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2001 - Emails between Morgan, Melinda and John Fund

I hoped Morgan's life was moving toward stability when she moved in with John.  Wrong.  There are more emails but these are the ones which had not been published before leading to the next trauma.  

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 6:35 PM
To: Gigot, Paul
Subject: Mr.Fund

Mr. Gigot: 
              I am writing you to inform you about a situation which I hoped
would remain private but unfortunately hasn't. My name is Morgan Pillsbury
and I live here in New York, well in Jersey City now. My Grandfather was
head of water resources for California during Reagan's time as Governor
there and my Mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster was a Goldwater girl and a
founding member of the Libertarian Party in California. I come from a long
line of Conservative activist and have always been very proud of that. I am
writing you about John Fund. I became intimate with Mr. Fund in October 1998
after a bad breakup with my former boyfriend Professor Eugene Volokh of
UCLA. It wasn't smart to get involved with John, I knew he had a similar
relationship with my mother 20 years before, but I did. I was not speaking
to my Mother at that time, we have since mended our relationship. In the
begining,John told me we would have to keep out relations hip quiet for a
while, not only because of impeachment, but because of my Mom. This did not
stop us from seeing and vacationing together. In February 1999 I became
pregnant with John's child. When I called him in tears to tell him he hung
up on me. I have always been a pro-life person, as has my Mother, but John
wouldn't help me and I had no other option but to have an abortion. By that
time I had moved to New York. John wouldn't even take care of me at the time
of the abortion so I returned to California and stayed with my dear friends
Matthew Earl Jones and his girlfriend Pamela Frasier.Matthew is the brother
of James Earl Jones the actor who also knew of my involvement with John. If
you would like to call and verify this Matthew's number is 323-461-4600.I
also had informed my friend's Manuel Klausner and his wife Willette who are
like family to me. I am sure you know who Manny is, Matt Drudge's attorney.
His number is 213-617-0414 or home 323-467-4988. After the abortion I
learned that not only was John c heating on me but when my mother got wind
of the relationship, she called him and he told her I was a stalker and
imagining the relationship. This was spring,1999.I became pregnant Again by
John that summer, but by that time I was on to his lies. When I miscarried
in September I called my mother and told her what had been going on. She
called John who again said I was lying. When she told me this I got an idea.
I got her proof, I made that tape I am sure you have heard of. My Mother
then started to believe me. Since then John has told both my mother and I he
wanted to continue the relationship with me. He was staying with me
constantly towards the end of last year at my mothers and my apartment on
34th street. My mother lives mostly in Santa Barbara and I in New York, but
we like each other as well as love each other and love to hang out together
so this arrangement suited us. My mother's phone bills are sent to
California for her to pay and she and I were horrified to see that John,
while staying with me, w as charging long distance calls to my Mom on her
phone, to a Conservative judge he was sleeping with in Wisconsin, a Diane
Sykes.And there were many other such calls. 

                                                      I am now hearing from
several sources in the freedom movement in DC that John and Grover Norquist
are telling people that the tape and charges on the Internet are false and
they are using the Clintonian,"Nuts and Sluts" campaign on us. I don't
really have anything to do with politics, but my Mom does and you should
know that not only is he doing this, but last week told me he is using a man
named      George, who was a big guy in the CIA under Reagan to pull my
personal phone records and said he has done this and other things in the
past. I spoke to My ex Eugene, who I am happy to say has become a trusted
friend, and he says such activity is illegal. I also wou ld like to tell you
that I am having my lawyer send a letter to Mr.George telling him that we
know he is doing this. I will send you a copy of the letter if you like and
am already sending one to Michael Deaver,who I recently met, and
Vice-president Cheney. 

                                                      If you would like to
contact Eugene Volokh about the truth of these claims please do, he is
teaching at George Mason for a semester, and when we were together years ago
in LA we used to have lovely meals and conversation with Max Boot, his wife
and his parents. I am sure that they will tell you that, though I have my
faults, I am not a lunatic stalker. I know you don't know me from Adam, but
I would like to tell you in all sincerity that I do care about John and
really admire the work he has accomplished. I hope he will get help for his
problems with candor and move on to do more wonderful work for freedom. 


Morgan Pillsbury

From: Gigot, Paul 
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 9:13 PM
To: ''
Subject: reply

Dear Ms. Pillsbury:

   I'm replying to your recent email concerning John Fund. As John's editor
I supervise his work at the Wall Street Journal. Clearly you and he have
several personal issues to work through. I genuinely hope you are able to do
that. But these are deeply private concerns that can only be resolved
privately.They are beyond my knowledge or responsibility to mediate. 
    So I'm going to have to ask that you no longer include me or anyone else
from Dow Jones in your correspondence about John. The only exception is if
you have a concern about John's journalism in our pages or on our website. I
really do wish you the best.  

Paul Gigot
Editorial Page Editor 

Clarifying unfolding events
10/31/01 11:06:34 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear John,

      I am again very disappointed in you.  It is very clear that Morgan is posting on Capitol Grilling in a way that lends credence to reports on her emotional instability.  She is unstable.  That is very true and I have never denied it.  The depositions and declarations by her in my possession affirm that she also knows this.  But people with problems like hers need help from those closest to them to help point out when they are off track.  She is obviously off track.   You re not helping matters.
      I reluctantly agreed to talk to Connelly last summer bacause she asked I do so.  I did not then understand that she had given him the tape to put on line.  I had refused to give her the tape for months before that.  Perhaps I just should have destroyed it but it was not mine.
      I talked because I think each of us should own our actions.  We all err but learning to do right is predicated on first acknowledging what is wrong.  Hiding that from ourselves and others is therefore counter productive.
      Morgan obviously needs help.  Do you think what you are doing is helping her?
      Morgan should not be in the house all day lurking on line and posting false rumors about herself and about you under various aliases.
      There have been benefits to me.  It is a lot calmer around here now that she is not calling me all the time and that I do appreciate.
      But at best she is making no progress in her life.  At worse she is moving farther and farther from reality.
      She should be taking positive action to make a life for herself; a job; friends; charitable work.  These should be taking her time.
      She told me that she is having a difficult time chewing because her teeth are so badly deteriorated.  I do not believe she is pregnant.
      She is an adult.  You are an adult.  I suggest that you both start acting the parts.


RE: Clarifying unfolding events
10/31/01 11:34:43 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Fund, John)
To: ('')

Melinda, I'm happy to hear from you, but I really am not involved in this at
all. Whenever I talk to her it is to encourage positive behavior and not to
obsess on anything. I am doing NOTHING but looking for some peace and quiet
for myself and everyone else involved. I wish the same for you.

If someone is telling you different things, it may be disinformation. Happy
to correspond. 

Re: Clarifying unfolding events
10/31/01 11:45:26 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear John,
      Tell her to get the job she has been promising me she would find for the past two years.  Any job she gets at this point would be welcome.  MacDonalds would delight me.
      She was supposedly doing some web work for Steve Craig.  Has that fallen through?
      Morgan has a chancy relationship with reality but she is very intelligent and could do practically anything she chose to work on.  Doris has offered to l et her go down there and help care for the kids while she gets her life together.  She should think about doing that and building up some work history.
      Thank goodness the other kids are all doing well.  Ayn just bought her first house and fusses about her portfolio.   I wish Morgan were doing the same.
      I just read the postings.  I could see it was her.

RE: Clarifying unfolding events
10/31/01 11:57:50 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Fund, John)
To: ('')

I never heard about any work for Steve Craig. Who is he?

I wish her the best as well, but she doesn't take direction well either by
phone or in person.

I've tried to, honest.

Who is Doris? Doris Gordon in suburban Maryland?

I'm glad Ayn is doing well.

Melinda, I am not trying to prolong ANYTHING.  

Re: Clarifying unfolding events Volume three
10/31/01 12:52:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear  John,
      A little long but read the whole thing.
      Doris is not Gordon but her friend Doris Martin, the mother of five children married to Garrett who is in the Army and living in South Carolina.  Garrett is being assigned to Korea for a year and Doris is giving birth to her sixth, a girl, in January or February.
      Doris is very efficient and busy and I think that she would be good for Morgan.  Also, taking care of a passle of children is some real reality training.   Doris offered to let her stay there free and loan her Garrett's car in return for help when she is out. and during the birth.  Morgan could get some work and put together some work history.   Some kind of resume is important for her.
      I have offered over and over to pay her way down there.
      I know that Morgan did reorganizing work for Jerry Corbetta, an old friend of mine, because he told me she did a great job himself.   She stayed with him for a few weeks last spring.  He lives in the SFV.  I think you called her there.   Jerry is a song writer and tours with The Greats of Rock and Roll.  I know him from a childbirth class we all took together years ago.  He is sort of Libertarian, but we never talk about politics.
      I have never met Steve Craig but Morgan told me she was putting up a website for him on something he does about food.  Other than that I don't know.
      You have to remember that I have heard the tape.   Of course, so has everyone else in the world, thanks to Morgan.   I have  something I would like to know.  I asked you this a long time ago.  But on the tape it is clear that Morgan had told you stories about me that changed your opinion on who I am.  You might now understand why I wanted to know what she had said.  You cannot fight slander when people will not tell you what was said.  Deciding that where there is smoke there must be fire is a real disservice to the innocent party.  In this case, me.
      Morgan was paid by Craig to slander me.  She received around $70,000 eventually.  I have forgiven her.  But I know that she never told me everything that she was actually  saying.  That has been frustrating because I still run into old friends she or Craig have 'shared with.'
      The facts are that Craig never filed his taxes but owed nothing.  He concealed this from me for the entire peeriod of our marriage by various devious means.  After I cleaned it up and got money back from the IRS he blamed me and told our friends and acquaintances I had caused our financial problems through profligate spending.   I spent a slug of money having my own books audited to disprove this.  I did disprove it.  I have all of the tax documentation. and proof on a check by check basis for the entire ten year period.   I know Morgan told people I paid a prostitute to have sex with the boys.  Untrue and outrageous.   The list goes on and on and on.  But she is my daughter and as her mother I also need to keep her wellbeing in mind.  That does not, however, include letting her defame me.
      So, I asked you in the autumn of 1998 what she had said about me to you.  You never told me.  Now you know her better.  Will you tell me NOW?
      Good luck dealing with her.  But you should really help her get some dental care.

RE: Clarifying unfolding events Volume three
10/31/01 1:00:02 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Fund, John)
To: ('')

Melinida, Of course, I read the whole thing. Thank you for the information.

What I was told at time bordered on the fantastical, and I took it as such.
I frankly did not pay it much heed in my natural desire not to get enmeshed
in this. Most of it is two years old and I can't remember most of it. I have
not believed you ere a monster, then, recently or now.

I have as little contact as possible with Morgan now but may I convey the
South Carolina option to her or that would be pointless? I gather she
already knows about it. 

RE: Clarifying unfolding events Volume Four
10/31/01 1:33:24 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Fund, John)
To: ('')

Of course, I credited her with more credibility at the time (September 1999)
.... I never said I didn't believe a word she said. I just never believed
all or most of it.

Morgan is telling people she is living in my apartment still?

Some matters are best discussed over the phone....I am not trying to be

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 2:45 PM
To: Fund, John
Subject: Re: Clarifying unfolding events

Dear John,
      Tell her to get the job she has been promising me she would find for
the past two years.  Any job she gets at this point would be welcome.
MacDonalds would delight me. 
      She was supposedly doing some web work for Steve Craig.  Has that
fallen through? 
      Morgan has a chancy relationship with reality but she is very
intelligent and could do practically anything she chose to work on.  Doris
has offered to l et her go down there and help care for the kids while she
gets her life together.  She should think about doing that and building up
some work history. 
      Thank goodness the other kids are all doing well.  Ayn just bought her
first house and fusses about her portfolio.   I wish Morgan were doing the
      I just read the postings.  I could see it was her. 

I am very concerned
12/13/01 9:58:23 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear John,
      First, I want you to know that I got the number and called the Jersey police.
      Not hearing from Morgan worried me and I am sure you can understand why.  You know she is emotionally unstable and needs calm, not continuous fear an, pain, and manipulation.  We talked about your own concerns that she might harm herself before I know the whole story.   And while it pains me to mention this you must know that battering her is wrong on every level.
      You should not try to keep Morgan from communicating with her family and concerned friends.  That is part of a pattern of control that is always associated with batterers.
      I still think you both should be in therapy.  You should also stop lying and face what you have done.  You are an intelligent man.  You must know, in your heart, what doing the right thing means.
      Please get help, face what you have done, and do the right thing.


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