Sunday, December 23, 2012

Exhibit 29c - Anne Fisher - Warning Letter regarding Craig


Molasses Crinkles

(Note - Molasses Crinkle is Anne Fisher)
to me
you should tell melinda that craig told me getting women addicted to money was worse than heroin and he got morgan hooked and played mother and daughter against each other.  he did more than ever admitted to that poor girl, maybe not sexually, but luring and mental manipulation.. then he got her in deep and tried to take it away for control and power and punishment to melinda.  he continues to tell the girls that justin may not be his and he challenges this and that he intends to break melinda and enjoy watching her push a shopping cart as well as melinda raped him to get justin and that he doesn't even remember "doing it" with her.  like anyone believes it.  he had to pay off a secretary named christina for sexual harassment and was charged by another girl i think named diane there recently.  he has a secretary drive from la to take care of his office needs, red hair, blue eyes and in her 20's... he isn't allowed to use greenhills staff.  he is the company laughing stock.  he paid for his own roast and they really roasted him, one of the girls is keeping a copy for herself, i guess it was really bad because the men at work think craig is a loser.  in his white car.  eeek...  he wears his tux around beverly hills and forces people to listen to his singing at his paid for parties and his paid for dinners.  a bunch of 20  year olds are like.... alcohol... please....  the girls are all like is this guy for real?  tell melinda she's lucky to have gotten rid of the pig.  everyone knows about craig from as far away as thousand oaks.  he is knows pervert in the industry.  people know what he is about.  they just don't know why dan has such an affection for him and craig's dad donation of a million dollars towards shares helps to keep craig at an ownership level where he has job security, at the cost of embarassing the entire company over craig's sexual addiction and mental malfunction.

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