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Exhibit 29b - Anne Fisher Time Line No. 2

29b - Anne Fisher Time Line No. 2

Received from Anne Fisher in 2008  


1999: Met craig almost 10 years ago online, personal ad… We went on a date and he chased me with love letters and started the cash flow… 10,000 the first time at his company Christmas deal. Gave it to me with a letter exhibiting his love and admiration for me and admiring me as a single mother.

The money was very regular monthly after that of 5,000 in cash and sometimes checks. He told me he was going to buy me a house if I slept with him and was his girlfriend and would take care of e and my family for the rest of our lives. He presented that I was in his will and that he was going to marry me and that he was going to purchase a home for us in La Canada. I had been viewing homes for several months, telling everyone that I was going to have a house a he did make an offer on a house but was rejected and then he told me that he couldn’t get the money (later he recanted this and told me that I should not have believed him and that I should not have told anyone, due to such a small town I live in)… He, at that time, also was viewing homes I had picked out and encouraging me to thing this way with his intentions. We had a very close relationship.

2001: He defaulted after I returned from my father’s funeral, in debt, counting on my next check from him. He had told me he was out of money, but the truth later found out was that he had met Ivory Kalber (a prostitute from Hollywood/model) and I have a letter stating that he had given her 250k over this time (so that explains it).

The landlord began to evict me and I took another place and was forced out and had no place to live. All my friends had shyed away from me because of Craig already, giving me money and it set me into a “no friend” zone because I was taking the money and they didn’t understand how a girl like me with all this responsibility could not say no. They also saw his lies where I saw it as “hope” they saw me as a cheap woman… I was training to be a docent and trying to gain the self respect it took to live and raise children in an unfamiliar place. Craig and I would vacation together, see one another several times a week and he gave me his car to sell for money and told me he was committed to having me in his life through the end… How smart I was, blab la bla… Over this time he was very perverted and I went along with it because I needed the support and I needed the money and I did not feel, by his words and actions, that I was acting as a full fledging prostitute towards him. I was raised on a farm from Michigan. I’ve never stripped, danced, sold myself or done anything immoral or illegal in all my life! I was very na├»ve and still am, to a large part.

I had also had cut part of my finger off in an accident and could not return to my prior job as a massage therapist, so without money, without any friends I found me and my children homeless and without anything… I did manage to get a guy to let me stay with him and it was a disaster… I got a job as a hostess fall of 2002… making 11/hour and had sprained my ankle and been physically and sexually harassed by their manager, whom I took to court over this with the other girls, but they all bailed out of the case in the 4 years it took to go to the arbitrator and I was not awarded anything, however, I kept the files and the guy had like 8 priors and continued to be a problem, so they fired him. I took a job selling phones with t-mobile 2003 only to have the same bullshit starting, so I quit and

I then took a teaching job, 2003, 2004, 2005 massage therapy, and this is when craig came back to me and had dinner with me telling me to come back into his life and he would respect me and he was sorry and he needed me and that I was something spiritual to him and he couldn’t live without me. He couldn’t reach the levels he was reaching ion business without me.

So I returned to him 2005 at 5500/month (this continued 2006, 2007 and up to 8/2007) and we talked about what my role would be? He said I was special and he would take care of me if I took care of him. (he never once filed a gift tax on me and he never once filed a w9 or 1099…)

He then asked me if I wanted my own company, this is what he lured me with to get me to leave the teaching position… He said I could have my own company and that he would help me with it… (all lies…) I said I was scared because of the last time he “cut me off” without notice, even a day… and that I had been in horrible danger and lost everything and suffered extreme emotional distress and my family broke up, my son moved out at 17 and had not done well… My daughter and I had to live with a guy and his brother (2 men) and this was not healthy for her at the age of 14/15. HE ASSURED ME THAT HE WOULD NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN… and that we would work together at this business, he with his business experience and my technical trade knowledge. I began to build the business.

At first it was great, until I was at the point of contracts and office space and equipment purchases. He became evil… during this time… That is the best way to describe it. He had me in his control again and he used me as anything but a business partner.

He held over my head that he would take the business, destroy the business… He used me as his own private escort service, making me meet with prostitutes, writing letters to his prostitutes and promoting him as a decent man so that possibly? He could get whatever he wanted. I found notes from other girls that he was investing in their company at the same time and sleeping with them and lies… to me… He gave one girl 30k, and he told me he could only give me 5500/month and had no money for the operating start up cash he had promised…. So, I had to pay my bills, around 3k and then take about 2k a month to push the company forward each and every month and in this time I was used like a butt wipe and was privy to the other arrangements that made me realize that I was being taken advantage of, however, I couldn’t step back or lose it all and I couldn’t really step up because? I felt I owed craig his share and would lose it all. In 2007 he paid my daughter 3k/month to help out and the halfway through the year, cut me off, and kept her on (to punish me or cause grief)… and my entire family saw me, my children, saw me homeless… after craig had promised me all this. I tried to commit suicide twice or more. Entered therapy I cannot afford and have terrible shame, guilt and embarrassment due to this being a small town and having craig not “not” have the money, but choosing not to continue me or help me until I can get a job. It’s like he enjoys seeing me lose it all and then he’ll be back… to offer me money since I am completely at a loss to keep things and not lose anymore, my self esteem is in the bucket and I have no friends because how can you tell anyone what you are going through like this?

Craig has basically destroyed my reputation and my ability to be seen my those in my town as anyone other than a “hustler or a gold digger or a stupid ho”. This is far from who I am and from who I came here to be…

I kept asking when he was going to buy m y house since the market was turning down and he said, next year, next year… next month… after the summer… finally he said he was/had lied to me to control me and I was an idiot for believing him…

Over this last 3 years he abused me verbally, sexually and emotionally… He never once committed to the company, never once even helping me proofread my work. He didn’t attend one meeting and when I said that I was going to kill myself and I was so abusing alcohol and I didn’t have any friends and my friends told me I was stupid he just laughed.

Ivory came back into his life last fall and he once again, cut out… Leaving me to lose everything once again… He didn’t plan on it, but he needed money for his presidential campaign and his pop star that these guys were going to turn him into, so he could get quality women.

I have the contract for our business agreement which is not really a contract and his acceptance of it and his letter back to me about screening all his girls… I even had to go on his personal dating site and he asked me to write letters for him and screen the girls.

Nothing was business related… I had to sit in a hot tub each and every week, almomt to get my check and at the end he insisted on getting sex.

I always thought I would write a book of what it is like to come to la from the farm and the attitudes of disrespect that is out there… and he said I could not even do that because he has written me on all of his company emails so he didn’t want his boss involved.

This last year I researched the tax laws, because each year he told me since we were cohabitating back and forth, his money had already been taxed.. However, my accountant questioned this and since he has tried to get away with tax evasion in the past I belive he has set me up for a large tax bill as this is not true. I owed, or he owed my taxes.

I have most all the inappropriate emails from him
My bank account shows the continued support from him, saying “investment” on my checks and the cash deposits…
He even transferred monies to my account himself and has my information.
I have the contract email
I have the contract acceptance email
I have the email he stated all he wanted was a few phone calls a week and a couple massages a month (I took 10 calls a day from this man and listened to he said she said stories relentlessly, I put him over my business and my life because I had been promised a solid future and for a girl of my history, lack of education and position in life… I feel that he used GreenHills software as his foundation, he used a phoney house purchase and cash/checks and support each month to lure me with and then drop me so he can/could have total control of me. (His company has ordered him not to have a secretary from the company over his many many pay-off’s of his secretarial staff, he told me). (his own 2nd son won’t talk to him over a horrible divorce whereas his exwife claims him to be a tax fraud and a manipulator (you can google her blogs at Melinda Pillsbury foster franklin online)… She has said Craig was inappropriate with her daughters, sexually.) (He raped his prostitute girlfriend and I have this email, forcing himself on her (like he did me) and said just recently that “franklin men” deserve to get what they want because they are superior and of genius level and their women should submit to ANY demands… (his son was just accused by his wife of raping her and they are in the process of divorce).

I asked him why he would invest so much in a person, time, money… personal appearances and he said getting a girl in LA hooked on money is like getting someone hooked on heroin and watching them come off it was so satisfying. He felt power and superior intelligence over something he knew he could never get without the money. It was his way of attacking back when he felt most down.

I have scandalous emails from him, I have had a full life of taking care of “him” and being there for “him” and this is the 3rd time he has cut me off without any consideration on waiting for me to turn around so I don’t lose everything. I have 2 dogs and a cat. You just cant think you are going to get something for ever and then… have someone take it away without notice and concern… Especially since you have set the emotional relationships up with their work, my friends and my family… his family… his group of “girls”, etc.

This man does this all the time to women. I have emails and emails. I have the girls names, pictures and letters from him detailing how much he gives each of them.

I would like to at least get a temporary order of support until I can find a job to help me with, however, I really believe I am due all the promises he made to me:

1) million dollar house
2) support for life at rate I was getting
3) portion of his will should remain
5) business security monies I didn’t get but had to make the last 3 years of my life into what I call “slave” labor. Because if you add up all the things I have had to do for him, including sex… while he is dating all these women… just to get my check and my daughter’s check… and run the company and be a pr person, a trainer, a hiring and firing manager… his personal confidant, assistant., masseuse… get him the girls respect and on and on…… get this one to talk to him and so forth… I lost. While he walks away knowing that I am going to lose things and knowing he’ll resurface after the storm and I’ll be vulnerable to more of his abuse. He had promised me to take care of the legal portions of the company and consult with me on the business side of things (never once did this man honor this promise).
6) apology and some awareness from him.

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