Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Declaration - Melody Gillespie

Melody Gillespie, R. N.
xxxxxx Road xxx
Strathmore, California 93267

Declaration of Facts

I have been acquainted with Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and her son, Arthur E. Foster, since the spring of 2006. At the time we met Melinda had been living at the cabin full time for about a year, from her statements and by my observations. Except for visits to friends and relatives on occasion she lived at the cabin full time.
It was clear Melinda was very short of funds and she could not afford to travel to any extent. On occasion she asked me to bring her food, as her car was not working or she was without money. In addition, I know she did all of the work needed to maintain her cabin herself . This included clearing in the spring and stacking firewood for winter. On occasion my husband and I provided this for her and let her use our truck to transport it.

I learned over the years that she was very worried about what would happen to Arthur if she died or became completely incapacitated.

In October of 2011 she called me to say she was strongly considering going to Ohio for a while because she had been made an offer to partner in a corporation which could finally make it possible for her to put money away for Arthur.

I was disappointed to see her go but agreed to keep an eye on the cabin as much as possible.

On October 26, 2011 Melinda and Arthur met me at the Pierpoint Restaurant about five miles below her cabin and fifteen miles from my home in Porterville to have dinner. It was her birthday.

During the meal she told me more about the offer from a woman named Raye who owned a website called Rumor Mill News for whom Melinda had started working doing advertising. Raye, she said, had decided she wanted Melinda to redesign the website as well as doing the advertising work but needed her to come to Ohio for this. Melinda said Raye had promised to make sure she could come back for a while in the springtime to take care of the cabin.

As she had said previously the offer was for a partnership and she had checked with an associate named Jason Rines to see if the site could be made profitable enough to make it possible for her to put money away after paying her debts on what she could earn.

Melinda seemed excited but also nervous. I knew from our past conversations this was because of her vision, which was not good. But she seemed to feel she had no choice since was the only way offered which allowed her to provide for her son.

Although I did not say anything to her about this I was worried about her driving so far when I knew she never drove farther than Los Angeles and even that had seemed to make her nervous.

Signed, March 28, 2015

Melody Gillespie, R. N.

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