Sunday, January 20, 2013

FUND JOB PROGRAM Exhibit 2 - Lloyd Grove on misuse of photo

Morgan did not provide Lloyd Grove with a photo.  It was a blatant lie. 

Re: Correction
1/30/02 12:20:01 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Lloyd Grove)

actually morgan provided us with the same photo and we chose to credit her
since it was of her.

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1/30/02 12:08:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Lloyd,

      I understand that the picture I sent you of Morgan ran captioned as having been provided by her.  As you know, this is not correct.  I sent the photo at your request and while Morgan did give it to me it was actually in a large box of family photos along with her baby pictures.  She had no idea I had sent it and did not even remember which picture I was referring to when I told her about it.
      I know that you will be concerned since you, as a responsible journalist, could not want to give the public impressions that are inaccurate.
      I have not seen the article you wrote but was informed on the content by several friends in Wshington.


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

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