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1991 - Last Will and Testament by Craig Franklin

This is a copy I printed out from a file a Misho missed.  The Will, which is a copy of the signed document, ended up in my graphics files used as a clean back for a project.  I was astonished when I found it - but by then the divorce was long over. 

June 24, 1989 - Second Wedding - Pillsbury-Foster and Franklin

    L - R -       Larry Franklin, Esq., Sterling Franklin, Esq., Craig Franklin, J. Scott Franklin, Arthur Foster, Justin Foster 
                                                                                                                                       CDCR# AD7473 
                                                                                                                                       Housing: A1-138U
                                                                                                                                       Inmate Mailing:
                                                                                                                                       P.O. Box 3030
                                                                                                                                       Susanville, CA 96127-3030 

Scott, Craig's oldest child by his first marriage to  Elaine, is serving a ten year sentence in High Desert Correctional for hiring a hitman to kill his wife.  Scott got the idea from Craig who seriously discussed hiring a hitman to kill Melinda.  Letter from Anne to Melinda 


   L - R - Ayn Suzanne Pillsbury,  Dawn Ellen Pillsbury, Morgan Frances Pillsbury

Craig's adoption of all the kids was legal and binding.  He requested Ron cede his rights to him, he named them as his natural heirs, and he presented them as his natural children to everyone we knew.   

And here is the Marriage Certificate signed by Dean Ahmad, who performed the ceremony.

June 19, 1987 - Marriage Certificate - Pillsbury-Foster and Franklin

This was a confidential wedding as we were already living together.  Craig insisted. 

May 22, 1987 - Divorce from Ronald Kellett (Foster)

When Ron and I were divorced we had been living apart for two years.  The divorce was precipitated by Ron's batter of myself and our children.  I called the police, which proved to be  mistake because instead of removing Ron the police took the children.   It was Thanksgiving Day, 1985. 

Ron had been abusive for years.  But this was the last straw.  I told him to leave and immediately took steps to get the children back.  I resolved never to be vulnerable again.  Soon, I had agreed to marry Craig Franklin, who had been asking me for some time.  Craig appeared to be a good person.  Nothing could have been less true. More on the facts in a later post. 

Consent to Adoption by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster - Carolyn Anne Pillsbury's Birth Certificate

Although I feel a touch guilty about Mom and Dad being inflicted with Morgan that is what happened.  And I NEVER adopted her, thank goodness.   Craig, however, did along with the other children so Morgan should turn her attention and avarice in his direction.  Though her half brother is still very wealthy and really owes her a part of the Barteaux estate. 

May 1, 1972 - Marriage of Pillsbury and Kellett

These are the pages from the wedding book which served as the announcement of our intentions.  Below that is the signed certificate.  Marian Replogle was there.  Later I'll add some photos so even Laura Montagu knows the wedding took place.

June 24, 1968 - Divorce Agreement - Barteaux - Pillsbury

This appears to have gone missing for a while.  The link went to the Barteaux site, which I put up much later.  This originally went up in 2009. 

Divorce - Pillsbury v. Barteaux

I had left Richard in January of 1967 because he tried to kill me.  I never saw him again and would not know until 2013, after he had been dead for ten years, he was a psychopath and had died of chronic alcoholism.  This information came through his daughter-in-law, Jillkster Barteaux, who contacted me because she had heard rumors of the first marriage but the Barteauxs had refused to give her the facts.

They never saw the baby or expressed a wish to do so.  Richard paid no support although I knew he did in fact have a large income from his parents, who owned three corporations, Apex, O-Rings, and Barco Aviation.  I was afraid he would hurt my baby if he had visitation.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sbwhoeop = Sidney Blumenthal Gene Gaudette and Sid work together, you know.

Sid and Gene score one on John Fund by getting the domestic violence document from New Jersey to Lloyd Grove at the Washington Post.  The first incident of domestic violence in Manhattan took place after Morgan left John and began living in the apartment Melinda rented for her in Manhattan.  Unfortunately, John Fund her, moved in, and forced her to travel to his apartment in Jersey City to keep it clean and the frig full of burritos.  

This is the normal part of this chapter of the story.  The rest gets strange, but will now be told at How The NeoCons Stole Freedom.

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Arial;}}
\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20  Genegaudet: \par

 Genegaudet:  Fund went to Grove, so we beat him to the punch \par
 Sbwhoeop:  Got it up. Thanks. Very clear copy of documents. \par
 Genegaudet:  We're not bad when we put our minds to it. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  You guys should email the document page to grove: \par
 Sbwhoeop:  Superb work. \par
 Genegaudet:  Thanks.  He got the text edition; I'll attach it as a web page. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  I don't think grove will figure out to click on document so just send the page, I think. \par
 Genegaudet:  Not a bad idea. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  The first edition has already gone to bed so he should get it now. If he misses it, well, he's missed the scoop. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  You guys should also send the document to Romenesko. \par
 Genegaudet:  Does Jeff have his contact info ?  I don't \par
 Genegaudet:  OK \par
 Sbwhoeop:  Let's email tomorrow, see what happens.  \par
 Genegaudet:  OK --good night!! \par

Sidney and Max Blumenthal, just chatting - January 2003

Email Exchange between Sidney Blumenthal and his son, Max.

Subj: idea 
Date: 1/16/2003 1:54:19 AM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

here's another idea. if only someone could pick up on
these as fast as i can come up with them and research
them. did you see the full page ad in the times
yesterday in support of people's mojahedin of iraq by
a bi-partisan commission of congressmen? PMOI is a
terrorist group based in eastern iraq financed by
hussein and condemned by amnesty international for
bombings in tehran that killed civilians and storming
the u.n. in 1992 with knives. among the supporters of
the group is ilean ros-lehtinen, who with jeb bush's
assistance, arranged for orlando bosch's pardon. and
tom tancredo's there too. seth waxman, who i think was
clinton's solicitor general, denied PMOI's petition to
be removed from a gov. list of terror groups.

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I don't know if Grandpa has gone to the rehab institute. He was supposed to. I'll let you know.
GOod idea on the war and good analogy to West Bank. I would write to and see if that works. You can write Joan Walsh, too, at Tell her you want to get in touch with Ed and why.
Yr Father
Subj: Fwd: Boom and Bust 
Date: 1/13/2003 5:05:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Sbwhoeop
To: Jackieblumenthal

Forwarded Message:
Subj: Re: Boom and Bust 
Date: 1/13/2003 4:57:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

bush is selling the cut on the idea of assymetrical
warfare, which doesn't require massive troop buildups
or manuevers. everything i've read by columnists
opposed to bush is either exploiting nostalgia about
past american wars as a national sacrifice or they're
trying to direct everyone's attention to north korea.
i think the best issue to hit on is that a u.s.
occupation of an arab country, like the one that's
inevitable in iraq, will be a collosal disaster and
that point needs to be exploited more, with parallels
drawn to israel's naivete after the 67 war going into
the west bank.
i'm trying to find ed lempinen's number to propose the
maria suarez story today since i'm not feeling sure
about rolling stone and i think i can pump out a story
by friday.
marcia called me and told me to call grandpa direct
but he's not in the room anymore. is he in rehab now?

--- wrote:
> olumn?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dnation
> January 13, 2003   
> <A
> Brownstein:
> Washington Outlook
> Bush Breaks With 140 Years of History in Plan for
> Wartime Tax Cut
> Old question: What did you do in the war, Daddy?
> New answer: I pocketed a large tax cut, honey.
> Pause.
> And then I passed the bill for the war onto you.
> That, essentially, is the generational transaction
> established by the
> sweeping tax cut President Bush proposed last week.
> The proposal commits Bush
> to a goal unprecedented in U.S. history: cutting
> taxes in wartime.
> Forget guns and butter: Bush is now offering bombs
> and caviar.
> That's an odd combination, as Bush demonstrated last
> week when he announced
> his plan. First he emphasized the threat that
> international terrorism poses
> to U.S. security and somberly declared that this is
> a "time of war."
> Then he proposed a good-time economic plan that
> would shower Americans with
> $674 billion in tax breaks over the next decade --
> at a time when the federal
> budget has fallen back into deficit and faces
> irresistible demands for more
> spending on defense and homeland security. The
> unavoidable result will be
> bigger federal deficits and a larger national debt,
> which amounts to shifting
> the cost of defending the nation onto our children.
> With this push to slash taxes during wartime, Bush
> broke from 140 years of
> history under presidents of both parties. In every
> major conflict the United
> States has fought since the Civil War (and some
> minor ones), Washington has
> raised taxes to pay for the war.
> Americans are never particularly happy about tax
> increases. But we have
> always accepted heavier burdens as the price those
> at home pay to support
> those under fire on the front. One World War I-era
> economist wrote:
> "Patriotism can often be translated into dollars and
> cents -- in fact, the
> material side of patriotism is often quite as
> important as the spiritual
> side."
> The income tax and the inheritance tax (which Bush
> is trying to eliminate)
> were signed into law by Abraham Lincoln, the first
> Republican president, to
> help pay for the Civil War. As journalist Steven R.
> Weisman recounts in his
> engaging recent book, "The Great Tax Wars," by the
> time the war ended,
> Congress had imposed a top income tax rate of 10% on
> all incomes over $5,000.
> The inheritance tax, he writes, "passed Congress
> with little debate because
> of the widespread demand in the North for sacrifice,
> especially from the
> wealthy."
> After the war, both taxes were eventually allowed to
> lapse. But to pay for
> the Spanish-American War, President McKinley -- also
> a Republican -- signed
> into law an excise tax on petroleum and sugar
> companies and reinstated the
> inheritance tax.
> To fund the country's entry into World War I,
> President Wilson -- a Democrat
> -- massively increased the number of Americans
> subject to the income tax and
> raised the top rate from 7% to 77%.
> Congress cut taxes during the 1920s. But when the
> nation fought World War II,
> Americans reached into their pockets again. Once
> more, the number of
> Americans subject to the income tax soared (from 4
> million to nearly 43
> million) and the top rate rose to 91%.
> Taxes increased again to fund the Korean War; even
> in the Vietnam War,
> President Johnson belatedly imposed a war surtax on
> incomes.
> The war against terrorism or a possible return match
> against Iraq won't
> demand nearly as many resources as World Wars I or
> II, or even Vietnam and
> Korea. But these tests will still impose significant
> burdens on the
> government.
> By 2005, Bush wants to spend at least $100 billion a
> year more on defense
> than President Clinton proposed in his final budget;
> a war in Iraq would add
> to that bill. Bush has also proposed to spend $38
> billion on homeland
> security this year. And even those commitments, the
> administration concluded
> in a homeland security plan last summer, "must be
> viewed as down payments to
> cover the most immediate security vulnerabilities."
> As Weisman writes, when Wilson urged higher taxes in
> World War I, he stressed
> the nation's obligation to avoid burdening future
> generations with the war's
> cost through excessive borrowing: "The industry of
> this generation should pay
> the bills of this generation," he said. Bush seems
> to be ignoring that
> lesson.
> By proposing large new tax cuts when Washington is
> already in deficit and
> facing growing costs for defense, Bush is
> threatening an explosive growth in
> the national debt. When Bush took office, the
> nonpartisan Congressional
> Budget Office said Washington would eliminate the
> publicly held national debt
> by 2008 -- as long as the government fulfilled the
> pledge Bush and Al Gore
> each made in the 2000 presidential campaign to apply
> the surplus temporarily
> accumulating in Social Security toward paying down
> that debt.
> But Bush abandoned that promise under the pressure
> of recession, the war on
> terrorism and the cost of his $1.35-trillion,
> 10-year tax cut of 2001. Even
> before Bush's new proposals, the CBO had estimated
> that Washington would need
> to divert more than $2 trillion from the Social
> Security surplus to operate
> the rest of government through 2012. With that money
> no longer available for
> debt reduction, CBO projected the debt would rise to
> $3.8 trillion by 2008.
> The further tax cuts Bush proposed last week will
> only deepen that hole.
> Because the operating side of the federal budget is
> already deeply in
> deficit, every penny of Bush's new tax cut would
> have to come from taxes
> raised for Social Security or by increasing the
> national debt. The Democratic
> staff on the Senate Budget Committee has estimated
> that if the new Bush tax
> cut plan passes, as well as the prescription drug
> plan for senior citizens he
> has endorsed, the national debt will balloon to $4.8
> trillion in 2008.
> More debt means higher interest costs for the
> government, which means higher
> taxes on future generations. It all amounts to
> Americans voting themselves a
> tax cut and letting their children pay for defending
> the country through a
> larger national debt. Surely Woodrow Wilson better
> captured the nation's
> spirit when he said, as the bullets flew in World
> War I, that Americans "know
> ... the war must be paid for and that it is they who
> must pay for it, and if
> the burden is justly distributed ... they will carry
> it
=== message truncated ===

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haven't heard anything from anyone on my proposals
yet. i guess i'll have to wait until tuesday. i'm
going to try to find connie rice's contact because i'm
sure the la weekly will run that if salon won't.

i did that late friday. i've been looking for connie
rice but to no avail. i'll have to wait until tuesday
to find a contact number. i saw the movie the quiet
american with michael caine. you'd like it although
it's showing has been suppressed in the u.s. so it
might not be out in d.c. have fun sleeping with the
fishes in antigua.

--- wrote:
> Send emails out for everyone has them on Monday
> saying you're eager to hear from them on your
> proposals. Those emails will be waiting for them
> first thing Monday morning. They WILL get back to
> you. The Connie Rice idea is a good one, especially
> now.
> Yr mother and I are in Antigua, It's very restful,
> and we're going to the beach soon. Keep up with me
> by email.
> Love
> Yr Father

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Complaint to Alabama Securities Commission - Robert Evan Hughes

Name: ________Robert Evan (Van) Hughes________________________________________
Address: ______Various, for Alabama, xxxx Ocmulgee Dr________
City: ____________Valley Grande_________ State: ___AL_____ Zip Code: 36701-1623_
Phone Number: _704-576-5335, 704-576-5101 that are presently known__
Name: ________Melinda Pillsbury-Foster________________________________________
Address: ______P.O. Box 2214 __________________________________
City: ____________Camp Nelson__________ State: ___CA_____ Zip Code: __93208______________
Phone Number: _559-xxx-xxxx__ Email: _themelinda@xxxxxxxxx.us_______________
Complaint against a Company or Firm
Complaint against an Individual
Other, Please Specify:_Complaint against Hughes who is also known by the following pseudonyms, and the following corporate entities which he claimed to own or represent. Among those are GLENN EVANS, P. DAVIS, SUMNER STROUT and ROBERT EVAN HUGHES,II. Other names are still appearing. Commerce Capital Group (CCG), Commerce Capital Company, AGIS VENTURES (AGIS), PRIMARY ASSET HOLDING CORP. (PRIMARY), TRIDENT CAPITAL PARTNERS (TRIDENT), Electric Capital, Electra Capital, Xpedian, also spelled Expedian, New River Trust, among others.

Date of Transaction: _Summer, 2008____
Place of Transaction (Specify the States in which you and the salesman were located) _I was in California he was at various times in North and South Carolina. ______________
Witnesses to the Transaction:____None, see explanation._
State the type of investment involved (e.g. stock, note, limited partnership, etc. If you are not certain, describe on last page.) __Purchase of Stock in a corporation Hughes claimed to be starting._This was described before the purchase as Xpedian. After the purchase as Eletric Capital and Commerce Capital Group.____

· If you invested in stock or bonds, what was the name of the issuing corporation?
______________See above___________________________________________________
· If you invested in a note, who was the maker (Company or Individual) responsible for paying it?
· If you invested in a partnership, what was the name of that partnership?
· Other: __________________________________________________________________________
Amount involved in transaction: __$5,000.00_______________________________
Do you have and can you provide evidence of investment (front and back of checks; cashiers checks;
money orders; etc.)? NO, Hughes was acting with a durable power of attorney and then refused to send any records when requested.
Did you sign any papers or documents? NO (If Yes, please attach copies of them.)
Complaint Form – Page 2
How did you first learn about this investment? ____Hughes suggested I invest because the venture was then, he said, about to sign a contract with a city in South Carolina and extend business into Charlotte, North Carolina.

Have you complained to the Company or Firm? YES (If yes, to whom?)
What was the response? ___________I complained to Hughes, canceled the power of attorney, and then demanded the return of the funds. He stopped answering my phone calls. I sent him a revocation of the power of attorney and also received no response.

May we send a copy of your complaint to the firm or individual complained against? YES
Does an attorney represent you in this matter? NO
If YES, give Attorney’s Name and Address:
Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________ State: ________ Zip Code: _______________
Did you begin any legal action against this company? YES (Explain) ___We are placing levies on his property and demanding the return of records that are part of work product on another matter.

Are you willing to sign an affidavit or testify regarding your transaction with this Company?
Specify other governmental or regulatory agencies contacted: __SEC, State of California, State of North Carolina, State of South Carolina.
May we send a copy of your complaint to another governmental agency or regulatory body for their review or investigation? YES Please do.
Did you tape-record any of your conversations regarding the transaction(s)? NO
Names, telephone numbers and/or addresses of any other known investors:

Justin Foster
Cell: 704-xxx-8938
Address: xxxxxx ROBINWOOD RD Q , GASTONIA NC 28054-6651

Ray Burkholder
Cell: (xxx) 505 7293
Address: Presently living in Burmuda,

Gina de Miranda
Phone: 830-xxx-xxxx,
Address: P.O. Box 151, Hondo TX 78861

Paul Schauble
Cell: 602-xxx-xxxx
Address: xxxxxxx xxxxx Whitton Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Complaint Form – Page 3
Please explain the entire circumstances surrounding your complaint in the space provided below. It is important to include all details about the transaction, no matter how unimportant you may think they are. Please be specific in referring to any names, dates or documents. Also, if any part of the transaction occurred outside of Alabama, please indicate that fact. Remember that it is better to include too much information, rather than too little information. Be sure to describe the type of investment and any instruments you received evidencing you investment. (If additional space is needed, attach more pages)

The above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature: Date: April 10, 2008

Return completed form to:
Alabama Securities Commission
Enforcement Division
770 Washington Ave
Suite 570
Montgomery, AL 36130-4700

Email - Demand Letter to Van Hughes

From: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster <
To: "hughes >> Robert Hughes" < (deceased)
Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 12:02 PM

Demand Letter to Van Hughes -

Van -

This is a final demand letter and you need to take immediate action.  We
have given you many opportunities to make good on these issues before.

You have until Saturday at 5pm.  That is tomorrow.  You will hand the
money over to Justin.  He will give you a receipt.  He is acting as our

Here are the amounts owed by you to each of us.

$5,000.00  to Melinda, investment in your corporation.
$6,000 to Justin, repayment of loans.
$10,000  to Gina, investment in your corporation.

Don't bother to try sending the certificates.  We know that your
corporation has been legally dissolved and you were certainly proscribed
from selling stock in that entity.

We don't want to hear about your problems;  We have problems of long
standing of which you were well aware.

Don't presume that this is another thing you can avoid.  We are well
aware of our options and are prepared to exercise them.

Melinda, Gina, and Justin