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2002 Emails between Morgan, John Fund and Melinda

These emails go on for only about six weeks but it felt like years.

I’m not going to say that the this was the worst period of my life, there are lots of candidates for that title.  But it was grisly.  Looking back on it I see how I was being manipulated by two psychopaths.  But at the time I was focused on keeping a daughter from harm while getting her a reasonable resolution for the domestic violence and broken promises for paying her for returning John’s apartment to functionality. 

1/2/02 8:08:40 AM Pacific Standard Time

I am sorry you are depressed.  That seems odd.  You really need to get into therapy with Morgna.  I have not talked to Doris but I thought she ws still there.  But since her husband is miliatry anything is possible right now.
      Morgan was very upset about New Year's Eve.  She cried on the phone.  I sure hope you two resolve your differences and move one.  It just breaks my heart.


Sent: 1/11/02 11:40 AM
Subject: Re: I certainly do care... 

Dear John, 
      I talked to Morgan this morning and she assured me that you are
allowing her to seek medical and dental care.  Thank God.  I hope it is
not too late.  I had a friend die of stomach cancer some years ago whose
symptoms were just as Morgan desrcibed to me.   
      Sue's speciality is oncology and radiology.  That is what she
teeaches at Stanford Medical Center.  I think she could come in as a
      On the wedding, I know tht Morgan must have told you that we can't
use the Orchid Estate because Alice and Parry are having an early Orchid
Faire this year.  So it appears likely we will be using the Volokh's
place in Hope Ranch.  Morgan talked to Eugene and he said it was fine
with him.   
      I am uncomfortable with what has been going on, though.  If you
care about Morgan why on Earth haven't you just put her on your
insurance?  It will be much cheaper that way and you should do it now.
      Cancer is expensive to treat and I could not help.  I am still
dealing with Arthur's rehabilitation from his motorcycle accident and
his having shot himself in the head and my own medical needs.  I have
good insurance, but it does not cover everything.  Arthur's medical was
over a million dollars.   
      Marriage has always been the best way out of all of your
difficulties, you know.   
      I am sorry I slept late this morning, but I didn't actually expect
you to call given Morgan's medical situation and your shocking behavior.
It is going to be a long time before I am going to believe you without
adequate documentation at this point.   
      John, if you live with someone for as long as you and Morgan have
been together; if you talk constantly; if you rely on her for the kinds
of domestic duties she performs you are already married.  Formalizing it
just makes the situation clear to those around you.   
      I hate the feeling that talking to you just means you are deciding
how to parse the next set of lies.   
      Why don't we just get on with the wedding, the medical and
psychological interventions, and start rebuilding your life and hers?  I
am not thrilled but I think it would be best for both of you.  At least
it would put an end to the gossip.   


RE: I certainly do care...
1/14/02 8:18:42 AM Pacific Standard Time

I am in California dealing with a family crisis. I know how you sometimes

I am told by a message for Morgan that you want to talk. It would somewhat
help if can wait till I'm back east on Wednesday because I have a real
problem with my Mom to take care of.
If it's urgent I misplaced your number and Santa Barbara directory
assistance doesn't have it.

Morgan promised to have a dental appt. she would GO to on Tuesday.

Morgan told me that her cell phone is out but it is not for lack of money on
it. The home phone is on the blink again but I left a message. My e-mails to
her bounce back to me.

I will be checking e-mail again later today. 

RE: I certainly do care...
1/14/02 9:29:35 AM Pacific Standard Time

You didn't send me your phone number as I'd asked. I am going off e-mail
now for several hours and will be in a rural area.

I have not talked with her but gotten several e-mail messages from her and
several phone messages. But I have not spoken with her. Will be back in NYC
on Wednesday.

I don't think there is reason for worry, but I wonder what problem she has
with her cell phone if it still has money on it. 

Sent: 1/14/02 12:03 PM
Subject: Re: I certainly do care... 

I asked Morgan to ask you about fish forthe reception.  It is now moot
since we re doing an afternoon tea instead.   
      Morgan was very worried last night because someone triedto break
into the apartment.  They opened the door and were only prevented from
entering because the chain was on.  She is pretty nervous about the
results of the examination on Friday, I know.  I thought she was working
on organizing and resting this weekend.  But you have talked to her,
haven't you?   
      Now I am worried.   Melinda

Sent: 1/14/02 5:46 PM
Subject: Re: I certainly do care... 

Dear John, 
      You caught me late for a meeting.   
      My phone number is 805 569-0421, as it has been for over ten
years.  I will be out all this evening.  I will be out most of tomorrow.
This week is Arthur's birthday and he asked to go to Disneyland.   
      You should have taken care of the bleeding a long time ago. 


RE: I certainly do care...
1/15/02 10:27:17 AM Pacific Standard Time

Melinda, I realize you did not want to talk with me. I strongly suggest we
talk since you are being mentioned by people who are after me in ways you
would not want. I think your suggestion of a conference call is a good one.
It just didn't work while I was in Sacramento and had no privacy. I strongly
suggest you find out what is happening outside of the two-way conversations
you complain about - legitimately.

I think you have got to realize this is part of something bigger operating
against me and the rest of us - and not necessarily something to be
encouraged. Regardless of what you think of me.

Talking is not habit-forming and it's poisonous. I am asking you to
understand I have until recently been getting a different story on the
health issue. If that's true,  shouldn't you find that out first?  

RE: Punishments
1/15/02 10:32:34 AM Pacific Standard Time

I have mentioned, used or even thought about the word "punishment" for
months. That is a damned falsehood. Seriously.

The part about the XMAS tree, the futon, the part about her wanting to die.
This is ridiculous. Not true. Please don't believe this nightmare. You've
already gotten a police report on the Internet indirectly. You should think
carefully that there is a smidgen of a chance that you are wrong.

We have to have that conference call. Then we will know what we are dealing

Sent: 1/15/02 12:04 PM
Subject: Punishments  

      I am rapidly becoming convinced that you are trying to kill her.
First you say you will see she gets care, now you try to renege as
'punishment'  yet again.   I have tried over and over to convince Morgan
to have nothing to do with you.   Love is a remarkable stupidity at
      The combination of your lies and abuse has seriously compromised
her health and emotional wellbeing.  Your behavior has been so egregious
that it has leaked over into your professional life and gotten you
fired.  And they only know a tiny fragment of wht you have done.   
      What could you be thinking?  Are you an idiot or psychotic?  Both?

      I now understand how you cycle through women 
1.  Give thw woman a rush with sognificant looks, hugs, dinner, letters
and e-mail. 
2.  Either invite them to New Orleans (does this replicate some early
experience in your youth?)  or go back to their place for a quick screw.
You gloat, having gotten something for nothing.   
3.  Become distant.  Talk about problems, your feelings being too
intense or other blather.   
4. Either recycle them for another sexual experience or dump them.   

5. Have several women going at all times at different points on the

6. Keep the letters, and others laying round your apartment so the
intensely curious Morgan can read them to her mother to their mutual
shock and consternation. 

Some people would say you should be committed just for that.   

      Then, of course, you accuse the women of stalking you when they
want to know what happened.  This enables you to revel in your 'power.'
Most women just go away because it is intensely painful and embrrassing
to be treated like that.   
      You know, I really think it would be theraputic for them to
understand that this is just your MO and it was not anything about them
that brought on the behavior.  In fact, the more I think about it the
more sure I am that this whole situation would magnificently illustrate
all that is evil about predatory sexual behavior.   
      I talked to Anne Stone about it and she wants to do an
intervention with your friends.  She is having lunch with Grover (why
would any grown man continue to let people call him Grover, for gosh
sakes?  But Anne says he is very nice and she has good judgment.)   Anne
seems to be doing well.  We always get together for lunch and whatever
when I am back there or she is out here.  Anne is truly a good person.

      You know, I thoink that you could be of more use to the movement
as an example of what is bad.  I am a strong believer in trying to find
the good in any bad situation.  So I will focus on that.   
      You dumped Morgan,  Probably asked her to marry you as another
form of 'punishment,' like promising her the Christmas tree for days and
days and then just refusing to go get one; promsing to take her out and
taking someone else instead; promising to pay for her health care and
then telling her you hoped she died; kicking her out of the bedroom to
sleep on the futon with a holey blanket  next to a window that cannot be
closed when there is snow on the ground.  Forget the lizard characture.
It will be the Grinch.   Or Scrooge.  No, Scrooge is too good for you.
So is the Grinch.   
      Nothing that happens to you is too bad.  That seems to be what you
will need to learn before you do the right thing.  But I have faith that
eventually you can learn if you just decide that the truth is more
important than gold, fame, or power.   
      I have your parent's addresses and passed them on to Cap.  He is
going to be up in Sacramento so maybe he can talk some sense into you.


RE: (no subject)
1/18/02 10:21:05 PM Pacific Standard Time


Anything I can do.Is it enough?John 

To: Fund, John
Sent: 1/19/02 12:10 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Thanks for the checks honey!Love you!Morgan

RE: (no subject)
1/19/02 1:19:32 AM Pacific Standard Time


I am sorry for the pain I have caused,I don't know what came over me.John

Bozo No-no
2/13/02 9:32:20 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear John,
      You have called me twice and apologized profusely for your egregious behavior towards me and Morgan over the last four years.  But unfortunately the evidence is that you were less than sincere.  I have wanted to believe you but you have failed to fulfill the very minimal promises for restitution that you made to me.
      I asked that you provide objective documentation by putting your words in writing.  I have received no letter from you.
      You promised to take care of the mess you created of Morgan's finances.  You are instead using this to try to force her to lie.
      You have tried to manipulate her by implying that her friends say she is crazy, again providing no specific names.
      You have told her than I am 'deranged' and that she must never talk to me again.
      All of these are evidences of bad faith and your continuing inability to confront the facts.
      I am not the one who walks around with thirty-three toothbrushes covered with paste in my pockets or plays fetch with toothbrushes in the sanctuaried offices of the Wall Street Journal.  That would be you.
      But personal eccentricities aside, you really have to stop thrashing around like this and just tell the truth.  You complained about the Clinton's manufacturing reality but you are doing exactly the same thing here.
      Repeat after me:
      "I will not lie," Say it three times every time you have the impulse to make the scary bad nasties go away by recreating reality yet again.
      Using slander to destroy the reputations of others is just plain wrong.  Wrong personally, with me and Morgan, and wrong professionally.  You should not have said that Sydney Blumenthal was battering his wife. You and your friend Sludge knew it was not true and never should have said it.  You should apologize to him, In fact, I think that is another thing you really should do.  Don't just write to me, Write to all the people you have harmed with your lies.  That will probably keep you busy for a while, but since you are not working you have the time to make a thorough job of it.  You need to write so many letters that it might even end up being a book.
      Confessions of a Very Sorry Fundit.  (For your information, a Fundit is a pundit whose pomposity has popped.)

You try to be good now.


(no subject)
2/15/02 3:45:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Where is John he left jne here without telling me and i can't go anywhere because i lost the babyh

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