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FUND JOBS PROGRAM Exhibit 4 - Email exchange Alterman and Morgan, Mother's Day 2003

This is the email Alterman sent Morgan on Mother's Day morning, Sunday, May 11,  2003  The response was on its way within three hours.  
Why would he send it at a time when most people were likely to be off doing something family oriented?   Why had he not been in touch earlier? 
 Why did he ignore the content?  
Why did he not contact Melinda, Morgan's mother, who was a witness to the abuse?  
Why did he fail to request copies of the legal papers?  
Why did he fail to ask an attorney about the contract law issues raised? 
This is Eric Alterman.
Sorry to bother. I wonder if you could verify a few things for me.
First of all, are all the charges against John Fund dropped? 
Second, do you now deny that you and Fund were ever intended to be married? 
Do you deny that he ever physically abused you?
Did you admit to having ""trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy."" 
Did you admit to bilking your stepfather out of $10,000 by inventing a false 
medical condition. 
Did you admit to having a ""borderline personality disorder. One of the 
symptoms of this condition is an inability to discriminate truth from 
Right now, I am trying to write a column that does not include your name in 
it. I can't promise that it will end up that way but that is my intention. I 
would appreciate a response, however, and am sorry to bother you with 
unpleasant business.
Eric Alterman
Response - 
"Re: FW: journalistic inquiry","Mr. Alterman:
> Regarding question 1.
       I have been unable to get a straight answer from the DA's office.   
Journalists inquiring have also been refused a statement.  Check this with:  
Gene Gaudette, Cynthia Cotts, and Mark Crispin Miller all called to ask and 
told me this.    Inquiries from the agencies set up to help victims of 
domestic violence indicate that the case has been grossly mishandled.   I 
have never been able to retrieve my possessions still in John's apartment.  
John stole thousands of dollars from me.  The coming court case is also about 
> Second, do you now deny that you and Fund were ever intended to be married? 
Of course we intended to marry.  I never denied that we are making plans.  I 
could have Mom send you the copies of the bills.  
> Do you deny that he ever physically abused you?
John battered me over and over, inflicting bruises and contusions.  He than 
forced me to write and sign a paper denying this while he stood over me, fist 
at the ready.  Was I both afraid of him and still in love?  Yes.  At that 
point I had fled our apartment in Jersey City and was staying at an apartment 
in Manhattan.  He found me and insisted on moving in with me. I was in fear 
of my life. 
> Did you admit to having ""trouble distinguishing between reality and 
> fantasy.""
Did you admit to bilking your stepfather out of $10,000 by inventing a false 
medical condition. 
 When John and I got together I told him I had had problems and was then 
coming out of a very traumatic period.  I had done something horribly ugly 
and was wracked with guilt.  I had no trouble knowing that what I had done 
was wrong.   I had accepted money from my stepfather to malign and slander my 
own mother.  Nothing I said was true.  I knew it and it nearly killed me - 
and her.  My step father, Craig Franklin, was attempting to defraud my mother 
of millions of dollars in stock options.  He, with the president of the 
corporation, falsified his stock option agreement in an attempt to 
characterize it as separate property.  This was admitted to in deposition by 
both of them.    I have tapes with Craig saying this to me, angry that it did 
not work.  
       The court papers relating to most of this are public documents, filed 
in Santa Barbara, CA.   The depositions are available if you want to see 
     How does this relate to my heart condition and the $10,000.00 Craig so 
willing gave me?  You need to know that he was paying me thousands of dollars 
a month to slander my mother.  Relatively small amounts of money (and this is 
small potatoes to Craig) do not matter when you intend to steal millions.  He 
did not give me the money out of the goodness of his heart.  After giving me 
the money he tried to force his  sexual attentions on me.  When I refused to 
have sex with him he forced me to sign loan papers.  You can look at the 
dates of the gifts and the date on the 'loan' papers.  Such papers are not 
signed after the money is long spent.  I wouldn't have signed in the first 
place if I had not been blind-sided and crassly manipulated.   
     I have a heart condition.  I had considerable bills when I went in for 
treatment.  Does the fact I am not yet dead make it a fraud?  
     My mother has had two heart attacks.  Both my aunts died of heart 
attacks.  My youngest uncle has had open heart surgery.  My cousin was born 
with a heart condition and had surgery immediately after birth.  
     Anne Gripp died at age 59.
     Carol Holbert died at age 36
     Mom had her first one in 1997, second in 1998.  
     Stephen M. Pillsbury had his surgery in 1994.  He is still living.  
     My little cousin, now 13, is still living.  
     It does not take a genius to see who is lying.  How much documentation 
did Fund offer you?  
     While I had emotional problems when I was younger those are past 
history.  Confronting what I did was sober medicine of the most effective 
kind.  I never lied to John.  

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