Think of this as my filing cabinet for documents, photos, videos, and other evidence which backs up the narrative which will appear as a book titled, "Saga of Green Hills Software, the NeoCon Cabal and Saddam Hussein."

The originals have been hacked on multiple occasions and take time to restore.  And despite these multiple violations of my property I have tried to keep them in public view.  They are reproduced and in the hands of six different individuals in diverse locations, so there is no hope for the co-conspirators they will evade my determination to out them and obtain justice.    

This site is not exciting, just the documents, court papers, depositions, affidavits, declarations, emails, photos, links to videos, audios, and other materials to be used in evidence.  But they are here and some people might find them interesting.  Also, I will be adding links which will flesh out the narrative and provide commentary.  That is very therapeutic.  

)Blogger is perfect for this because it takes much longer to put up depositions running nearly a hundred pages on a regular site. 

All Best,  Melinda 

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