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September 2009 - “Exhibit 30 - Pillsbury-Foster letter to Fisher, September, 2009,”

Anne Fisher, Director Spa-Gos Day Spa
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Dear Anne,
I'm writing to clarify points now at issue. In writing this letter I drew from notes taken while we talked and from emails. This letter, the notes, and emails are evidence and will be filed with the proper authorities.
During our correspondence and through our conversations you informed me of crimes and specifically cited evidence still in your possession.
Read this following paragraph carefully and share the whole of this letter with your counsel immediately.


You, not myself, initiated our conversations. You contacted me, not once but three times from July 2003 – August of this year. On each occasion you offered information about my former husband, Craig Franklin, which was unsolicited. It did, however, provide very unexpected insights into Craig, his sexual deviancy, and those he pays to gather around himself.
You shared with me many assertions, which I took, not unreasonably, as being true. Many coincided with my own experiences with Craig and were invaluable because they confirmed my suspicions.

You informed me you were “employed” by my former husband in several capacities, each of which you later realized was intended to place you in a dependent relationship with him and not to benefit you. You said he humiliated you in various ways, including saying you were, “too old,” for him. You said Craig expressed the belief that women over age 40 were without worth and that any woman's focus should be on 'satisfying' her man.

You quoted Craig as saying about our relationship the following.

He left me because the relationship was 'stale.' He would not have left if, “she had just given me a blow job once a year.” In relaying the history of our relationship to you over the eight years you were close he failed to mention his documented inability to deal with authority figures and file his tax returns at any time.

When you and Craig were in company with others with whom he had relationships you told me he sneeringly announced to all assembled he was only, “practicing on you.” You went on to tell me his 'friends' see him, “for the money, nothing else.” You made it clear no one either likes or respects him. Despite this behavior you kept the relationship going, partly for the money, you said, and partially because you enjoyed the posh events he provided which otherwise would have been beyond you financially. Many of these events took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel of other location in Beverly Hills. You attended with others a “Roast” Craig put on for himself at one of these locations. You reported it has having been embarrassing. You said David Chandler was the only Green Hills Software employee to attend. Chandler's comments during his roast presentation you said, “sounded dismissive, ugly and not at all respectful or even funny.”

You shared with me your own background as, “the daughter of a pig farmer from Michigan who was sold into marriage so my father could obtain the use of needed farm equipment.”

As you talked to me from August until last week your focus was always on the money you could obtain by simulating a friendship with Craig when you clearly despised and feared him.

You expressed evident and understandable horror and outrage when you told me Craig began sexual advances towards your daughter when she turned 18. You warned your daughter immediately not to become involved with him. You told Craig to stay away from your daughter. But you evidently warned no other young woman, by your own statements.

Craig told you he had manipulated my daughter, Morgan, working to maneuver her into a dependency relationship with him. He told you he intentionally pitted my daughter and myself against each other and arguably, given his intention to ensure I died of stress, was guilty of an act of attempted murder directed against me You said he tried, but failed, to have sex with Morgan. You said Craig gloated over having put Morgan in danger by aiding John Fund when she pressed charges against him for abuse in New York. These statements are evidence of felonies. You failed to inform the police of these facts and supply to them the proof, which you claim, is contained in emails now in your possession.

You told me you have in your possession 10,000 emails and other documents between yourself and Craig Franklin and Craig Franklin and other women. These, you said, were copied to you routinely by Craig while you were in his employ. Your job was to 'vet' the women using some criteria dictated by him.

You repeated to me a story about Craig and a 19 year old girl. Craig, you said, told you he had called and asked for the youngest prostitute available. The girl who arrived had never before engaged in commercial sex. Craig asked for your praise when he told you he had just asked the girl to 'cuddle with him.'  Craig doubtless did not have sex with her because he could not yet enjoy a sense of violating her trust, an element he evidently works at creating.  
You told me Craig provided you with the account information for sites that are clearly intended to put young women together with older men and that you monitored his correspondence with women, providing 'insights.' The sites mentioned you categorized as appealing to 'sugar daddies.' You commented on numerous occasions that Craig consistently wanted women to view him as a 'father figure.'

In yet another conversation you informed me Craig is an online sexual predator, using various sites to meet women with the intention of raping them or forcing sexual acts on them. This was your own assessment of Craig, though I agreed, given what you told me.
You said Craig uses money as a means of asserting control over women and keeping them dependent so he can abuse them sexually with impunity. When you said this I could see Craig had been attempting to do this with my daughter, Morgan. You agreed. You said Craig targets women as close to the age of majority as possible, wanting them to appear to be minors.
You said he offers generous and continuing support for projects he knows 'his' women want to carry out or he has proposed. He then abruptly withdraws funding, seemingly always when the project or business is coming to fruition. You mentioned continuing education, small businesses, and other ventures you specifically knew had been pulled in this manner. You reported that he had done this to you three times, causing you grievous losses of money that put you in a highly problematical position financially from which you are still recovering.

The objective observer might ask if you ever warned another woman of her danger.

You further said when Craig begins this process of manipulation he is careful to have the woman, not himself, write the contract. You commented that he is qualified to write the contract. You know this because you are familiar with Craig's background and education. Your comments made it clear you understood Craig's intention is to place women in a vulnerable position legally. Because they do not know if the contract they are writing is, in fact, enforceable, they, like you, could suffer terrible losses. You know from your own experience this is true as when he stopped funding your own business you checked with an attorney to ascertain your rights and made plans to sue you did not pursue for just this reason.

During this early 'honeymoon period' in the relationship you of your own knowledge know Craig has provided to women a will naming them as his heir. You reported Craig told you he had written you into his will, naming you as his heir. You said he gave you a copy of the will which included your name. You knew, having discussed this with other 'Craig' women, some of them had also received wills including their names.

Checking with counsel you later learned the will is not in force if not filed. So you were aware at some point he was acting with intent to entice and defraud and failed to warn others.

You then said you know from your own experience and from other women he changed the name routinely, providing new wills to new women he was working to involve and control.

Your 'duties' while employed by Craig and receiving payment included acting as his 'personal trainer,' something you knew early on he was unwilling to do, and acting as his go between to women he was beginning relations with. You reviewed his correspondence with these women and gave your opinion on how 'suitable' they would be. You also said he paid you to come to Santa Barbara and clean his apartment. While doing so you went through documents you found on the floor and in boxes he asked you to sort and file. Those you were throwing away you sometimes kept because you, “thought they might be useful.” What purposes did you intend for those documents?
Those documents are, according to you, included in the cache of material that includes proof of crimes committed.
At to Craig's personal habits and relations with others you said this:

Craig urinates in the sink, still leaves fecal matter in the tub and elsewhere in his apartment and routinely left fecal matter in your own bathroom at your home.

You told me Craig raped you, not once but twice. On one of these occasions you were on the way to your father's funeral. You said Craig excused himself by saying, “He wanted you to be thinking about him at the funeral.” On the other occasion Craig later told you he raped you because his girl friend, Ivory May Kabler, refused to “keep him satisfied.” He wanted you to tell Ivory it was her fault he had to rape you.

Craig also told you that “Franklin men,” presumably meaning himself, his father, his son Scott, and his brothers, could “take what they wanted.” You wrote me relaying Craig's opinion that the one who has money has the power and that it is only money, not justice or decency, that matters. You echoed his sentiments in that letter.

When Craig began talking to you recently you listened without criticism to his plans to take custody of his grandchildren, listening only to his expressed opinion this could be done and how. He expressed the opinion it would be appropriate for him to then make videos with the children, six and eight, which focus on sex. You also conveyed to me his sister, Priscilla Craig Franklin is working off a loan from Craig at $1,000 a month to clean out Scott's apartment, pack and store his possessions. Craig hopes, you said, to find evidence that Kathy, their mother, is unfit thus clearing the way for him to take the children. Priscilla has agreed to seek that evidence, according to you

You told me Craig pays $30,000 per record for production and spends in the neighborhood of $300,000 a year on sex or women. You told me you while you were paid to clean up his condo in Santa Barbara and noted slips of paper on the patio from his neighbors demanding he stop playing his pornographic videos so loud they could hear them. You said he maintains one room in the condo for women who are visiting him, presumably where the women flown in to 'service' him stay.
You told me he asked his girl friend, Ivory May Kalber, a plus size model, to marry him many times. When Ivory refused to
marry him you reported he said to you, “Soon she will be desperate enough.” Craig was referring to the fact Kalber's house in West Los Angeles is in foreclosure and she needs $50,000.00 to stop the proceeding. You said some years ago Craig rented a house for 'them' in the Hollywood Hills but Ivory was rarely there and Craig complained, saying to you, Ivory was unwilling to sleep with him after they had sex.

You said that no one actually likes Craig. All involved in his 'social scene' are there simply for the money and work diligently to keep it that way. You further said that all the women who are receiving money from Craig work to keep him focused on, “being in love with Ivory,” so they can maintain a profitable but non-sexual relationship with him. You are being paid $200 an hour to talk to Craig at the present time. When he called you recently, renewing your connection, he was desperate for someone with whom he could communication because Anna was no longer willing to talk to him. He asked you to 'fix' it. Anna refused to discuss this with you and is no longer accepting calls of emails from you. Craig refused to tell you what happened.

You know and conveyed to me the fact known by me through other sources that Craig was charged with sexual harassment by an employee of GHS, Christine Forsythe, and GHS settled those charges, paying her $30,000. You included the information that Craig takes women to work so he can lock the door and have sex during business hours. GHS tolerates this and other sexually inappropriate behavior, you told me. Yet you accepted from GHS counsel that they have no potential liability for their involvement with Craig's behavior.

You offered the information you had, yourself, filed criminal complaints against Craig but had received no response from the authorities. The focus of your complaint was Craig's assaults on yourself though those incidents had happened some time ago. You failed to emphasize his behavior towards other women, though you mentioned some incidents involving others. Towards the end of the conversation you expressed the concern you are not credible as a witness.

You last letter read, “read it.. passed it on to my attorney...  from what i gather, i have and will not be threatened to give over personal property to you for your use.  the police have been informed in two cities, greenhills was informed by me a few years back and i spoke to their attorney...  i have carefully reported anything criminal to the authorities already.  they know where i am and what i have and they don't care anything about it.  nobody cares melinda.  although i sympathize with you, it's not me that will save you from craig.

the best advice i can give, from a simple person like myself, is just start over and try to forget about craig and the pain and damage he has caused you.  life is too short!  craig destroys everything he touches.  why do you want to spend your years and hours trying  to fight something, someone, that has more dollars than you to fight them.   justice doesn't mean anything any more.  the entire world is corrupt and men, most all men, view women as property.  men with money view them as disposable property.

if the police want to contact me, the fbi, or the dod, let them.  i won't be turned upside down until then and i have my own family and my own life to live.  i wish you so much luck and peace........ but i'm not the answer.  i read about your situation on  shocking....”

Your mention of the John Fund site gives Morgan grounds to reopen the case in NY. The site was supposed to be taken down several years ago. I have passed your letter on to her and her counsel.

Based on the new evidence of felonies committed by Craig you have provided I will be filing criminal charges against Craig in several jurisdictions. If you did file charges yourself please inform me of the locations.


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

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