Franklins, Craig, Scott et al.

Allen Craig Franklin, born to Dr. Carl Franklin and his wife, Carolyn, on July 1, 1946 while Dr. Franklin was attending graduate school in Virginia,  graduated from Stanford with honors.  Highly intelligent, Craig went on to a series of jobs necessitated by factors including, but not limited to, his inability to file tax returns.  

Routinely granted stock options for his work he was unable to exercise these because of his inability to stay in one job long enough.  

While working at MIT he briefly married and a son was born to him and his wife.  Jonathan Scott Franklin is now serving time in the penitentiary in California for hiring a hit man to kill his wife.  

The website maintained to tell the truth about Franklins is:  Craig Franklin

Time Line


Ron Foster cedes his parental rights to Craig Franklin, at the insistence of Franklin

Craig Franklin adopts the five children of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, by will.

       The children are then between 6, a boy, 11, a boy, 13, a girl, 14, a girl, and 20, a girl.


The Triumph of the 1991 Libertarian Convention. The untold story.


April - Melinda saves Craig from  the IRS

           Money will start flowing back from the IRS in June.

September - Their son, then 19 and in college, is nearly killed in a motorcycle accident.  He suffers a severe brain injury and is in rehabilitation for months. 

You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.


January - Craig lets his attorney into the family home to steal the adoption document as he has decided to divorce his wife so he can have 'lots of girls.'  He states he intended to leave his wife with nothing.  

March - Craig persuades their already struggling son  to shoot himself in the head so he will not have to pay support.   


Melinda discovers proof Craig is a sexual deviant and realizes he married her to get access to her young daughters.   Incest Porn

Later, Melinda will learn GHS has been covering up for Craig's sexual deviant behavior for years.  


Craig's Women - Read Craig Franklin
It is exasperating that so many women think it will be different for them, that somehow just knowing them will transform the psychopath into a Nice Guy.  But the learning curve will be ever present for those of us who have empathy and a conscience.  This, and other sites herein referenced, exist to shorten that learning curve using the real life stories of psychopaths.   

I have been asked why I am a 'psychopath magnet.'  That is a useful question.  The answer is I'm not, but I am vulnerable because I suffered trauma as a child which caused me to doubt my own reactions and accept the opinions of others in place of my gut reaction.  This was also the primary reason I was attracted to the work of Ayn Rand, who it appears was, herself, a psychopath.  


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