Monday, December 24, 2012

Exhibit 29d - Letter from Anne Fisher, warning Craig may kill Melinda

Anne Last Name with held, xxxxxxxxxxxxx <>


to me

although i don't agree with all the things you are doing, i do want to let you know that craig is having another outburst and breakdown about being held accountable for his actions with his crimes, illegalities and his tax evasion and fraud as nellie and he are being audited and he is being forced to change nellie to employee status and myself and others... nellie is now conspiring with him to defraud the irs and they are meeting with tax accountant today.  craig is blaming me and you for this and due to his anger and rage from the past in the form of rape and he and his family believing that they can get away with even murder, i want you to know that you and i are not safe from his wrath and abuse.

i am filing for a restraining order against  him and have continued to report him to the authorities.  he did send me  note saying he would take care of the tax problems he has caused, however, because he believes (due to his anger and denial and extreme narcissism), that you and i are the ones who caused his suffering right now.  ivory has left and the rest have left too and his new "the one" sara abbott had food poisoning one too many times and he feels we are out to get him.  now nellie is threatening to leave, because she has been caught with her pants down and is conspiring with him to cover up her abuse of doing what he said to do, even if it hurt others in the process.

by my not having proper tax and income records, i could not report income, i could not justify a loan or unemployment when craig fired me, dumped me or got rid of me...  this caused much harm, and nellie wrote me stating that craig told her not to give me the papers and this is accessory to a crime, since she knew.  she is only going to the accountant with craig today because she lied to the IRS last week telling them that she was independent contractor, however, since she has set hours and duties nd responsibilities and craig directs her, she is indeed an employee.

hopefully, i will be able to now prove that i indeed did work for craig as well and have been denied this, denied the truth, and denied benefits of employment.

i feel with craig's anger and knowing now what i know about his family and the rage that exists within him, that since all his girls are leaving and will be audited and he cannot control them any longer due to the IRS, that you and i may be in danger from the same thing that happened to his son scott and i believe nellie to possibly be helping and aiding him in this.

please take safe precautions.
Anne Fisher,
Identification and email withheld as Anne was a victim

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