Monday, September 3, 2018

December 29, 2001 - Melinda email to John Fund, blind copy to Morgan

Subj:Letter on previous conversation
Date:12/29/01 11:23:28 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear John,
      I am certainly glad that we talked earlier today.  I will begin by reiterating the content of our conversation.
      I do believe that your emotional end mental condition is deteriorating making your working life problematical.  I am concerned about you and will, as I said, pray for your well being and moral health.
      I do not believe that you are yet being completely frank with me.    Regrettably, I do continue to believe that you have used a combination of violence, manipulation and fraud to control Morgan.  You have not been appropriate or ethical.  Telling your friends and professional associates one thing and doing another is unacceptable.  Morgan did call me this morning but she told me that she was actually in the room while we , you and I, were talking and heard me ask to talk to her.  You lied again.  She has also told me that you watch her when she writes me e-mails and insist on monitoring her conversations sometimes.  I had suspected that because of her tone when this is happening.  This probably seemed like a tinsy little lie to you but lying is simply not acceptable.  It must stop.
      You and Morgan are desperately in need of professional intervention.  I discussed this with Morgan and she is going to find a therapist who specializes in couples counseling.  
      You once had a romantic relationship with Morgan.  She is still important to you.  You told me that not four hours ago.
      Either you two will resolve your differences and become a functioning couple or you will be enabled by appropriate mediation to part company in a way that leaves each of you stronger and able to function as individuals.  This may include reparations from yourself to Morgan so that she can build an independent life for herself.  Restitution for previous inappropriate behavior that caused loss is not blackmail.
      I know it is difficult for you to confront the impact that your behavior had on her.  But this is an essential element of effective therapy.
      Morgan is an intelligent and innovative person who reacts to your inappropriate behavior in ways that can and will harm you.  
      You and I discussed beginning three way conversations between us, you, myself and Morgan.  I am willing.  While that is certainly possible it is not really as important as you beginning that process between yourself and a reputable therapist/mediator.  A therapist will be under professional constraints regarding your confidentiality and removed emotionally from the issues.  That is good.  I am Morgan's mother but I do not want to be that involved in the process.
      Please cooperate and get into therapy with Morgan.  This is not about 'winning' or 'losing.'  It is about you and truth and doing the right thing for both of you.
      The world cannot be saved if those who would be its salvation depend on lies.

I will continue to pray for both of you and for a positive outcome.


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