Monday, September 3, 2018

December 30, 2001 - Email from Melinda to John Fund

Subj:I am worried about you.
Date:12/30/01 10:53:25 PM Pacific Standard Time
BCC:MPF1free, Mrsdewinter72

Dear John,
      I am worried that I have not heard from you.   You really, really need to get started in your recovery process and, frankly, I do not see how that is possible without some professional help.
      I know with Arthur I sometimes need to push him.  I have to do that just today to get him our of the dumps and off to church.  He was much better when he came home; he had been out, visited with friends and had lunch and companionship.
      Your needs are different, of course.  You need to get straight with the past so you and Morgan can move on, either together or separately.
      Friends can help.  How about if I call some of the people we both know and see if they agree that you should get into therapy?   I think you would be surprised how many people in public life have had problems and handled them through just this kind of process.
      I don't think I ever mentioned that my best friend Shelly's husband is with the CIA and he has had problems himself with his mother.  Her problems were much worse than yours but therapy has helped enormously.  He is in Europe right now because his work took him over there, but  I could talk to Shelley and ask her for some referrals on the east coast.  Shelley and I have never seen eye to eye on politics but she knows a lot of people.  
      But there are other possibilities.  I will think about it and see who I can come up with in NY who could be helpful.  Maybe I should call Wally?  We hae both known him for so many years that he is sure to be sympathetic.

Hope everything is going better and that you are in therapy with Morgan.


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