Thursday, September 27, 2018

From Melinda to John Fund January 15, 2002. Punishments

Sent: 1/15/02 12:04 PM
Subject: Punishments  

      I am rapidly becoming convinced that you are trying to kill her.
First you say you will see she gets care, now you try to renege as
'punishment'  yet again.   I have tried over and over to convince Morgan
to have nothing to do with you.   Love is a remarkable stupidity at
      The combination of your lies and abuse has seriously compromised
her health and emotional wellbeing.  Your behavior has been so egregious
that it has leaked over into your professional life and gotten you
fired.  And they only know a tiny fragment of what you have done.   
      What could you be thinking?  Are you an idiot or psychotic?  Both?

      I now understand how you cycle through women 
1.  Give the woman a rush with significant looks, hugs, dinner, letters
and e-mail. 
2.  Either invite them to New Orleans (does this replicate some early
experience in your youth?)  or go back to their place for a quick screw.
You gloat, having gotten something for nothing.   
3.  Become distant.  Talk about problems, your feelings being too
intense or other blather.   
4. Either recycle them for another sexual experience or dump them.   

5. Have several women going at all times at different points on the

6. Keep the letters, and others laying round your apartment so the
intensely curious Morgan can read them to her mother to their mutual
shock and consternation. 

Some people would say you should be committed just for that.   

      Then, of course, you accuse the women of stalking you when they
want to know what happened.  This enables you to revel in your 'power.'
Most women just go away because it is intensely painful and embarrassing
to be treated like that.   
      You know, I really think it would be therapeutic for them to
understand that this is just your MO and it was not anything about them
that brought on the behavior.  In fact, the more I think about it the
more sure I am that this whole situation would magnificently illustrate
all that is evil about predatory sexual behavior.   
      I talked to Anne Stone about it and she wants to do an
intervention with your friends.  She is having lunch with Grover (why
would any grown man continue to let people call him Grover, for gosh
sakes?  But Anne says he is very nice and she has good judgment.)   Anne
seems to be doing well.  We always get together for lunch and whatever
when I am back there or she is out here.  Anne is truly a good person.

      You know, I think that you could be of more use to the movement
as an example of what is bad.  I am a strong believer in trying to find
the good in any bad situation.  So I will focus on that.   
      You dumped Morgan,  Probably asked her to marry you as another
form of 'punishment,' like promising her the Christmas tree for days and
days and then just refusing to go get one; promising to take her out and
taking someone else instead; promising to pay for her health care and
then telling her you hoped she died; kicking her out of the bedroom to
sleep on the futon with a holey blanket  next to a window that cannot be
closed when there is snow on the ground.  Forget the lizard character.
It will be the Grinch.   Or Scrooge.  No, Scrooge is too good for you.
So is the Grinch.   
      Nothing that happens to you is too bad.  That seems to be what you
will need to learn before you do the right thing.  But I have faith that
eventually you can learn if you just decide that the truth is more
important than gold, fame, or power.   
      I have your parent's addresses and passed them on to Cap.  He is
going to be up in Sacramento so maybe he can talk some sense into you.

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