Saturday, January 19, 2013

JOHN FUND Exhibit 7 - IM dialog between Matt Drudge and "John Fund," actually Morgan

The IM below was begun on the computer belonging to Morgan Barteaux (AKA Pillsbury) between John Fund and his close associate and friend, Matt Drudge.  A lapse in communications occurred. John then went to bed, leaving the computer open and on.  Drudge continued the earlier communication, not knowing he was not IMing with Morgan, who was living with Fund.  

jbigpest was Morgan's handle.  

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 11/22/01 1:53:21 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Jbigpest
To: Jbigpest
CC: MPF1free

Mdrudge:  so -- who is oreilly's ghost writer on column!? 

Jbigpest:  Excuse me?  

Jbigpest:  What? 

Mdrudge:  lol  

Jbigpest:  What is so funny?  

Mdrudge:  i thought there was a ghost writer  

Jbigpest:  The same one JFK used  

Mdrudge:  i dont know who that is...   

Jbigpest:  They paid some guy to write that silly,fake book about JFK and his fictional life  

Jbigpest:  THEN old daddy K sent servants to buy the books!  

Jbigpest:  sick,they are really sick  

Jbigpest:  Are you eating turkey?How is all?  

Mdrudge:  so perfect down here today  

Mdrudge:  almost like a dream  

Mdrudge:  i am catching up on everything  

Mdrudge:  oreilly coming on drudge radio sunday night  

Jbigpest:  REALLY!!Is he crazy?  

Mdrudge:  ego ego ego  

Mdrudge:  i think he may dummy up and pull out at last min  

Mdrudge:  but be sure to tune in around 10:30  

Jbigpest:  OH HOW TRUE,He will  

Jbigpest:  I give jim another six months  

Jbigpest:  I mean him Mdrudge:  that's all? 

 Jbigpest:  too many drugs....Sure!,flavor of the day  

Jbigpest:  In 5 years VHI will do a show on him!  

Jbigpest:  Right up there with Flock of Seagulls  

Mdrudge:  ok -- over and out from miami beach xxx  

Jbigpest:  Take care!!  

Jbigpest:  Good terduckin  

Jbigpest:  You know that one,right?  

Jbigpest:  Ta Ta   xoxo

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