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Exhibit 38 - Pillsbury-Foster Marital Declaration

38. Annexed hereto and marked as Exhibit 38, true and exact copies of the originals in my possession of “Pillsbury-Foster Marital Declaration,” true and exact copies of the originals in my possession, these facts are referenced herein as though set forth in full.
Note: Amendment to original inventory: June 5, 1999
Items Melinda wants are indicated by bold print. Total value on last page.

House Inventory
Spring 1998
Family Room &Family Room Closet

C=Community Property W=Wife’s H=Husband’s o=other resident N=Non-profit

Items that Craig took or may have caused to have taken from house before separation
C CD Collection of 500 cds. Craig took with him. I do not know where they are now. $20,000
C Guitar - Martin, good quality, $1,500
C 2 sony sound systems - $1,000
C Books - $800
C New top quality suit case - $450.00

These items were removed by either Craig or Morgan. I have filed a Police Report (Case No. 98-19046) Prudential claim filed: Claim No. 34S1571018035.
W Platinum and diamond wedding and engagement rings - MPF, belonged to
W Melinda’s mother- $12,000 (taken by Craig or Morgan, access probably provided by Craig)
W Baby clothes - $500
W Baby Book - $300
W Correspondence - $600

Closet in Dawn’s Bedroom
C Small refrigerator - bought used. $10.00
C Fan - used $10.00 (broken)
W Sewing supplies - MPF Purchased prior to 1984
C 1 box assorted ribbon - $10.00 (used up)
W 49 used patterns - MPF Purchased prior to 1984
C 23 used patterns - $10.00 (disposed of)
C 10 spools of thread, used - $4.00 (used up)
W Yarn - MPF ‘69 - ‘85
W Small table, MPF Melinda used as a child
O Clothing - Dawn
O Coat hangers - Ayn
O Clothing in drawers, Dawn and Ayn
W five heaters, acquired since separation
W Cardboard storage unit - MPF Purchased prior to 1984
C Plastic Laundry baskets 2 @ $.59 each Pic & Save (given away)
C 3 flowered cardboard storage chests @ $15.99 now worth $5.00 for all

Dawn’s Bedroom
O Dawn’s sewing machine - Dawn
O Cabinet - Dawn, moved down from SLO
O bedside table and lamp - Ayn, from Bombay Company
N Two book cases - donated to Foundations
W 2 sets of drawers and bookcase tops - MPF acquired from father, 1989
W Day bed- MPF acquired from father, 1989
W Small gateleg table - MPF acquired by purchase 1971
C Credenza - acquired 1995 - $400.00
C Melinda’s Sewing Machine acquired in 1987 - $100.00
C Love seat acquired in 1987 - $30.00
C Set of 3 tables from IKEA - $60.00
C Sewing Machine Chair, recovered by Melinda from garage sale - $10.00
C 3 pictures - $4.50 each from Pic & Save worth $2.00 for all
C Ironing Board with cover - $9.00 used
O Clothing in Drawers - Dawn
W 5 photos - Melinda’s from father
W Framed print - free, leftover from garage sale for BPW
C Small green rug - Pic & Save $5.00
O Videos - Dawn’s
O Tapes - Dawn’s
O Television - Dawn’s
O Stereo - Dawn’s
O Chair - from garage sale, Dawn’s

W Poetry books - MPF. purchased prior to 1985
O Dawn’s Books
O Ayn’s books
C Community Books - $100.00

Central Closet
14 boxes of fabric
O 7 Dawn’s
W 4 MPF Purchased prior to 1984
C 3 boxes of fabric - $75.00 (used up 1998 - 1999)
C 1 box glue and paints - $5.00
C 1 box greeting cards - $5.00
C 1 box balloons - $5.00
C 1 box feathers, badges & craft ribbon - $3.00
C 1 box children’s stickers - $2.00
C/W 1 box ribbons, fans, flowers, and special event supplies - $10.00 (oops, at least half was acquired before marriage.) $2.50
C 1 box plasticware - $5.00 (used up)
W 1 box wrapping paper - pretty old, not worth anything
C 14 stuffed animals to give as gifts - $14.00 Purchased from Oriental Trading Co. & Pic & Save (given away 1998)
C 2 angel-shaped candles - $.99 each, Pic & Save (burned)
W 1 red holly-scented candle - Acquired since Separation
W 4 ornate “joy” candles - Acquired since Separation
W 5 sets of pine cone candles, purchased since separation
C 2 angel-covered photo albums - $1.00 each (given away)
W 1 box napkins - $5.00 Acquired since Separation (used up)
C 1 box boxes - nothing (Craig can have half of them)
W 1 box hot drink cups (used) Acquired since Separation
W 1 box cold drink cups - (used) Acquired since Separation
W 1 package white doilies -Acquired since Separation
C/W 3 clear plastic ladles $.67 each (Craig can have one) $.40
C pile of used plastic picnic plates - nothing (Craig can have them)
C 1 life-size plastic skeleton - cost $7.50 at Pic’n’Save, used worth $3.00
C 5 rolls partially used plastic table covering in various colors - $6.00(used up)
O Children’s toys - Belong to kids
C 3 boxes of small toys for grandchildren - $25.00
C Boxes and bags of fake flowers, used - $10.00
C/W Boxes of family photos - no value, Craig can have copies of all from marriage on June 21, 87 to January 23, 1998, at his cost. No earlier pictures available to him.
W Box of mementos from Melinda’s Father - MPF
W Orotones Gift to Melinda from Father and Anne Gripp (see inventory)

Linen Closet

C Sheets, pillow cases blankets - $60.00 (now worth $30.00)
W Sheets, pillow cases, blankets, quilt, acquired before 1985
O Kid’s linens, mostly acquired before marriage
C 2 pillows, Pic & Save - $2.50 each new, used $1.00

W Vases - Mostly acquired before marriage
C five acquired since, plastic, $5.00


C/W Dishes, correlle, 1/2 acquired before marriage, worth $35.00
C Glasses, $9.00
W Tupperware, acquired before marriage
W KitchenAide Mixer, gift
W Toaster, acquired since separation
W Coffee maker
W Knife set, to balance traffic tickets. $1,000
C/W Cooking ware, $50.00
W Kitchen implements, before marriage & gifts
C Washer & Dryer $400 set (now worth $250.00)
C Refrigerator, has needed repairs recently. $200
W Set bowls, first marriage
W Fondue pot, first marriage
W Blender
W Chopper
W Antique dishes, gifts & acquisitions before marriage
W Hot pad, gift from Arthur, made in scouts
C Bread Box, $5.00
W Electric kettle, gift
W Rice maker, after separation
W Hot water pot, after separation
W serving pieces, gifts and before marriage
W Tea pots, gifts & before marrige
W Food, spices, cleaning supplies
O Wine, Dawn is making the stuff.


C 2 tables, one chair, $50
C 1 unbrella, $30
W 1 unbrella, acquired after separation
W 1 marble topped table, had since 1971
W 2 chairs, since 1971, matching
C Planters, Pic & Save, $4.00

Breakfast nook

W Table & chairs - MPF acquired 1983
W Buffet - MPF acquired 1985
W 2 matching buffets with bookcase tops - MPF acquired from father, 1989
W White painted buffet, bookcase - MPF acquired 1959
W Linen chest - acquired from parents, 1989
W Linens - from mother, three nice lace table cloths
W Three table cloths bought since separtion
W Three table cloths, bought at used store - $20.00
W 2 Table cloths, gifts from Craig on Honeymoon with napkins
C set of 6 lace table clothes from Domestications. Purchased for $9.99 each. Very worn. Estimate worth at $3.00 each - $30.00
C Set of 6 pink table clothes from Domestications, newer, Craig can have these.
C cloth napkins 60% acquired before marriage, 40% afterwards, worth $20.00
W Tea cloths

C 30 twisted stem wine glasses - Domestications purchased for $1.00 each new, worth $10.00 for all
W 9 4-faceted stem wine glasses
W 8 plain champagne flutes
C 2 African violets - $.99 each at Vons (died)
C 3 wooden trivets - $5.00 each (One scorched $7.50)
W 1 stuffed frog - was a gift for Craig, didn’t have a chance to give it to him.
C 1 stack brown lunch bags - Vons- $.50 (Used up)
C 1 can Sterno fondue fuel - $.30 (used up)
W 2 broken tea cups - need fixing, cost nothing
C 1 box table decorations
C 1 white mini broom and dustpan set - Vons spring round up $.99
W 1 drawer dish towels - some acquired from 1976 on.
C 3 small cobalt blue bowls with gold rims - Ross for Less, $3.00 (broke)
C 1 large cobalt blue plate with gold rim - Ross for Less, $4.00 (given away)
C 1 large cobalt blue bowl with gold rim - Ross for Less, $6.00
C 2 copper candle holders - garage sale, $3.00 for pair
W 38 white candles - $.25 ea. Pic & Save, acquired after separation
W 11 red candles - $.39 ea. Pic & Save, acquired after separation
O 2 partially burned black candles Pic & Save
C 2 white ghost Halloween novelty candles Pic & Save $.39
W 2 golden candles - gift to Melinda from Christmas last year
C 2 orange Halloween novelty candles - $.88
C 4 green candles $.25 ea. (used up)
C 1 partially full box Hannukah candles - Vons $1.00 (gone)
W 1 silver wine bucket - wedding gift - sent to Craig, he left in garage
C 2 aluminum platters - $2.00 each from Pic & Save - $4.00
C 1 aluminum wire fruit bowl - Pic & Save, $2.00
C 1 aluminum bowl - garage sale, $6.00
C 2 pair silver tongs - garage sale, $5.00
C 3 large silver ladles - purchased from William-Sonoma, $7.00 each
W 2 silver and gold serving spoons - Garage sale, $2.00
C 1 blue crennelated glass dish - IKEA, $4.00
C 2 large Revereware Jefferson cups, gift from Craig
2 engraved “INTEL” and “USC University Hospital Richard K. Eamer Medical Plaza May 16, 1991” - gift from Craig’s father, obviously very valuable. Collector’s Items $20.00
C 6 chicken shaped glass egg cups - Domestications, $5.00
W 6 small Revereware cups - gift from Craig
W 1 vanilla orchid - Purchased from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate for $35.00 Craig can have this, too for only $35.00 (died)

W Various glassware, MPF Melinda’s, from Mother
W Two punch bowls, with matching cups, one from Melinda’s mother, the second from Melinda’s second wedding.
W China tea set, Melinda’s birthday present, 1991

Living Room

W Buffet - birthday gift from parents, 1974
O Piano - gift to children from Craig Franklin, 1985
W Framed pictures of family - acquired at various times, Melinda’s (Wedding pictures have been properly disposed of)
W Framed sampler - MPF heirloom gift to Melinda, acquired from father in 1989
C Flowered Pink couch IKEA, as is, ($100.00 damaged)
C Flowered Pink loveseat - IKEA, as is, ($70.00 (damaged)
C 1 dining room table - purchased from previous owner of house $400
C 6 chairs (yellow velveteen seats) - with table
C 1 upholstered white leather chair - $50.00
W Pillows, acquired before marrige and recovered
C 1 small round table, simulated cherry finish - Bombay Company with daughter discount $25.00
C 1 painting, orange cat and books with frame - Bombay Co. Ayn discount, $20.00
C 1 folding leaf table - Purchased used for $75.00
C 1 oval coffee table - Bombay Co., Ayn discount, $80.00
C 1 fireplace screen - $50.00
C 3 wicker chairs - IKEA as-is room, $19.00 each in 1994, used $30.00 all
C 1 green ceramic urn with lid - Pic & Save, $15.00
C 1 white ceramic wall plant stand - Ross for Less, $5.00
C 1 large Golden Porthos - gift from Dolores and Dee when we moved in.
C 1 small round rug - Pic & Save, $19.00, worth $5.00
C 9 small African violets - $.99 each at Vons (two died) $3.00
C 1 blue ship-shaped bottle with cork - Rummage give away at meeting
C 2 molded glass tall candle holders - Wedding gift from Bergland & Ayres $30.00
W Plant in white container, gift from Edi to Melinda in 1982
C 2 white candles - $.25 each, Pic & Save
O small wooden table - Bombay Co., Ayn Discount and damaged
C 1 set fireplace utensils - $40 from closing store
C 16 settings flatware (hammered finish handles) Bought at Robinsons in 1996 - $200
C 16 (minus) settings flatware bought at Oneida store in Solvang in 1996 Missing spoons & forks, replaced after separation $60.00
C 1 aluminum toast rack - garage sale, $1.00
C Electric Wok - gift from the Clarks $10.00
C Fake Ficus - came with house. Maybe Craig want’s it?

C Sterling Silver - gifts to the two of us with exception of one spoon, gift by me to Craig in 1984. Value $2,000
O Cat scratching post - Dawn’s
W Silver Tea Set, Melinda bought for $125.00 at garage sale. Craig’s birthday gift to her for several years.

Master Bedroom

Bedroom furniture:
W Cherrywood bed - acquired in 1972
W Cherrywood dresser - acquired in 1972
C Bedclothes - well worn, $25.00
C Melinda’s nightgowns bought for Craig (Does he want them)
W Underwear, bras
W Jeans, pants
W Easy-care formals - MPF, Personal clothing
W Walnut side table - acquired in 1959, Melinda refinished several times
W Maple dresser with mirror - Melinda, acquired in 1962
W Clothing in drawers, Melinda’s (Won’t fit you, Craig)
W Secretary desk, heirloom, gift from father - 1989
W Stationary and heirloom items, gifts from mother
W Chair - 1985 MPF
W Book case - MPF gift from father, made by Uncle Ernie, 1989
W Items on book case - MPF gifts from mother
W Rocking chair - MPF gift from father, 1989
W Bow front dresser, MPF birthday gift, 1994
W In Dresser, vitamins, cosmetics, spare hairdryer, travel supplies MPF Personal, much of it acquired this year.

C large television set - $150
C Stereo - $75
C Bose tape player - $500
C 2 lamps on tables - $10.00 for pair (Domestications)
C 2 lamps on walls - in place with house
C Cherry filing cabinet - $70.00
C small rug - Oriental Trading Co. - $15.00
C 2 line phone - $30.00
C clock - $10.00 maybe. It’s pretty old and ugly. I actually hate the thing
O small lightwood drawers, Ayn, on loan to me, contains soap and other disposible items
C TV cabinet - I assembled, $10.00
W Marble heart on Melinda’s dresser, gift from Mother in 1967
W Carved wood box, gift from Craig I really liked, almost as much as the slippers.
W Tape of Craig performing at ‘91 convention in Chicago
W Jewelry box, gift from Ayn
W Jewelry - all Melinda’s separate property, all gifts
W 2 Engagement rings
W wedding rings (3)
W 15 pairs of earrings
W three gold necklesses
W One garnet (not ruby) bracelet - took it to jeweller. Not worth much.
W Swan brooch - was a gift from my adored husband.
W 2 fake gold rings

Closet, Master Bedroom
W Melinda’s clothing and shoes, Craig removed his long ago.
C Box of H. Ross CannonBall tapes, rare collector’s items - $5,000 (cost of production) I want 5 tapes)
W Melinda’s old jewelry box, gift from parents in 1958
Contents: Mementos MPF
W Jewelry box, gift from kids, 1980, I think.
C 2 Plastic clothes hamper, tops missing - $1.00

C 2 stackable white shelving units, Melinda assembled - $10.00 each new, used, $10.00 both
W Bath soaps - MPF
W Bubble bath - MPF
W 2 vases - MPF, Purchased prior to 1984
W 2 African violets in containers, acquired after separation
W Rabbit dish - MPF, gift
W Towels, pink and green, Purchased prior to 1984
W Basket with bath salts - MPF gave to Mother in 1974, got it back when she died.
C Rack under sink - $1.00
C Trash can under sink - $1.00
W Toilet paper, purchased since separation
W Sanitary supplies - MPF
W Plastic Travel bag - MPF
W Toiletries - MPF Purchases since separation

Luggage Closet
C Case Melinda uses, used $150.00
W Old suit case
W Old suit case
W old suitcase
W old suitcase
W Oldlamp
W Bags

Upstairs Library

C Blue oriental rug - present from Larry and Mei worth $1,500?)
O 3 viewing tubes - belong to kids I guess. Not mine or Craig’s

W/C Fiction Library, including science fiction - mostly paperbacks (I had a large library before marriage. I estimate this collection to be 65% mine, 35% Craig’s Worth maybe $200
N Furniture - Donated to non-profits
N Non-fiction library donated to Non-profits
C Books, fiction (I had a large librry before marriage. I estimate this collection to be 65% mine, 35% Craig’s Worth maybe $500

Library room off Justin’s room

W Children’s books acquired before marriage (none purchased since)
W book case - MPF acquired from Father, 1972
O Desk - on loan from Morgan, I am going to sell it to paymyself back for her thefts, in part.
O Justin’s stuff, his property, trifle with it at your own risk

Justin’s room
O I am not brave enough to venture within.
It isn’t worth much, and it is his, just ask him.

Ed’s Room
O Table and chairs, inherited from Jeff by Ed
O Bed, dresser, side table and stereo cabinet, gifts to Ed
O Filing cabinet, gift to Ed
O Clothing in closet - Ed’s , dresses stored there for Dawn
O Television - Ed’s, gift on birthday
O Stereo, he bought it several years ago.
O Computer, gift to Ed.

N Desks, computers, fax machine, filing cabinets, donated to non-profits
W Personal files
N Stationary supplies, paper, paper cutter, postal scale


C Plastic chairs - 10 worth $3.00 each, used
W Folding chairs, 10
W Small round table, Melinda’s in 1978
W The Thing - Melinda’s, from her father, 1972
C Two storage shelves in pine $10.00each
C one storage shelf, old bookcase - $5.00
W Ukranian Easter egg dyes and jars - should be replaced Does Craig want them?
W 13 bottles Noni juice
C Old filing cabinet - (has my cake pans in it and the kids diving gear)
Diving gear belongs to kids, cake pans I have had since the ‘70’s
O Three bikes, one for Justin Ed and Dawn, their property
O Ed’s motorcycles (1)
O Ed’s tools
O Justin’s tools
O Athletic equipment
Cat travelling boxes
C 2 community property - $10.00
O 2 belong to kids
O Cat feeder - belongs to cats
O Cat box - belongs to cats
O Purple boxes containing Ayn’s storage
O Boxes and bags with Dawn’s stuff
O Box with Kids costumes - Melinda made before marriage, belong to kids, anyway.

Hallway:, top of stairs
W Pictures, Melinda’s, from family (Craig’s went with him)
W Small table with drawer - MPF acquired in 1985
C Vase - from Pic & Save - $3.00
C Mirrored tray - $8.00

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