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Complaint to Alabama Securities Commission - Robert Evan Hughes

Name: ________Robert Evan (Van) Hughes________________________________________
Address: ______Various, for Alabama, xxxx Ocmulgee Dr________
City: ____________Valley Grande_________ State: ___AL_____ Zip Code: 36701-1623_
Phone Number: _704-576-5335, 704-576-5101 that are presently known__
Name: ________Melinda Pillsbury-Foster________________________________________
Address: ______P.O. Box 2214 __________________________________
City: ____________Camp Nelson__________ State: ___CA_____ Zip Code: __93208______________
Phone Number: _559-xxx-xxxx__ Email: _themelinda@xxxxxxxxx.us_______________
Complaint against a Company or Firm
Complaint against an Individual
Other, Please Specify:_Complaint against Hughes who is also known by the following pseudonyms, and the following corporate entities which he claimed to own or represent. Among those are GLENN EVANS, P. DAVIS, SUMNER STROUT and ROBERT EVAN HUGHES,II. Other names are still appearing. Commerce Capital Group (CCG), Commerce Capital Company, AGIS VENTURES (AGIS), PRIMARY ASSET HOLDING CORP. (PRIMARY), TRIDENT CAPITAL PARTNERS (TRIDENT), Electric Capital, Electra Capital, Xpedian, also spelled Expedian, New River Trust, among others.

Date of Transaction: _Summer, 2008____
Place of Transaction (Specify the States in which you and the salesman were located) _I was in California he was at various times in North and South Carolina. ______________
Witnesses to the Transaction:____None, see explanation._
State the type of investment involved (e.g. stock, note, limited partnership, etc. If you are not certain, describe on last page.) __Purchase of Stock in a corporation Hughes claimed to be starting._This was described before the purchase as Xpedian. After the purchase as Eletric Capital and Commerce Capital Group.____

· If you invested in stock or bonds, what was the name of the issuing corporation?
______________See above___________________________________________________
· If you invested in a note, who was the maker (Company or Individual) responsible for paying it?
· If you invested in a partnership, what was the name of that partnership?
· Other: __________________________________________________________________________
Amount involved in transaction: __$5,000.00_______________________________
Do you have and can you provide evidence of investment (front and back of checks; cashiers checks;
money orders; etc.)? NO, Hughes was acting with a durable power of attorney and then refused to send any records when requested.
Did you sign any papers or documents? NO (If Yes, please attach copies of them.)
Complaint Form – Page 2
How did you first learn about this investment? ____Hughes suggested I invest because the venture was then, he said, about to sign a contract with a city in South Carolina and extend business into Charlotte, North Carolina.

Have you complained to the Company or Firm? YES (If yes, to whom?)
What was the response? ___________I complained to Hughes, canceled the power of attorney, and then demanded the return of the funds. He stopped answering my phone calls. I sent him a revocation of the power of attorney and also received no response.

May we send a copy of your complaint to the firm or individual complained against? YES
Does an attorney represent you in this matter? NO
If YES, give Attorney’s Name and Address:
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________ State: ________ Zip Code: _______________
Did you begin any legal action against this company? YES (Explain) ___We are placing levies on his property and demanding the return of records that are part of work product on another matter.

Are you willing to sign an affidavit or testify regarding your transaction with this Company?
Specify other governmental or regulatory agencies contacted: __SEC, State of California, State of North Carolina, State of South Carolina.
May we send a copy of your complaint to another governmental agency or regulatory body for their review or investigation? YES Please do.
Did you tape-record any of your conversations regarding the transaction(s)? NO
Names, telephone numbers and/or addresses of any other known investors:

Justin Foster
Cell: 704-xxx-8938
Address: xxxxxx ROBINWOOD RD Q , GASTONIA NC 28054-6651

Ray Burkholder
Cell: (xxx) 505 7293
Address: Presently living in Burmuda,

Gina de Miranda
Phone: 830-xxx-xxxx,
Address: P.O. Box 151, Hondo TX 78861

Paul Schauble
Cell: 602-xxx-xxxx
Address: xxxxxxx xxxxx Whitton Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Complaint Form – Page 3
Please explain the entire circumstances surrounding your complaint in the space provided below. It is important to include all details about the transaction, no matter how unimportant you may think they are. Please be specific in referring to any names, dates or documents. Also, if any part of the transaction occurred outside of Alabama, please indicate that fact. Remember that it is better to include too much information, rather than too little information. Be sure to describe the type of investment and any instruments you received evidencing you investment. (If additional space is needed, attach more pages)

The above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature: Date: April 10, 2008

Return completed form to:
Alabama Securities Commission
Enforcement Division
770 Washington Ave
Suite 570
Montgomery, AL 36130-4700

Email - Demand Letter to Van Hughes

From: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster <
To: "hughes >> Robert Hughes" < (deceased)
Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 12:02 PM

Demand Letter to Van Hughes -

Van -

This is a final demand letter and you need to take immediate action.  We
have given you many opportunities to make good on these issues before.

You have until Saturday at 5pm.  That is tomorrow.  You will hand the
money over to Justin.  He will give you a receipt.  He is acting as our

Here are the amounts owed by you to each of us.

$5,000.00  to Melinda, investment in your corporation.
$6,000 to Justin, repayment of loans.
$10,000  to Gina, investment in your corporation.

Don't bother to try sending the certificates.  We know that your
corporation has been legally dissolved and you were certainly proscribed
from selling stock in that entity.

We don't want to hear about your problems;  We have problems of long
standing of which you were well aware.

Don't presume that this is another thing you can avoid.  We are well
aware of our options and are prepared to exercise them.

Melinda, Gina, and Justin