Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and Laura, Duchess of Manchester

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The reason PsychoBusting works is because the highly disordered lie as a routine strategy.  Therefore, it is possible to document the lies in a variety of ways and expose them.  It is a principle of law that a chronic liar is not believed because they have proven they do not tell the truth. 

This might seem like common sense, but as we know, nothing is less common than common sense.  Also, most people have only limited information about others and so the time it takes to, individually, understand we are being lied to allows us to be taken advantage of and for the disordered to move on to other victims.  

Therefore, we compile their false statements, with documentation, removing all doubt. 

This page is dedicated to the refutation of lies continuously told and retold by Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, and his present wife, Laura Anne Smith Montagu. Links to pages on other individuals involved will link at the top as the build out continues. 

Alexander repeatedly tells people a number of different versions of stories. Here, we list the versions of which we are aware, providing documentation which show the objective evidence. Below you will find information on his marriages, wives, criminal record, and employment.  


FACT:  Married to Marion Stoner on March 17, 1984
FACT:  Couple were separated May 21, 1984.  Stoner Montagu filed for legal separation.
FACT:  The marriage broke up due to abuse by Alexander of Marion and her daughter.
FACT:  Alexander Montagu was diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies.

Alex Says:

...the Stoner Marriage did not take place – According to the objective record, this is false. Marriage Certificate

...his marriage to Stoner was a joke – evidently not, otherwise there would not be evidence they lived together as a couple and the subsequent charges of domestic violence. Request for Restraining Order 

...the marriage was annulled. 1996 - Certified Divorce Decree was his mother's fault because she was supposed to handle the annulment. See Letter 

Additional Documents:

August 31, 1984        - Application for Separation  

September 5, 1984   - Request for Restraining Order 

September 6, 1984   - Transcript of Proceedings

September 19, 1964 - Court Order extending previous order of court, made September 6th, 

                                        until 2nd of  October.

October 2, 1984         - Court Order October 2, 1984  Alexander is restrained from molesting,

                                        assaulting, abusing, intimidating, harassing or in any way interfering 

                                        with the wife.  


Alex says:
I did not know we were still married
Alex received a divorce in 1996, three years after me signed an application for a marriage license to marry Wendy Buford.  He checked, never previously married so the certificate reads, "0"for the number of previous marriages.
    Application for License, 1993 -  Marriage Certificate
    Divorce Papers - 1996 - Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 

1996  August 
                        9 - 
Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees  
-Alex, at the insistence of his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, cooperated in a  divorce from his first wife, Marion Stoner Montagu. He has been bigamously married to Wendy Buford Montagu for over three years.  Although ordered to do so by his mother Alex does not repair matters and remarry Wendy.
Record of Proceeding/Outcome Sheet 

           October 28 - Divorce becomes  absolute

                              Certified Divorce Decree


FACT: Montagu was sofa surfing and homeless when he began dating Wendy Buford, who was 24, employed and self-supporting.   She has worked at the same firm for 25 years, receiving regular promotions and raises.  
FACT:  Wendy had been engaged before she met Alex.  She ended the engagement a year before she and Alex met.  
FACT:  An examination of Wendy's DMV record shows she has not had a DUI in over 20 years.  She had one, and only one, when she was 20. 
FACT:  The court granted physical custody to Wendy because she was a fit parent.  She underwent examinations proving she was not an alcoholic or addicted to anything.  These were false charges made by Manchester.  - Reporter's Transcript of Judge's Ruling 
FACT:  The court and DSS expressed the opinion Alex was guilty of the worse attempt at parental alienation in their experience.  - Reporter's Transcript of Judge's Ruling 
FACT:  Manchester paid none of the court ordered support or for the costs they ordered.  This is why the Manchester Trust stepped in to ensure payments were made. 
FACT:  Manchester knew no divorce was necessary, as he knew they, he and Wendy, were not legally married.  1996 - Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
FACT:  Alexander knew his actions meant his children were not legitimate. Wendy did not know.

Alexander Montagu and Wendy Buford were married:
1993 May   7 -  Marriage Certificate
                    15 -  Born:  Alexander Michael Charles David Drogo Montagu.
1999  June 16   - Born: Ashley Faith Maxine Nell Beatrice Montagu  

2006 - Papers served: Early December - Legal Separation documents while the couple are still living together as man and wife on Prescott Street, Aliso Viejo, CA. Papers were  issued 16th November 2006. 
 2007 - January - Alex makes false charges of domestic violence to eject Wendy from the home.  She is left with only the clothes on her back. 
              February - August - Alex continues to ignore the orders of the court for Wendy's visitation.  
                  August 23 - Alex lost custody of the children.

                                  30 - Marriage between Wendy and Alex Montagu is dissolved, with some issues reserved.

            The children are sent them to her with nothing but the pajama’s they were wearing.


I was never arrested.
  In Australia 
August 14 - Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville, is sentenced to jail


                           From The Age - Duke's heir weeps in dock "

                           From The Sun,    Tears as heir, 22, gets jail

  In Las Vegas 

1912 February  12 -  Alex Montagu is arrested for passing a bad check.  Arrest Record

  The Charges were dropped.

    Alex is facing a pre-trial, after being allowed three extensions, on January 15, 2013 in the courtroom of  Gary Lee Guymon
   Clark County Public Defenders Office
The media is being paid by my mother/Rupert Murdoch/(fill in blank) to 'get' me.  
  Manchester provides no reason why either his mother or Murdoch would be so motivated.  


November, 2012 - Robert Fanning Correspondence 

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