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September 27, 2008 - Exhibit 37 - d - Franklin Paternity test

from Melinda Pillsbury-Foster <>to
Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 3:22 PM  subject Letter mailed-by

As you know Craig, I made a request that requires that you take a DNA test that will determine your son's paternity. Justin wants that. Before his conversation with your sister he had requested I send him a copy of the song you wrote for him, Justin's Lullaby. He has been deeply hurt by what has happened but he is a strong, resilient, and highly intelligent young man who would make any parent proud.

You really should take the test to reassure him and start the process of mending the breeches caused over the last eleven years. There is no doubt about who his father is. The Settlement Agreement, as written, makes it possible for me to force you to have that test. You should know that. However, this is about the SA, not the test.

If you have any doubts about the intention of that agreement reading it in its entirety could be most illuminating. You ought to read the agreement anyway so that you know your rights or at least the rights GHS accords you in that agreement.

The SA has been forensically analyzed by an attorney expert in such matters. There no doubt that GHS wanted to have me believe it could define my rights. It has tried its best to ensnare me and were you to abide by the SA as written on behalf of Dan O' Dowd it would ensnare you as well. Settlement Agreements are contracts. Contracts have to make legitimate offers and consideration. The SA fails both tests. It also contains elements that in the opinion of counsel are tacitly illegal. Any attorney who crafted a document like the SA as legitimate stands substantial chances of loss of reputation, civil penalties, fines, loss of license to practice law and possible jail time.

GHS named itself the sole arbiter of your personal rights. You will find that according to that document all of your property and your person are in the guardianship of GHS; all that you have or will earn is under their absolute control, now and in the future. Ask yourself how much of the wealth GHS produced has been allotted to you and how much is the sole property of Dan and Amy. Verbal assurances that contradict contract are, as you know, not to be relied on. If you were to check the GHS website you will find that Dan O' Dowd announced last year that his company has paid more than $90 million in dividends. How much of that did you get? Dan owns, according to public records, 97% of the company.

If you are not in possession of a copy of the power of attorney it is included with the SA. It is held by Jeff Hazarian, CFO for Green Hills Software Inc. in the GHS company archives. I think you will find many aspects of the whole agreement to be of interest to you. Dan O' Dowd's plans to contain you and me are coming unraveled as we speak. Multiple interested parties are at work on unraveling his ongoing plans to make himself rich at the expense of others. Dan O' Dowd will find he faces many old and new adversaries.

After you read the document you might consider calling XXXXXXXX to discuss with him possible options.


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