on incestuous relations with girl children who he would rape and betray.

Ayn and Dawn came home from school, Ayn from Michigan and Dawn from SLO, to be at his bedside.  

Otherwise, no one in the family saw Morgan until she dropped in to pick up her Christmas presents just before Christmas.

It was during this time Craig asked her to find him a divorce attorney and Morgan located Jacqueline Misho for him.

Craig is a sexual deviant and a psychopath.  Because the evidence of this includes its own time line I am now writing this up and it will be available at EVIDENCE this week.

Because the company, Green Hills Software, Inc., for which he was Senior Vice President was poised to go public an opportunity had opened up to profit and gain sexual access to our daughters, who he had insisted on adopting when we married in 1989.

Craig cut a deal with the President of the company, Dan O'Dowd and hired our daughter, Morgan to assist him in leaving me so he could live out his sexual fantasies. These included her.


January 18“Substitute Stock Option Agreement, January1998,  written by Ruth 
                                   Fisher, Esq.,   Bar No. 93769 for Dan O'Dowd, President of Green Hills 
                                   Software, signed this date.

                                   Craig and Dan agreed to a 'Throw Mama from the Train" scheme to 
                                   deny Melinda stock options and Dan's partner, Glenn Hightower, a fair 
                                   share of the company.  Morgan was an insider on this, Melinda later 

January 22 - “Citation for Conservatorship,”  issued by the Superior Court of Santa 
                                  Barbara, Case No. 222783, Judge Thomas R. Adams, Dated January 22,
                                 1998, naming her as conservator for her disabled son, Arthur.


                12 - Thursday - Craig called and asked if Arthur could have lunch with him. After I picked him up he was depressed, angry and remote. I learned only after Arthur was recovering, several years later, Craig had him, still struggling with his radically changed life, that he would be better off dead if he had to live with me, the only person willing to care for him.  
         This was a substantial change from our previous relationship. Over the next few days I grew increasingly alarmed at the change in Arthur and arranged for him to go into a program for depression. I agreed to allow him to spend the weekend with Ron Foster and extracted the promise from Ron he would never be left alone.

             22 - Sunday – I get a call from Ron telling me Arthur has shot himself through the brain. I later learned Ron had ignored his promise entirely, allowing Arthur to go where ever he pleased with NO supervision. Ron had left the house to get Taco Bell for Breakfast without ensuring the guns he kept out were locked away. 

           Around three weeks later Craig paid Morgan $10,000 to claim she had a heart problem and needed a transplant. She called me at the hospital where I was at Arthur's bedside. The physicians had suggested me disconnect his life support as they predicted he would never recover.  
This has to have been one hardest moments of my life. This check and the checks paying her to slander me and help Craig were found during discovery.  

         I refused. Arthur lived, but it took three years for him to walk again, something I was told would never happen. 

July 5 - Letter to Scott Franklin from Melinda 
                          Melinda reminds Scott of his previous behavior which made it impossible to
                          trust him with the other children.  


Eugene wised up and broke off his relationship with Morgan.  

September 17, 1998 - Documents from law suit filed by Glenn Hightower against Dan 
Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 7, Nos a, b., c, d, and e, are true and exact copies of the originals in my possession of the following court documents:

[a.] Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, September 17, 1998, DECLARATION OF WAYNE B. WEISMAN FILED BY APPLICANT GLENN HIGHTOWER IN SUPPORT OF APPLICATION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION”

[b.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, HIGHTOWER'S OPPOSITION TO O'DOWD'S MOTION FOR ORDER DISSOLVING PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999, Filing Date September 2, 1998; [c.] Glenn Hightower vs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, RESPONSE TO OBJECTION TO (PROPOSED FIRST MODIFIED INJUNCTION, December 15, 1999; September 17, 1998

[d.] “Glenn Hightowervs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, In the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, REMITITUR,” Copy of original order, opinion or decision entered in the above-entitled cause of July 1, 1999 and that this order, opinion or decision has now become final, signed by Joseph A. Lane, Clerk, September 3, 1999. Opinion Hightower is likely to prevail if there is proof of unlawful action by O'Dowd.

[e.]AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION No. 72Y 180 0960 98,” a true and exact copy of the originals that are in my possession, which is a series of documents generated by the law suit filed by Hightower against Dan O'Dowd over O'Dowd's exercise of their sudden death partnership agreement on January, 1998. Decision that unlawful action is not proved.  

Morgan accompanied my former husband to New York, London, and Paris. From the moment she demanded Arthur's heart until September 1999 she never called me though she knew I was essentially blind and struggling to care for Arthur and myself.  


January 25  - Note to attorney on disappearance of Franklin's Will.

 March – Melinda calls John Fund to ask if there is any truth to the rumor he is dating Morgan. John tells Melinda he has a steady girl friend and it is definitely NOT Morgan. He adds she lives near him and he is watching her cat for her while she is out of town.

 March 8MORGAN - Record of Abortion
                              The abortion took place March 8, 1999 at Pacifica Women's Health Care in
                              Los Angeles 

May 5 - Letter to Mr. Clark from Prudential Insurance
                          Craig continually stole my mail, or had it stolen and changed the address for 
                          bills to be received as a form of harassment.  Melinda was told this was
                          standard operating procedure for Misho Clients and the informant believed 
                          Misho instructed them in how to do this. 

June 5  - Inventory of Property in House, ordered by the Court. Exhaustive inventory
                         itemizing all items in the marital house. 

 June  -  Declaration by Doug Greene 
                       Declaration itemizes lies told to Doug by Morgan.

June -   Declaration by Ayn Pillsbury

July 1 -  Glenn Hightower vs. Daniel O'Dowd, Case No. BS 053127, In the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, REMITITUR,” Copy of original order, opinion or decision entered in the above-entitled cause of July 1, 1999 and that this order, opinion or decision has now become final, signed by Joseph A. Lane, Clerk, September 3, 1999. Opinion Hightower is likely to prevail if there is proof of unlawful action by O'Dowd.

August 16 - Divorce Judgment,   From the Superior Court of Santa  Barbara from of Melinda's divorce from  Craig Franklin, Case No. 222675.  Awarded stock, to be paid for by Franklin, she never received it.   

  September  - Weasel Search Tape is made by Morgan Pillsbury as she leads Fund through a discussion of the issues in an attempt to persuade Melinda Pillsbury-Foster Fund has lied to her.  Morgan was located in New Jersey.  

September 10 - Melinda finds an attorney, Todd Porter, to represent her, having found out from Morgan Craig and Dan were conspiring to defraud her.    
                                                   “Porter 1999 Contingency Agreement
For a number of years I believed Morgan.  I have learned this is a fatal mistake.  

October -
Morgan records a phone conversation with Craig Franklin, who she has been assisting to destroy me. The phone call took place while Morgan was at her apartment in Jersey City and Craig was in Georgia at a conference for The Advocates for Self-Government.  Morgan was extracting proof he had lied about the stock options and other matters.  The court refused to consider the matter.   Morgan Pillsbury – Franklin Transcript”     When Craig stopped paying her she moved to New York and tried to marry John Fund.  That did not work.  

October 27th - Letter faxed to the WSJ from Pillsbury-Foster
November 28  -  Arthur Foster, Permanent Disability Letter 

 December 1Hightower vs. O'Dowd Decision that unlawful action is not proved. AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION No. 72Y 180 0960 98.  Glenn lost because he did not, evidently, know about the Throw Mama from the Train strategy adopted by Dan and Craig.  


February 9 - Pillsbury-Foster v GHS, Inc., Daniel O'Dowd, Jacqueline Misho, and Does 1 – 100, Superior Court of the State of California, County of Santa Barbara, Case No. 233136, 2nd Amended Complaint for (1) Battery, (2) Fraud/Conspiracy to commit Fraud (3) Declaratory Relief a true and exact copy of the original that is in my possession, which was filed by Porter against GHS and principals. 

December 20 - January 20thPillsbury-Foster phone bill for NY,Fund's phone calls.

January 9  - DanielO'Dowd Deposition

February 2 - “Morgan Pillsbury Deposition,” March, 2001 Case No.  233136, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster vs. Craig Franklin, an Individual; GREEN HILLS SOFTWARE, INC.
                  It is not normal to accept payment for committing a crime and then complaining because the payments have stopped.  Morgan was paid $5,000 a month to slander Melinda to her friends and associates.  She did this while Melinda was coping with a heart attack herself, facing corneal transplants, and caring for Arthur, her brother.  The person paying her was Craig, her adopted father.  Craig was at this time attempting to start a sexual relationship with Morgan and his other daughters.  This was not normal behavior for people in Melinda's family - but Craig's family had covered up for violent crimes committed by Scott previously.  When Scott was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife he was only following the example set for him by his father, who talked frequently about having Melinda killed.
     This is the deposition which was never certified because Melinda was forced to settle by the actions of the corrupt court.  

 March 30GHS Settlement Agreement
                                 I was forced to settle because the court in Santa Barbara insisted on treating the fraud by GHS as normal in a divorce.  I also did not realize O'Dowd was party to the original conspiracy at this time.   GREEN HILLS SOFTWARE  Power of Attorney-  presented as  providing Melinda with absolute protection.

May – Morgan returns to NYC and to her relationship with John Fund.  This was another attempt on Morgan's part to get a rich husband.  John's motives were more immediate.  Proof later surfaced showing John was always looking for more women on the same lines as demonstrated by Bill Clinton.
         23 - Exhibit 4 - Franklin Complaint May 23, 2001 - Morgan Bankruptcy” Craig files suit to stop Morgan's bankruptcy, started to clear the fraud committed when Craig characterized payments made to Morgan to assist in slandering and killing Melinda as a 'gift.'

July – Morgan moves in with John and starts cleaning up his apartment in Jersey City and his office at the WSJ. John beats her for the first time, according to Morgan, during the CPAC conference that year.

August 27 -Morgan - Payments - Loan - Bankruptcy - Morgan files response, action paid for by Melinda.  Litigation will continue until 2003. 

 January 4    -    Wedding arrangements 
                                       Melinda was not thrilled, but Morgan cannot be dissuaded.

                   13Email from Gail Heriot to John Fund
                                    JOHN FUND - Correspondence with Michele Davis 
                               Michele was clearly in John's sights, either as support and or as a 
                               possible love interest.  

                               John Fund Email exchange with Gail Heriot 
                                    Gail's Face Book     Gail Heriot's Website    Gail Heriot

                               (This is shocking stuff)  
  Announcement wedding will not take place
                    17    -   Correspondence with Michele Davis

                    18 - Email from Gail Heriot to John Fund on the cancellation of the wedding.
                   19 Email to Morgan documenting gift of checks 
                   21-   Email from Christine Reis Hall to John Fund, offering to provide, with
                                   her friend, Julie Currie, opposition research on Morgan and Melinda.    

                                   See link to understand this newly wedding Christian's special 
                                   relationshipmwith John.
                   24  - Notarized affidavit by Morgan, acquired by threats

                    24  - Handwritten undated letter to the Wall Street Journal

                    25  -Letter from Fidelity Investments

                    30 - Email from Lloyd Grove, also known as GroveL, stating Morgan had
                             supplied him with a photo, which she had not done.  

 February 21  - Police Report, 2002, New York

                                E-mail message from the woman in question to Professor Gail Heriot of
                                the   University of San Diego School of Law. 
                                This email was likely sent to Herriot by Morgan, who never mentioned her 

                                habits to Melinda  

May 14  - ARTICLE from the  Village Voice  by Cynthia Cotts, titled,  "John Fund: Hope of 

                                  Melinda was briefly in NY and accompanied Morgan to the interview with
                                  Cotts at a local restaurant.   

June 8                 - goes up, paid for by Melinda to defend Morgan. 

Early 2002 -    Deposition by Manuel Klausner regarding the Blumenthal lawsuit

July 4 Email response from Alterman July 4, 2002
                           Having failed to contact Morgan or Melinda before writing a hit piece on her 
                           Alterman blows off the objections received.   

                 After Melinda and Morgan attended the Libertarian National Convention in
                Indianapolis, Indiana Melinda flew home and Morgan went into hiding first with a 
                fellow Libertarian acquaintance of Melinda's and then with a family in Georgia. 
                This was necessary because of an attempt on Morgan's life, which Melinda now 
                entirely understands.  For a little while life was much quieter, a good thing.  
        25 - Died:  Angus Charles Drogo Montagu, 12th Duke of Manchester, at age 63 
                       Alex succeeded to the titles of 16th Earl of Manchester, co. Lancaster, title of
                      16thViscount Mandeville, 13th Duke of Manchester, 16th Baron Kimbolton of 

               The fourth Montagu job began while the couple was living in Irvine in early
                 2002. Alex became a security guard for Nordic Security and drove a patrol car
                wearing a standard uniform. Excited by this, he became very wrapped up in the job.                         According to Wendy, Alex decided he was actually a police officer, buying extra
               uniforms in addition to a pair of handcuffs.

                       The handcuffs were used on Wendy, one evening as Alex dragged her down the
               hallway, bruising her badly during a disagreement. He lost the job because of an
               altercation while on patrol at a movie complex area in Lake Forest.

                       Wendy understood the event which ended this employment was an altercation
               with a woman manager at the Movie theater and the manager's boyfriend. Alex did
               not confide in her further except to say he needed to break up a fight. He told
               Wendy he was shoved and hurt on the job, evidently this resulted in a claim for
               workman's compensation. Wendy believes the job lasted perhaps, a month.

September - Quote from Article: When Psychopaths Collide Ayn, said, “Good, let John Fund kill her. It will solve the problem.”  If Ayn was not right she at least had a clear understanding of who Morgan really is.   I now accept she knew Morgan far better than did I.         
                     23  - RuthlessPeople as it appeared on this date. 
                                 John Fund Deposition, NY 

November - Morgan calls Melinda to ask about the identity of U-Day, wondering if it is
                       something like E-Bay.  She is assured this is a person and not a website. 

                       As it turns out, the job of subcontracting to keep Saddam Hussein in Iraq is 
                       being handled by Sidney Blumenthal for the Clintons.  This, and not payment
                       for speaking engagements, if most likely the source of their sudden affluence. 

                       Skeptical that even flat broke politicians like Bill and Hillary would commit 

                       what Melinda thinks must be treason, she sends the email on to her friend, Dr. 
                       Dean Ahmad.  He confirms it could have originated in the Emirates and likely
                       came through from Baghdad.
                       In the mean time Eric Buchanan, the husband of the couple Morgan was

                       staying with came up with the idea of putting a keylogger on Uday's computer 
                       using as a subject line, "Women without Veils."  
                      Melinda clearly makes a mistake in thinking someone, supposedly a friend, 

                      working for the CIA will ensure she is protected when she blows the whistle.  
                       For the longer story read this article.   

                       When John begs for support Cheney and Rove will have more reasons to

December 7th, Saturday Died: Walter Dean Barteaux

Melinda will now learn what it is like to stupidly trust any so-called friend who works for the CIA, for instance her best friend's husband, Donald Steury.

January 15  - Franklin Complaint Dismissal 

                    23 Answer and Verified Counterclaim of John H. Fund in
                       the case of Morgan Pillsbury v. John Fund, Citicorp Group and Jane Doe, Index
                       No. 121868/02 (N.Y. Sup. Ct.)

April 1 Letter to Group Professionals 
                            Threatening letter to the webmaster of, the site Melinda
                            put up to defend Morgan against John's attacks. 

April 3 - Dan O'Dowd decides it is a good idea to give 100 orphans of veterans of the

                            War in Iraq $5,000 each for college.  

                            On the Website, Fallen Heroes - Last Wish Foundation his thinking is stated as, "While watching a network broadcast  showing the children of U.S. servicemembers who had been lost in the war in Iraq, Dan O'Dowd, CEO of Green Hills Software, Inc., realized that these children were shouldering the largest burden of the U.S. war effort. That is when the need for private action to provide for these children became clear to him." 

April 7 -  Craig Franklin hands an enveloped copy of Morgan's Deposition to Anne
                           Fisher, his then girl friend.  Anne, if asked, would testify it was a Green Hills
                           envelope with the postage paid by the company in advance.  

                           As they ate dinner Craig told Anne what the envelope contained.   

April 8 - Ruthle
May 11ssPeople is down. 

April 9 - Last Wish Foundation is incorporated by Green Hills Software, Inc.

April 10  - Last Wish Foundation  - The foundation and its objectives are announced.

  Email exchange Alterman and Morgan, Mother's Day 2003
                            Melinda, who was in NY, actually wrote the email as Morgan was not capable
                            of doing so and relied on Melinda for this. 

May 15  - Eric Alterman's hit piece, "Who Framed John Fund?" is published in The 

May 16  - Letter via email from Gail Heriot, Fund's occasional bedmate, to Gene
                            Gaudette, Editor of American Politics Journal.

June - John Fund's hit site on Morgan
                             This site was the work of Gail Heriot, who became John's 'girl friend' and
                             occasional bedmate on January 18, 2002.
                             Copied on this site.

July 22 - Wendy MacElroy trades a hit piece on Morgan for a gig at Fox News.
                           Melinda had known Wendy since the 70s but neither she or Morgan were
                           called and interviewed before the article, False Rape Charges Hurt Real 
                           Victims, was published.  Wendy finally had a gig that paid very, very well.

August 30 - Incest Porn purchased by Craig Franklin and found in his trash by
                           Melinda's PI and the bag containing these and other items was brought 
                           directly to her and opened as he watched.   

October 6   - Declaration by Morgan Pillsbury alleging criminal fraud by Franklin.

2004 - Notes on Fund Deposition from Gary Fish to Morgan Pillsbury

June 11 - Letter to Elle Magazine from Melinda regarding cancelled article 
                             Katie Rosman asked for an exclusive and then stalled writing the article
                             until it was expedient for John.  This was likely arranged through Eric 
                             Alterman, who dated Katie, who he referred to as, "arm candy."

August 27 - Letter regarding Elle Article from Jennifer Bambi, August 27, 2004
                              The decision has been made to not pursue the article.  

In early 2005 Melinda realized Green Hills was not going to keep the terms of the Settlement Agreement and she was forced to leave Santa Barbara.  But neither GHS or John Fund and his best friends, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney had forgotten about her or Saddam's offer.  Another 'handler' Robert E. Hughes, was presented to her as an expert who could come to a fair settlement with GHS. She could not have been more wrong.  

October 18, 2005 - District Attorney, Morganthau letter to Gary Fish, atty. 
                                 Why did Morganthau ignore the law and cover for Fund, claiming the
                                  records, kept on his own desk, had been lost?

March 30 - March 30, 2003 - Exhibit 37 - b - To GHS Request for Loan
Melinda discovers proof Craig is a sexual deviant and realizes he married her to get access to her young daughters.   Incest Porn Later, Melinda will learn GHS has been covering up for Craig's sexual deviant behavior for years. 

 October 6Morgan Declaration to the IRS alleging Criminal Fraud by Craig Franklin

Morgan  Payments - Loan - Bankruptcy 

  Exhibit 1 - Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 1, true and exact copies of the original in my possession of “Exhibit 1 - Loan Document:  Morgan - Payments - Loan - Bankruptcy” a true and exact copy of the original in my possession, these facts are referenced herein as though set forth in full. 


 January 9, 2005 - Exhibit 37 - g - Letter from Heider, offer on stock  

 January18, 2005 - Exhibit 37 - c Buynak, Hatch & Parent Franklin 'B'Option

January 25  -  Tuesday Died: Betty Mae Stevens Barteaux

March 9  - Exhibit 49 - Certified letter to Tim Buynak, 200

October 18  - District Attorney, Morganthau letter to Gary Fish, atty. 
                                 Why did Morganthau ignore the law and cover for Fund, claiming the 
                                  records, kept on his own desk, had been lost? 


July 14 - Morgan drops the law suit against Fund, having drained Melinda dry of 
                            funds and emotionally assaulted and slandered her.  
                Letter from long time Libertarian who knew Fund in Sacramento

           “Graph of GHS Finances 1982 –2007,”



             December 10 - Melinda Medical Record, Migraines and heart


           May 8 Arthur Foster - Continued Disability Letter


Second Marriage - When Alex Met Wendy – Or, the Psychopath Who Ate My Life        
           June Wendy learned Alex had been married at the time at the time of their 
                        wedding but had signed off on his previous marriage in August 1996, 3 years
                        into they were married.  Alex never personally paid any court ordered child
                        or spousal support. All support paid came from directly from the Manchester 
                        Trusts.  The Trusts is forced to suspend their payments because of Alex's 
                        confession to them of his bigamy. 

              Soon afterward -  Laura calls Raye Allen, owner of Rumor Mills News, asking she
                take down an article an agent posted about Duke Alex's denial his children are legitimate. Laura lies to      Raye, Raye, failing to check, takes down the article.  The fact is that Alex wanted the money the children were receiving so he told the Trust they were illegitimate, which he knew but Wendy did not.  

August        4 -  “ Social Security Disability Decision,Arthur Foster,”

                   31 -  Pillsbury-Foster Declaration II

                   21 -  August 21, 2009 - Exhibit 37 - i - Complaint to Buynak

                   31 -  2009 - “Police Report, Santa Barbara, Franklin & Misho, 2009,” 

                   31 - “Police Report, Santa Barbara, GHS, O'Dowd, Franklin, 2009,”

                   31 -  Supplemental Exhibits - Santa Barbara Police Reports


                      8 - Exhibit 32 - September 8, 2009 - Craig's Profile from 

                           Exhibit 30 - Pillsbury-Foster letter to Fisher, September, 2009,”
                           Pillsbury-Foster Declaration Jonathan Scott Franklin,”

                      22 -  Exhibit 47 – Anne Fisher Subpoena, October 22, 2009,”

December       4 -  Possible plea deal in murder-for-hire case 

 10:27:30 AM 

Yuba County prosecutors said Thursday they will offer a plea deal to Jonathan Scott Franklin, charged with attempted murder after allegedly paying an undercover police officer posing as a hit man $1,000 to kill his wife.
Deputy District Attorney Mike Byrne declined comment on the proposed agreement until he speaks with the now-ex-wife.  MORE

 “Morgan Pillsbury Gell AffidavitI, 2009,” a true and exact copy of the original that is in my possession

 “Morgan Pillsbury Gell AffidavitII, 2009,” a true and exact copy of the original in my possession, signed by Morgan Pillsbury Gell August 31, 2009, these facts are referenced herein as though set forth in full.


March 15 - Letter from Anne Fisher, warning Craig may kill Melinda         

Spring - Rayelan begins to gird up everyone else's loins for the move to Ohio. 

                       Part One - The Original Saga of theMove to Ohio, a Prelude 
                       Part Three – The Saga of the Move to Ohio continues, as does the panhandling
       November 18 - Rayelan registers Rubicon Aegis as a Limited Liability Corporation in
Morgan is again working for Craig to complete his plan to make Melinda homeless.  But she is about to have help from Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and his Doxie, Laura.  And she and Jay are being paid by Craig to carry out the assault.  Melinda had started fighting back and put up a website about Green Hills Software, Inc., and Craig in late spring,  2011.

Alex and Laura were close friends of Rayelan's.  She got to know them when she was still in California and they have the same ethics.  
              January -Email from Montagu to Trustee Sent: 2011-01-19 6:14:57 P.M. Pacific
                              Daylight Time, regarding he and Laura having finished truck driving 
                              school.  Montagu reports they start work February 11th. 

                        23 - Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester, Letter and signature block - 2011


                        19 - Law suit heard in the High Court of the Chancery, London, on the issue of
                           the legitimacy of the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and
                           Wendy Buford Montagu.  Children have rights as beneficiaries.
                          DECLARATION -Kimble Montagu, given for High Court of Justice, Chancery

                        27 - Letter to the Media about the case heard earlier in the month. 
                        31 - ARTICLE   - The bigamist Duke and his three wives – Telegraph


                        1 - Email from Ilene Proctor thanking Melinda for Brilliant Review of Bugliosi


                        17 - Melinda Sends Ilene an article - Craig Loves Ayn, A Love Story Gone 


                        25  - Laura calls Melinda for the first time, Melinda's number provided to
                            Laura by Raye Smith. 

                       26 – Email from Laura to Melinda regarding website.
                       27 -  Email from Alex to Trustees, firing them


                       9 - Financial information for the 9th Duke – Melinda compiling materials for

                         15 – Affidavit in Support of Separation – 1984 Marriage to Marion Stoner. -
                             Melinda receives from and files, more listed below received the same day.

                                  Application forRestraint – Stoner request for restraining order – 1984.

                                  Letter to Alex Montagu from Family Court of Australia Re: Hearing on
                            September  6th, 1984.

                                 Transcript of Proceedings – Re: Marriage of Montagu v. Montagu – 1984

                  26 – Raye writes a letter to Laura Photos

                  30 – Alex responds to Ilene's suggestion for a contract cutting out Melinda and


                  1 - Alex asks Melinda to rewrite a letter for him.

                  3Alex cans Ilene Proctor

                  5 - Notes for the Book – Melinda, working diligently

                           Exchange of emails Melinda – Manchesters, regarding meetings.

                           Email to Raye from Melinda – business

                  6 – Forwarded to Melinda from Alex, email written to Trustees.

                  8 – Working Correspondence with Raye

                         Alex sends email Melinda edited to the Trustees                

                 12 – Melinda sends 2nd DRAFT of MJ Offering to Raye before sending on to

                 14 – DNA test on Angus, the 12th Duke – For Melinda to put up on the site.

                             Alex demands book back from Ilene, Melinda edited.

                            Alex sends Melinda stills from MJ videos. Melinda cannot tell what they are
                               his work is so bad.

                  16 –    Email from Laura to Melinda and Raye regarding the MJ video.

                             Exchange between Alex and Laura regarding their relationship.

                             Laura pleads with Alex

                   17 – Alex takes photos of the 'Ducal Apartment, sending these to Melinda.
                            Post written the next year using the photos 

                             Alex makes out the paperwork for his divorce from Laura     

                   18 - Raye provides the money for Alex Montagu to divorce Laura Anne Smith, his
                       wife of four years, who, temporarily, absconded with  the Michael Jackson
                       Tapes. DIVORCE FILING

                   18 – Melinda receives photos of the 'Ducal Apartment.'

                   20 - Alex receives his processed divorce papers.

                   22 – Alex is hung over and off his meds.

                               A harassing phone call from Alex.

                   29 - Melinda again responds.



                    9 -  Alex and Laura find Craig, who puts them in  touch with Morgan 
                  19 -  MP-F Declaration for the FBI regarding Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester

                     1 - Emails from Wendy Montagu to Raye Allan
                   13 - Yola takes down Melinda's sites due to false accusations by Laura, Alex, and
                       Craig Franklin.



                           8 -  Alex Posts on Huffington, blathering and accusing the Royal Family of 
                             various crimes.
                       10      Letter from Raye to Melinda - Background research on Powers - Lee 
                      16 - ARTICLE - MailOnLine by Richard Kay, titled, "Duke in sick attack on the
                            Royal Family."
                       19      Letter from Melinda to Raye - Draft for Criminal Complaint - Powers -Lee

an article  by Richard Kay, titled, Duke in sick attack on the Royal Family,  published on January 16th in the Mail Online.   - See more at:

                     2 -  Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester – Making Sense of the Totally Bizarre
                      2       Letter to Angel, Draft Requested by Rayelan 
                      7       Business Expenses - Rubicon Aegis, LLC  

                   12 -  Alex Montagu is arrested for passing a bad check.  Arrest Record

                     (see Audio recordings of calls made to family members and former employees
                    during this period.)  
                    14       Letter from Amanda Lee to Raye
                    27       List of Stolen Guns

                    4       Compiled List, Requested by Rayelan 
                     5       Criminal Complaint Lodged Against the Powers - Lee Family 
                     7       FORWARD - Emails between Raye and Angel from previous October
                                       This one is about Brittany

                   12 -  On the day before the arraignment of Alexander, Duke of Manchester for 
                      passing bad checks took place in Las Vegas he placed a call to Child Protective
                      Services in Orange County, California making a charge his daughter, Ashley,
                      had called, telling him her mother, Wendy, was constantly drunk.  He also called
                      the police and asked they do a welfare check.   Family Values, Manchester Style

                    13 - Tuesday, Alex Montagu appears in Court 8 in front of Judge  William D.
                      Jansen, Department 5.  Bound over for pretrial to take place July 18th.
                          Attorney appeared for Montagu.  Steve Goldstein,  Half Priced Lawyers Suite
                     #100, 330 E Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89104 
                     Tel: (702) 400-0000  (702) 400-0000

                    27 - Threatening message left on answering machine of Raye Smith by Alex
                        Montagu.  "I'm going to kill you and nasty language."
                        Link to Audio Alex leaves voice message threatening Raye

                          1 - Another Letter from Mary Montagu
                          16 - Ohio - Meeting with attorney for the bankruptcies.  (from parallel 
                         12 - On the day before the arraignment of Alexander, Duke of Manchester for 
                             passing bad checks took place in Las Vegas he placed a call to Child 
                             Protective Services in Orange County, California making a charge his 
                             daughter, Ashley, had called, telling him her mother, Wendy, was 
                             constantly drunk.  He also called the police and asked they do a welfare 
                                   Wendy believes the report was made as a form of harassment.  The
                            following events are documented, providing the back story for this report.

                          13  - Alexander's arraignment took place in the Las Vegas, Court 8, in front of 
                              Judge  William D. Jansen, Department 5.  This resulted in his being bound 
                              over for pretrial to take place July 18th. 
                                    An attorney appeared for Montagu.  The court provided contact 
                              information for the attorney who is Steve Goldstein,  Half Priced Lawyers 
                              Suite #100, 330 E Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89104 Tel: (702) 
                             400-0000(702) 400-0000.

                      16 - Family Values Manchester Style
                      10 - Alex and Laura attend a paid event costing $70.00 each,  in honor of the
                             Queen's Diamond Jubilee put on in Westlake Village, just North of Los
                             Angeles by  The British American Business Council Los Angeles.  They  will
                             claim they were invited to, and attended the event in England. 
                                 Addendum:    Laura's Fantasy

                      30 - Court appearance appears online


                     18  - Pretrial, Court 8 in front of Judge  William D. Jansen, Department 5.
                        8:30am  Las Vegas. Case No. 11F21867X.

                        Montagu has no representation and asks for more time.  Preliminary reset for
                        October 25, 1012.  Montagu will have no money then, either.

                         3 - Alex points a gun at two small girls whose family lives close to him in the
                          same condo complex.  The crime will be reported to the police and Alex
                          charged with a felony on December 19.
                        23 - 23 August, 2012 Red Dwarf X, DaveBy 

                               Article about Manchester funding a movie.
                      1    11:36:50 PDT Letter to Lee 
                     22 - False allegation by Laura regarding Trustee payments and child support. 
                     30 - More Accusations from Laura, who put the children's birth certificates up
                         on line.  


                             Video of Raye and others in the study after Biofeedback treatments
  1 -  Email from Alex to Melinda, Melinda Responds
                      16 - Call from Laura to Wendy's daughter, ugly language used by Laura

                      18 - The Lady - Is this the world's naughtiest aristocrat? by Marcus Scriven

                          "The 13th Duke of Manchester has a list of offences including bigamy, debt,
                          deception and deportation. On the eve of his next court appearance in Las
                          Vegas, Marcus Scriven records the trials of the disgraceful duke"  MORE
                      22-  Post by  Alex explaining  why he did not have to pay for the car he bought. 

                      25 - Court Date for Alex
                      26 - New Court Date, November 28th 
                     26   Birthday Card to Melinda From Raye
                      29 - Satire, Job Opportunities 
                      31-  Alex posting on dating site the previous May

                   RMN - Ad Correspondence starts with one potential advertiser.  it will continue 
                            until February 2013
                   2 -   Attempt by Alex to post comment on this site.
                   9 -   Email from Alex to Trustees, firing them

                   9 -   Alex and Laura find Craig, who puts them in  touch with Morgan 
                   12 - Post by Melinda - Sweet Delights
                   12 - Post by Melinda Contribute for the Ethically and Morally Disabled
                   13 - Audio Recordings of the Duke 
                   13 - Laura's Flickr Post on Elizabeth Taylor - Another lie

                   15 - Alex and Laura write to Charles - after cutting the Deal with Craig.
                   15 - New Court Date for Alex
                   16 - Laura's New Site,,  receives a post
                   18 - Loans to Alexander, Duke of Manchester by Raye Smith

                   19 - Declaration to the FBI by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster  
                   19 - Laura should heed this advice, from Doxie Melinda site 
                   20 - A Moment of Good Cheer for Alex and Laura
                   21 - Happy Thanksgiving!
                   26 - CORRECTION OF ALEX - Swertlow article from 1988
                   27 - Response to Posting by Laura - And now, about Nora Ephron and her
                   30 - Alex, Laura, and possibly Mary again deny reality, reaction to republishing
                      of Stoner story.  
                      6 - How Are We Doing?
                      8 - The American Doll Story, What Kind of Father was Alex?
                      8 - PsychoBusting, the Work Continues 
                    10 - PsychoBusting, Part II
                    11 - Have a nice life, Alex!
                    13 - The Feckless FibBuster is Announced 
                    16 - Ayn Pillsbury Declaration, 1999
                    17 - Update on Post Ayn Pillsbury Declaration
                    18 - Response to Laura's latest Flick Posting regarding Marcus Scriven
                    19 - POLICE REPORT - Case No. 12F20159X, Las Vegas Justice Court.
                            MONTAGU, ALEXANDER, arrested, charged with Felony, Child
                            Abuse/Neglect, 2 counts [55228], Aiming a gun at a person, 2 counts
                            [51447]  JC Department 14, Bond:  Cash Bond $100000, "Or" Split Bond
                           Surety $100000.
                    20 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - CTRACK Case Modified - Jurisdiction/DA;
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - Criminal Complaint
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - Request For Arrest Warrant
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - Filed Under Seal
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - Declaration of Warrant/Summons (Affidavit)

                    22 -The Highly Intelligent Psychopath - Achieving Deviant Goals
                    24 -CASE NO. 12F20159X - Arrest Warrant Request (7:25 AM) (Judicial
                                                                       Officer: Bonaventure, Joseph M.)

                                                                       Events: 12/20/2012 Criminal Complaint

                     24 -CASE NO. 12F20159X -Arrest Warrant Ordered to be Issued (Judicial     

                                                                      Officer: Bonaventure, Joseph M.)

                                                                      Bail set: Counts J & 2 - $40,0001$40,000 per count.  

                                                                      Counts 3 & 4 - $10,0001$10,000 per count.

                     24 -CASE NO. 12F20159X -Minute Order - Department 09 (Judicial Officer: 

                                                                      Bonaventure, Joseph M.
                    26   Christmas Card from Rayelan to Melinda  

                    28 - ARTICLE - Synopsis, I, Psychopath
                    28 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Issued
                    28 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Arrest Warrant Confidential
                    28 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Arrest Warrant - Fact Sheet
                     1 - Morgan Drools Again - Morgan is the estranged, and strange, daughter of my
                      first husband, Richard Lee Barteaux, a psychopath. The condition is inheritable.
                      More on her HERE.
                     1 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Administrative Reassignment to Department 14

                                                                      Case reassigned from Department 09 (Judge
                                                                      Joseph M. Bonaventure)
                     2 - Morgan, Craig and Alex, all psychopaths
                     2 - Huffington Anniversay Approaches - and the Pre-Trial is ON.
                     3 - The Conspiracy of the Disordered
                     4 - Alex communicates with his nearest and dearest
                    11- Many Generations of Manchester Stupidity
                    15 - Pre-Trial Day in Las Vegas for Alex!
                    15 - The Update, Please
                    17 - And the Daily Mail Chimes In - Update!
                    23 - The Evil Twins, at it Again.
                    23 - ARTICLE - In days of old when knights were bold
                    26 - ARTICLE - Dastardly duke strikes again
                    26 - And a Phone Call is Answered
                    28 - Mary and Alex learn about Car-ma
                    29 - ARTICLE - I’m no bigamist, says duke — but I am helping the FBI bring
                        down the Russian mob
                    30 - AFFIDAVIT - Wendy Posts an Affidavit

                        RMN - Ad Correspondence finished for new advertiser.
                       4 - Response to Affidavit from Laura
                       9 - Addition to the English Dictionary
                      12 - PsychoBusting for Freedom
                      14 - The GHC Surface
                      19 - The Evil Twins again commit violent crimes
                      20 - Morgan and Manchester Update, Manchesters pass the ball
                      20 - Laura the Loon, playing the same tune
                               A recap of the 2007 divorce of Wendy and Alex Montagu.
                      20 - Laura's Fantasy Day at the Diamond Jubilee
                      20 - Addendum - Laura's Fantasy
                      22 - The Manchester Divorce Reality
                      24 - April Correspondence from Last Year
                      27 - PsychoBusters, The Movie - Opening Scene
                       5 -Who is an Old Lady Contest
                       5 - PsychoBusters, The Movie, Scene Two
                     18 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Motion
                                                                        Party: Attorney Bush, Susan K.
                                                                        to recall the arrest warrant
                     20 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Motion (7:30 AM) (Judicial Officer: Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                        Events: 03/18/2013 Motion
                                                                        No bail posted
                             CASE NO. 12F20159X - Motion to Quash Bench Warrant (Judicial Officer: 
                                                                       Hafen, Conrad )
                                                                       Party: Attorney Bush, Susan K.
                                                                       continued by court
                             CASE NO. 12F20159X - Continued For Presence (Judicial Officer: Hafen, 
                                                                        Defendant's - Court wants to address the 
                                                                        defendant's medical issues
                             CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Stands (Judicial Officer: Hafen, Conrad )
                                                                        At this time
                             CASE NO. 12F20159X - Minute Order. Department 14 (Judicial Officer: 
                                                                        Hafen, Conrad)                   
                     22 - UPDATE ON THE DUCAL HEARING
                     25 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - BOOKED BY   Clark County Detention Center-  
                                                                         MONTAGU MANCHESTER, ALEXANDER
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X -Status Check (7:30 AM) (Judicial Officer: Hafen,
                                                                         Events: 03/20/2013 Motion to Quash Bench
                                                                         03/20/2013 Continued For Presence
                                                                         no bail posted
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Custody Status Slip (No Custody Change)
                                                                         BOOK ON A/W RELEASE O/r
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Cleared
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Walk· Through Granted (Judicial
                                                                         Officer: Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                         Defendant to be booked on Arrest Warrant and 
                                                                         released on House Arrest
                                                                         Charges: 001, 002, 003, 004
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Comment (Judicial Officer: Hafen, Conrad)                                                   Defendant admonished to stay away from the victim and the
                                    victims family. If defendant tests positive for alcohol or drugs, to be
                                    remanded into custody at CCDC
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Minute Order· Department 14 (Judicial Officer:
                                                                          Hafen, Conrad)
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Temporary Custody Record
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Release Agreement
                     26 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Service Slip
                       4 - ARTICLEBritain isn’t classless but it’s time we all stopped worrying. 
                       4 - Speedy Car Loan is still waiting for their money - Hearing set for April 16th
                     14 - The Day of Judgment Cometh Tuesday, April 16, 2013
                     16 - Is Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester tap dancing
                     17 - And we're sending this, and documentation, to the court
                    18  - Letter Received at MacPherson Corporate Headquarters for Melinda
                             Charges of Indecent Exposure against Green Hills Attorney, John Douglas

                     22- CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Preliminary Hearing (9:00 AM) (Judicial
                                                                         Officer: Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                         no bail posted
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Judicial Summary
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Custody Status Slip (No Custody Change)
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  No Contact with Victim (Judicial Officer: Hafen,
                                                                        Conrad) and family:
                                                                        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No contact
                                                                        through Third Party.
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Defendant Released from House Arrest (Judicial
                                                                        Officer: Hafen, Conrad)
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Minute Order- Department 14 (Judicial Officer:
                                                                        Hafen, Conrad)
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Custody Status Slip (No Custody Change)
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - COURT APPEARANCE - MONTAGU,
                                                                       ALEXANDER.  (Judicial Officer, Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                       Attorney, Susan K. Bush.  
                                                                       PLEA Nolo Contendre.  Disorderly Conduct, [56761]
                                                                       INTERIM SENTENCE - Final Disposition Pending
                           CONDITION - Adult:
                           1. Suspended Jail Sentence, 5 months 04/22/2013, Active 04/22/2013
                           2. Stay out of trouble, 6 months, 04/22/2013, Active 04/22/2013
                           3. No contact with victim or family (names withheld)
                           4. If so, to be dismissed.  Can Alex behave himself until October 22?

            June       6 - RMN  Melinda Queries Raye regarding ad payment. Raye Responds.
                           7 - ARREST RECORD - Well, Surprise, Surprise
                           10 - Raye offers to buy Melinda a small refrigerator for her office. 

                          20 - 8:00am - Another status hearing for Alex in front of Judge Cynthia 

                         5 -9 Alex's Creative Writing Exercise at RipOff Report
                         11 - Hearing for eviction from Sky Las Vegas for the Duke and Duchess.

                         18 - Eviction carried out from Sky Las Vegas for the Duke and Duchess.  

                        29 - CASE NO. 12F20159X  - Status Check (7:30 AM) (Judicial Officer:
                                                                            Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                            No Bail Posted
         April 18  - Letter Received at MacPherson Corporate Headquarters for Melinda
                             Charges of Indecent Exposure against Green Hills Attorney, John Douglas



                        25- CASE NO. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Status check:  Has Alex managed to pay off the fine of $3,500 in the last
                                 three years?

                        3 - Case No. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Motion to Quash Bench Warrant issued for non-appearance on February
                               Arraignment set on original charge.  May 28, 2014

                       29 - Lady Emma Montagu dies.

                        28 - Case No. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Arraignment on original charge, passing a bad check.  
                               Bench warrant issues for non-appearance by defendant.  Defendant failed
                               to make the second payment of $600.

                               ARTICLE - Mail Online - Duke faces court over a dud cheque

                        1 - Having flown the coop and not shown up for his hearing in the courtroom of
                              Judge Zimmerman on May 28th Alex and Laura surface in Laguna Beach,
                              Ca.  Stating they are staying with Laura's relatives it is equally likely they
                             can be found at the home of Craig Franklin in Laguna Nigel.

                        8 -  ARTICLE - Sydney Morning Herald,  by Tim  Barlass, "Bigamist Duke
                               Alex Montagu in trouble again for no-show in Las Vegas court." 

                               ARTICLE - Bisbane Times, by Tim  Barlass, "Bigamist Duke Alex 
                               Montagu in trouble again for no-show in Las Vegas court." 
                           16  - Melinda puts up this site,                                Fund no longer has the clout he had when Bush was in office. Melinda began following what he was doing when she realized he was being named as one of the people going after her.  

                       14 - Case No. 11F21867X - 8:00am

                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV

Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV - See more at:
                               Hearing called by Public Defender for Montagu. 

July 14th in Department Eight D at the request of the Public Defender who is handling Alex's case, since he can no longer afford to pay an attorney.  

The hearing is scheduled for 8:00am, but if there is, actually, a cashier's check and not monopoly money, Alex would not have to appear.  
- See more at:

                               Judge Zimmerman's assistant informed us that a cashier's check had been
                               received for Montagu.  If this is true the question of where the funds
                               originated continues and Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester is, having
                               plead guilty, a convicted felon. 
                       16 - Melinda is Advertising Director for RM
         August12  - Tuesday - Eviction Notice 
Rayelan scotch taped the notice to my bedroom door.  She had made this up from a
      source on the Internet which is illegal in Ohio, while I was at a Vestry meeting at the
      church we were both then attending in Ashtabula. 

     My son, Arthur, walked to church and told me about what he had found taped to my
     bedroom door. Arthur is disabled, having survived two brain injuries.  I am his full time

                 25 -  Melinda responds to ad request

      September 10  - Demand Letter from Bloom, Attorney-at-Law
    Raye ignored the letter and the Notice of Certified letter cards which arrived.  After
    waiting to see if she would finally respond I received another Eviction Notice, this one
    handed me by Steve Leubking, who does handiwork for Raye.  It was also illegal.  Raye
    had, again, declined to follow the law. But this time she said she was working closely 
    with a County Prosecutor. 

  Leubking handed it to me by walking into the bathroom where I was then busy.  

       November 1 -  Melinda is still receiving advertising queries and has never received 
                                  notice she is no longer employed by RMN.
Melinda is still receiving advertising queries

       November 29 - Eviction Notice II 

       Ms. Bloom wrote another letter, telling Raye we intended to litigate. 

       December 16 - Letter of Intent to Sue
       Litigation is expensive.   But, clearly, we needed to do all possible to make litigation
       unnecessary.  We decided to give her time to consider her alternatives.   
         As time went on it was clear she was going to keep trying to find people who would agree with her that you could convert an employment benefit to either an 'implied rental (what is that?) or a lengthy stay by an uninvited guest.  

January 2 - A record is updated through Network Solutions for the URL
                     RUMORMILLNEWS.NET.  The registrant is Rayelan Allen, PO Box 95,
                     Ashtabula, Ohio 44004 because it was updated on January 2, 2014.

May 31 - Eviction Notice No. 3

                 Then, Raye decided she is going to move to a house which she says she is buying
                 and served yet another eviction notice, this time on my son.  

June 1 - Letter from Attorney Dara Leigh Bloom to Raye Smith - Final Offer to Settle 

August  30 - Rayelan Post on RMN thanking her generous Readers


          23 - Melinda files a Small Claims Case in Ashtabula Municipal Court Against Darlene 
                 Rae Smith, AKA Rayelan Allan

February 11 - Rayelan (now Raye Allan Smith) files a civil action for eviction against

                Melinda in Ashtabula Municipal Court. See Papers Melinda Picked up at the Office of the Clerk

March 3 - Case No. 15CVF00096 - To be heard March 3, 2015 at 3:00PM at the Ashtabula  
                  Municipal Court 1100 West 44th St. Unit 4, Ashtabula, Ohio (This date violates the
                  time requirement and will be challenged.) 
Case No. 15CVF00096 - To be heard March 3, 2015 at 3:00PM at the Ashtabula Municipal Court 1100 West 44th St. Unit 4, Ashtabula, Ohio - See more at:
March 5 - Hearing for Small Claims Case Pillsbury-Foster vs. Smith  

 July 19   - Fund site is no longer available on the WayBackMachine. 

And what happened next was sort of funny.  Story to be continued.  

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