Documents are here to stream line the boring process of linking to them when I am forced to prove the mundane facts of my life.  As I dig through the morass of letters and dirty tricks carried out by Craig, Morgan, Jonathan Scott Franklin, Craig's son from his first marriage, Michael Emerling Cloud, Dan O'Dowd, and Jacqueline Misho, Craig's Orkish attorney, this time line will grow. 


October 26, 1948 
               Mary Linda (Melinda) Pillsbury is born - Birth Certificate 
September 7, 1966
               Mary Linda (Melinda) Pillsbury & Richard Lee Barteaux -  Marriage Certificate


           July 5th -     Birth Certificate, Carolyn Anne Kellett


           April 20th - Divorce Agreement

           June 24th -  Divorce from Barteaux 


            May 1st - Marriage to Ronald E. Kellett (AKA   Foster) Marriage Certificate

            Later the same year  -Adoption of Carolyn Anne by Ron Foster 


                                                   Adoption of Carolyn Anne by Dr. and Mrs.  Pillsbury   
                                                   Future Custody


            May 22                         Divorce from Ronald E. Foster
            June 21                         First Marriage to A. Craig Franklin 

            June 21                         Relinquishment ofParental Rights, Ron Foster

            June 24                         Second Marriage to A. Craig Franklin

            June 26                         Adoption of Children of Pillsbury-Foster

            September 27              Arthur Foster nearly dies in a motorcycle accident
                                                   Santa Barbara, California

            January 1                     Craig Franklin files for divorce against Melinda 
            March                           Craig calls Melinda to tell her he wants to stay in Arthur's life
                                                   and be a father to him.  He asks her to let him take Arthur to
            March 22                      Arthur shoots himself through the brain while in Los Angeles.


         June                                 Declaration by Ayn Pillsbury
         August 16                        Divorce of Pillsbury-Foster vs. Franklin 

         November 28                 Arthur Foster, Permanent Disability Letter 


           May 8                             Arthur Foster - Continued Disability Letter

Melinda's good character - More Coming   

Sonja Loll - Fellow Church Member 

Melody Gillespie - Registered Nurse

W. Leon Smith - The Lone Star Iconoclast 

David Lincoln - Fellow Activist

Gail Lightfoot - Libertarian Party  

Marian Replogle - Late Teens to present day 

Melody Gillespie - Meeting with Melinda before she went to Ohio

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