The Tax Crisis - 1997 and ongoing

I called it the Tax Crisis but for most of the family it was barely a blip on the highway of life.  Honestly, the kids were in college and I felt the right thing was to minimize what was happening.  And Craig had come down with Adult-Onset Diabetes and I thought it was this and his shame at having lied to me which caused him not to mention his inability to cope with filing his taxes.  

We had hashed out the issue before we married in 1987, so what else was I to think? 

Craig's focus and notions changed, depending on multiple factors.  I had married him and thought helping with what he could not handle came with the relationship.  It took a lot to change my mind on this point, but realizing the Tax Crisis was actually a means for leaving me destitute and on the street had a lot to do with that reevaluation.  

Forget about assuming anything about Craig was normal.  The Tax Crisis is just part of the who narrative, titled the Saga of Green Hills Software, the NeoCon Cabal and Saddam Hussein.  The records are here.  The book will have all of it.    

When you are frantic to save your home, keep your kids in college, and buy food the normal kind of life ends.  It ended for me when I found out what had been going on behind my back.  I thought I understood the problem, but I was so wrong it was mind-boggling.  

The problem was Craig.  This was not limited to his not filing his taxes, it was the fraud he perpetrated in marrying me to gain sexual access to my children while manipulating me, my children, and lying.  Craig was not alone.  He had help from Dan O'Dowd and others who will soon enter the narrative.  

Later, I realized people at Green Hills knew what the problem was and said nothing to me.  It was a very lonely time.  Craig stayed on the road and at work, lying to me about why he had hidden the papers.  During those first weeks, after I had talked to many IRS agents and researched the issue of non-filing by people who who's emotional problems made this impossible, I had come to know many people killed themselves because they could not cope. 

I was resolved to stop this by our government and began reading.  This lead to the Americans With Disabilities Act and on that basis I challenged what had happened.  

Craig proved he was incapable of actually DOING anything by paying $10,000 to Brown & Associates and then refusing to give them the records.  This happened in 1996.  I knew nothing about it until I found the records in those 29 boxes Craig hid at work.  

The boxes included everything you can imagine finding in the trash, including underwear clotted with fecal matter.  Of course I thought he was having both physical and emotional problems.  

I was charged up to defend someone I loved.  Now, what I want is justice.  

Exhibit  - Brown & Associates

3 - Tax Records Exhibit 1 - January 29, 1999 - West Coast Escrow

August 1997


I compiled the records, sickened and horrified at what I now realized had been done to everyone I love by the people of the lie.  

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