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Exhibit 54 – Notes on Dr. Franklin made by Pillsbury-Foster in 1998

Exhibit 54Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 51, true and exact copies of the original in my possession ofExhibit 54 – Notes on Dr. Franklin made by Pillsbury-Foster in 1998, a true and exact copy of the original in my possession, these facts are referenced herein as though set forth in full. 

Dr. Carl Franklin

Dr. Franklin, Craig’s father, is a vice-president emeritus of USC. He was also vice-president of the school of law. He has six earned degrees. He will tell you this after an acquaintanceship of approximately 30 seconds.

The Franklins had four children, three boys and a girl. Birth order was:

Craig, Sterling (ten months later), Larry, and Priscilla.

I did not have a good relationship with anyone in Craig’s family. They were very cold people. I will give you some background and then my own experiences.

I know from what Craig told me that all of the kids resented their parents behavior towards them.

Dr. & Mrs. Franklin were both obsessed with sex. They had both been virgins when their married and expected their children to do the same. They mentioned this in my hearing more than once.

Dr. Franklin tried to have Larry thrown out of Stanford’s combined MBA law program when he found out that Larry had had sex with his girl friend. He had graduated from Stanford the year previous.

Dr. Franklin refused to attend Craig’s first wedding because Craig married a fat Jewish divorcee. He objected on all counts. They refused to let any of Craig’s siblings attend, either. Craig was then working at MIT as a mathematician. He had graduated from Stanford in 3 1/2 years and moved as far away as possible from his parents.

He had moved home briefly after graduation and moved because his father hit him. He was practicing playing the piano when this occurred.

When Scott, their son, was born, Dr. & Mrs. Franklin debated whether or not to recognize his existence. They decided to do so. Marginally.

When Larry married a Chinese girl after they both graduated from the Stanford MBA program Dr. Franklin again threatened to boycott the wedding. This time Mrs. Franklin insisted on going, however, and Dr. Franklin went with her, glowering at everyone and making racist jokes.

Since then Mai, has managed to develop a relationship with Dr. Franklin. Mrs. Franklin died in the early 1990’s. I think it was 1990. I know the date. April 1. We thought it was a joke at first.

Larry puts together large international funding for projects, such as the building of dams. His wife’s family is very wealthy. Larry and Mai were the two people in the family I liked.

The second brother, Sterling, is an incompetent attorney who graduated from Loyola. He has never married. I suspect he gambles and has other strange habits. Craig could never stand him.

The sister’s name is Priscilla and she married a Lew Overton in 1984 or 5. She is a hospital administrator. Craig has evidently made up with her now.

Melinda’s Experience with the Franklins.

They never liked me. But I don’t think they really like any of their children, either. Of course they disapproved of the fact Craig and I were not married when Justin was born. He must of known that would happen. I felt like he was using me as a way to get back at them in some sense. They did ugly things.

They invited Craig and myself to spend Mother’s Day with them. But my children were not invited. I declined. Craig was angry, he wanted me to go with him.

Scott came out for Xmas and I arranged to take all the kids up to see my parents. When I told them Scott would be with us they asked about him, though they had never met him, and made sure there were presents waiting for him to open. The same year we took presents to Craig’s parents. They gave Scott a check for $200. Craig a check for $200. Justin a check for $20; And me a box of candy with a tag inside wishing the Franklins a lovely Christmas. The candy was moldy, and obviously left mostly untouched since at least the year before. It was  too old to eat. They gave my kids nothing, not even civil behavior. I gritted my teeth and was polite.

They came to the wedding but refused to come to the rehearsal dinner. Larry was there and insisted on pouring wine for our Muslim friend who was to perform the ceremony.

Our relations were always strained.

I saw them very seldom and preferred it that way. Craig would walk out when they visited and go lay down on our bed. The awkwardness of being left to entertain them alone was only one of the downsides. He generally read while we visited at their house.

Now, something else that reveals their family values.  

About three years ago Priscilla finally told her father that Larry, the closest to her in age, had molested her when they were kids. She would have been around twelve when this happened. Her father refused to believe her. Larry confessed some part of the truth to Craig, who had decided to believe Priscilla because I heard her story and recognized that it fit the pattern of abuse followed by attempts to dissuade the victim from complaining, calling her veracity into question on all possible occasions. I can’t stand Priscilla, but I told Craig I believed her and why.

Dr. Franklin did not want any unpleasantness to mar his golden years so Priscilla was to shut up. They may have made up now. But the truth did not interest Dr. Franklin. It also demonstrates their attitudes about sex and secretiveness.

Priscilla married when she was in her thirties. She has no children of her own.

He knew that O.J. Simpson was not receiving an education, knew that O.J.’s then wife was holding a job she was incapable of doing, and participated with his

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