Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Exhibit 29 - Anne Fisher Draft Declaration-Letter

29. Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 29, a true and exact copy of the original in my possession of “Anne Fisher Draft Declaration-Letter,"  a true and exact copy of the original in my possession, these facts are referenced herein as though set forth in full. 

Received via email from Anne Fisher.

 Written by Anne Fisher 

I have a situation that has been going on for 9 years. I have an attorney who wants to sue for palimony and states I can receive about 900,000 however netting 375,000 at a 40% lawyer letter writing claim which would only be committed to letters and not litigation...

This case is against a long time ex-boyfriend, on and off boyfriend, on again off again friend, on and off again business partner…, however, don't feel this attorney best represents the case at hand or my needs. I don’t feel my case fits into a palimony situation.

Per your site description I feel I have been the victim of "commercial tort", "fraud and deceit", "breach of contract", "labor and employment" "employment breach of contract", "sexual harassment", documented and admitted "rape", "unfair labor practices", "personal injury", "psychological injury", "professional sexual misconduct".

The offender, I believe is a sexual predator… that is what drives him and he manipulates women into employment and business deals to have and gain control and then force himself on them sexually…

Mr. Craig Franklin is a senior vp at greenhills software company in santa barbara. I have been his on again off again girlfriend/friend/business partner for 9 years and after much review of things and the termination of our relationship feel I have been the victim of fraud on me and I can prove it with 9 years of emails.

The rape occurred 4x on me and i have records that he also raped his next girlfriend who is a profressional prositute/model and I doubt wants to come forward because he is also manipulating her through large dollar amounts.

The reason I don’t want to just threaten and settle without hi being reported is because I believe him to be a sexual predator… and his views and thoughts are dangerous.. he just told me that his son is also a rapist who believes he is entitled to what he wants as a man.

I definitely want damages, however, i am also interested in preventing this man and his company from continuing this type of "scam" on women. He is a senior vp, not the owner of his company and everything is on his company email and i believe his company is party to his bad behavior and protects him because he is important to their companies future.

I also have admission of tax evasion and rampant prostitution/sex addiction that I have had to live through.

If I am his employee, I have received no w2 or 1099. If it was a gift 72k/year for about 5 years… I have no gift tax report. “he claimed I was special and that he was paying the taxes”.

If I am his business partner, we have no contract and I have his demands for time not profits and his forbidding to abandon the business…

If I am his girlfriend or friend, he completely abused me not only sexually, physically but verbally and emotionally, financially and manipulated and deceived me, which after doing some research I realize this is his pattern with many.

9 years ago this man promised his love, his commitment and put me in his will, had me looking for expensive homes and started supporting me, even forbidding me to get a job and every time I got a job, came at me with more money and a better offer. He had me jumping

I was na├»ve and I was stupid……… but… it is best to admit this, stand up to my wrongs and help prevent future incidents like this.

i can't stand the lawyer i have consulted with, have no signed contracts with and would prefer a second opinion.

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