Thursday, March 26, 2015

Exhibit 54 - Character Reference - Marian Replogle

Exhibit 54 – Character Reference – Marian Replogle


I met Melinda while attending Santa Monica College. We were involved in the karate club there and attended Young Republican meetings together.
Melinda introduced me to her parents, younger brother and baby daughter Carolyn (who has since changed her name to Morgan). Melinda was always talking about Carolyn, bragging about how smart she was and the baby milestones she had achieved. Carolyn slept in a crib in Melinda’s room while Melinda was living with her parents in West Los Angeles. One particular event that sticks in my mind was when Melinda and I took Carolyn Trick or Treating. It was a perfect October evening, not too cool, and the leaves had fallen on the sidewalks in the neighborhood. Carolyn was 2 or 3, and she had a lot of fun that night collecting candy as well as kicking the leaves as we walked.
Melinda and I took a square dance class and then joined a single young adult square dance club. We had a lot of fun with that group. I also joined her occasionally when she attended a local church, and it was at this church that she later married her boyfriend Ron whom she had met at Santa Monica College.

Marian Replogle
Former resident of West Los Angeles

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