Monday, February 9, 2015

1997 - Tax Crisis Refund Checks

There were many more than these, but at first I was too desperate to get the money in the bank and pay the bills to stop and make copies. 

When I first told Craig what I was going to do, sue under the Americans with Disabilities Act, he smiled and told me any money I got back would be my separate property, to make up for the trauma he had caused.  

Then, the money started coming back and the smile faded.  The first check came and he happened to pick up the mail.  Pausing, he told me I should open it since it was mine.  It was for over $40,000.00.

He stopped talking about it.  

Then, when we were going through the divorce, just months later, he tried to force me to pay back half of the money he said I stole.  I had saved as a surprise that I had, instead, paid off all our debts, meaning mostly his.  

Craig is one nice guy.  Remember this if you run into him. 

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