Friday, December 28, 2012

Exhibit 59 - Declaration by Doug Greene, 1999

Exhibit 59 - Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 51, true and exact copies of the original in my possession of “Exhibit 59 - Declaration by Doug Greene, 1999,” a true and exact copy of the original in my possession, these facts are referenced herein as though set forth in full. 

Declaration by Doug Greene

My name is Douglas Greene, and I have known the Pillsbury-Foster-Franklin family since 1991. By profession I am a political consultant. I am now setting up a software company in New York.
In early October of this year Morgan Pillsbury called me and relayed the following stories.
She told me that Melinda, her mother, had encouraged both of her sons to have sexual intercourse with a young woman she brought into the house. Morgan said her name was Tiffany in a subsequent conversation.
Morgan further told me that she had had both her mother and a former boy friend, Eugene Volokh, thrown out of the Libertarian Party. I assume she meant in California. She said she did this because they were both weird.
Morgan then told me she was working as a Libertarian volunteer under Michael Emerling, who is the head of the Libertarian Party.
She told me that Melinda had accused her of stealing jewelry, leaving a message to that effect on Morgan’s answering machine.
I did not believe her. I know that Michael Emerling Cloud is not the head of any Libertarian organization. I have had dealings with Melinda and know her to be reliable. I would not doubt her word.
I know that Morgan has lied to me in the past and believe she was lying to me about these assertions.
Morgan mentioned that she is trying to avoid service of a supoena for a deposition from Melinda.

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