Why were these documents removed by either Google or some hacker and others, I would have thought equally embarrassing, left in place but redated?  

Inquiring Minds Want To Know.  Want to tell us, Dan? 

Exhibit No. 1 - 1997 - The Money Starts Coming Back from the Taxmen

Letter to Ron Foster,”

Complied Documents, Case No. 222675,”

Ronald Foster Affidavit,”

Clive Boustred Affidavit,”

Time Line for Frauds,”

Exhibit 45 – GHS DOD Complaint,”

Exhibit 46 – Justin Declaration, 1999

Exhibit 49 - March 9, 2005 - Certified letter to Tim Buynak, 2005

Exhibit 50 – Letter from Buynak, 2005,”

I don't think I had these up before.  No time like the present! 

Exhibit 32 - September 8, 2009 - Craig's Profile from

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