Saturday, March 28, 2015

Character Reference - Melody Gillespie

Melody Gillespie, R. N.
xxxxxx Road xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx, California 93267

I have known Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and her son, Arthur, since 2006. We have worked together on projects related to politics and also guested on each others radio shows. In addition, we have seen each other with our families socially and spent time together at the cabin and at my home in Porterville.

I know her to be honest, reliable, kind, and hardworking. She has been supportive of me when I needed it and through the years we have kept in touch and continued to work together on projects.

Melinda is an excellent cook and I have enjoyed sitting down at her dining room table at the cabin to various kinds of meals. She has also helped me prepare meals at the home I share with my husband in Porterville.

We share many friends in common and in each instance I know Melinda is respected for her work and for the care she gives to her son, Arthur.

Signed, March 28, 2015

Melody Gillespie, R. N.

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