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Exhibit 29a - Anne Fisher Time Line No. 1

29a - Anne Fisher Time Line No. 1 

Time Line No. 1 received from Anne Fisher in 2008.



Met Craig sometime in fall on yahoo.com. End of 2000 gave me a gold anklet jewely and a necklace and earrings, custom made. Butterflies are free was the inscription to signify our freedom in our relationship with one another and my own independence.

Craig was going through divorce problems, tax problems and a lawsuit with his step-daughter. Craig was also going through his 2nd son dis-owning him and refusing to attend school. Craig was dealing with the molestation his sister was reporting of his brother. Craig was having difficulty with his team at work and huge power struggles with David Chandler and Kleidemacher… He was taking me to Phoenix, Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, resorts, holidays home… Shopping sprees… He promised to take care of me, but I had a bobyfriend and thought Craig to old for e, so we agreed to be together and let each of us have our freedom but we would always be together, spiritually and I would be a part of his life forever. We were going to have a home with a garden and a dog… Craig wanted, if he were to marry someone else, me to take care of the house and the children for them if that be the case.
At one point (many years later), we even planned for me to carry his child if he could not find a wife that met all his many qualifications. We were in love. Craig professed it many times and would call me “mine” during sex., over and over… “mine”, “mine”, “mine”…

I took control of Craig’s fitness goals and assisted him in recognizing how to change his behaviors that is leading him to an unhealthy physical state. I cooked for Craig, brought food into his refrigerator. That is the best thing we liked to do together is grocery shop.

We went on picnics and had champagne in the park.

October, tribute letter from craig with first amount of cash (see email) We had just attended a Green Hills Software company party for Halloween together at Craig’s boss, Dan and Amy O’Dowd’s home.

November /December company party. Craig bought me a mink coat with my name engraved. (my screen name). He also bought me a sex machine and enclave of lingerie, over 50 pieces.

He had boudoiur pictures taken and confessed his love for me.

December Took me to Green Hills Christmas party and gave me 10,000 in a Green Hills envelope. Told me I would never have to work again if I married him and that he would take care of me and set-up a trust account for me and purchase a home for me… He showed me pay stubs


January New Years had the best time of our lives in Phoenix and participated with the band. Craig toldl me I would never have to worry about anything every again. He said I would never have to work again and he was again, going to build a trust for me so I would have security that my family should have helped me with and that he was my family and that he wanted to get me a house and we could live together when he wasn’t working. He told me to start looking for real estate and pick out something around a million. Something with all the amenities that I have always wanted, where I wanted…






July 4th Put an offer in on a 1.45 million dollar house in La CandaMy father died and I returned home to Michigan for a month. Independence Day to signify what he called “my independence” (which I later called it my dependence to falling in love with my own fantasies expressed by someone who clearly stated he would get me all the things every single no family girl would want… money, a house and a future. Who could say no… with my status as a massage therapist, no family and raising two teenagers without adequate support financially and without any physical or emotional support.

Email showing “installment” to me and not gift or loan or investment…

August Craig cut off financial support saying he didn’t have any more money, and later when he returned to ask me back into his life told me that he had been lured away by Ivory and that it hadn’t worked out.




December: Took me to his family Christmas party. Told his family that he and I were very serious and that he had hoped to marry me.

2000 October, met Craig… Letter of tribute where the money started… 10,000 cash and an allowance was offered to me… promise to put me in his will, build a trust fund for me and to buy me a home in la Canada for a million dollars. Went to lawyer to have the paperwork drawn up and craig never followed through with meeting the attorney. I do believe he was billed for his time. Attorney was on Wilshire, if I remember and did trusts. Richard Adray took me to lawyer and lawyer had me call craig from his office… Craig told me to start looking for real estate.

2001 July 4, 2001 craig made an offer on a 1.45 million dollar house.in La Canada… my father died July 11, 2001. I returned for the funeral and when I returned… August craig cut me off for the first time… I lost everything… had to move in with friends and my son had to move out as I could only find one bedroom to rent. My daughter had to sleep with me at the age of 15. My son moved out and in with friends at the age of 17. Returned with photos and inclusion into his family…

2002 worked at morton’s and t-mobile and craig took me to palm’s restaurant to ask me to return to his life. He missed me and he was only able to get where he wanted to go with me by his side… I agreed and left my position.

2003 taught at CCI (full to part time) and continued to see Craig…

2004 taught at CCI (full to part time) and continued to see Craig… Attended Craig’s father funeral with him at USC because he couldn’t take his prostitutes… my guess and he said he still needed me to be beside him. Reminded me how he could never make it through life without my support.

2005 asked me to leave my teaching position 5/05…because he could pay me more in support and he needed me to assist and to help him emotionally and that he would help me build a business so I could make more money. Promised once again to take care of me and never let me fail and help me… he was going to give me so much for the company and do all the legal work and contracts and put up the initial monies for the office… advertising, equipment, product and licenses. Changed terms throughout and did not give enough initially to make it anything more than complete dependency. Called me up to 10 times a day and night and early morning.

2006 cut me off in fall and I took a job with Nordstrom 9/06 – 11/06… spa manager… craig said he wasn’t’ able to have my time as flexible and asked me to return to building my company and help take care of him emotionally and spiritually… I left Nordstrom and returned to the business and craig’s needs.


cut off in august, when contract, written stated he had to support until November. December took me to his company Christmas party and re-entered an agreement to continue to support me until the business was up and running, through next year.

cut off again in may, after coming back in and promises to make up last year’s lack of money to me and take care of defaulted months and help me recoup what I have lost from his default. He said he started seeing ivory again and had spent too much money on their new york vacation together and his boy band, but would make it up to me… and continue on.


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