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1999 March 15 - Case No. LC48070 Against Ron & Beverly Foster for neglect

Response to interrogatories
Case No. LC48070
Melinda Pillsbury-Fostter

Section 5. Interrogatories

1.0 identiy of Persons Answering These Interrogatories

1.1 Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
       2028 Anacapa Street
       Santa Barbara, CA 93105
       (805) 569-0421
            Myself alone.

    (a) Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
    (b & c) Mary Linda (Melinda) Pillsbury 
            October 26, 1949 - September 7, 1967
          Mary Linda (Melinda) Pillsbury Barteaux
            September 7, 1967 - May 1, 1972
          Melinda Pillsbury Kellett
            May 1, 1972 - Spring 1975
          Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
            Spring 1975 - Present

2.2 Santa Monica Hospital, October 26, 1948

2.3 Driver’s Lisence
            (a) California
            (b) R0678017 Auto
            (c) 1966
            (d) must wear corrective lenses

2.4 I have never had anyother lisence

2.5 Residence
            (a) 2028 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
            (b) same

            (a) 2028 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
            (b) writer, president of AC Pillsbury Foundation, president of Women’s Institute                           for Individual and Political Justice.  Writing, overseeing research,                                            organizing.

            (a) St. Stephens Preparatory School, Rome, Italy 1964 - 1965
                  Venice High School, Los Angeles, CA Venice Blvd.  1965 - 1967
                  Santa Monica City College, Santa Monica, CA 1967 - 1969
                        Two years of college

2.8  I have never been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor.  I have a clean      driving             record. 

2.9  I speak English with ease

2.10 I read and write English with ease.

2.11  Yes, I was and am conservator for my son, Arthur Edward Foster.
            (a) 2028 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (805) 569-5575
            (b) To oversee his activities, care for him, pay his bills, and arrange for his various                                    therapies. 

2.12 Yes, my son, Arthur, had  suffered a brain injury from a motorcycle acident he had   survived in September and was despondent. 

2.13 No.  None

4.0 Insurance
            At the time of the incident I had the following insurance: 

(a) Aetna Health Insurance.P.O. Box 12340, Fresno, CA 93765
            Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
            Craig Franklin
            Dawn Pillsbury
            Justin Foster
            Arthur Foster
                        At the time of the incident CraigFranklin was the insured member.                                                 Since then I have exercised my cobra rights and am now the insured                                               member. There is no dispute of which I am aware. 

4.2 I’ m not sure what this means.  I have a life insurance policy on myself, home insurance and auto insurance.  That is all. 

            6.1  I have suffered extreem stress which may have contributed to the arrythmea I was experiencing.  I have migraines, to which this may have contributed. 

            6.2 None

            6.3 I still have migraines. The arrythmea is presently being controlled by hormone                                    therapy. 

            6.4 Yes. Dr. Richard Danson, Santa Barbara, CA.  For migraines. 

            6.5 Yes.  Vicadine with codeine. I have been taking it for several months. 

            6.6  Yes, but I am not claiming them for reimbursement. 

            6.7  I am incapacitated because of the migraines and cannot work. 

7.0 Property Damage  No.. 

8.0 Loss of earning capacity

8.1 Yes

8.2  I am a writer.  I have been writing for many years. 

8.3  I was not  working for monetary compensation when the incident occured.  I could not           because I was my son’s conservator and because of my health. 

8.4 My income is from spousal support solely. 

8.5 I cannot seek employment.  I am needed at home for Arthur and I have migraines.

8.6  I have now sought employment because of my migraines. 

8.7  I was in the process ofwriting a book when the incident took place.  I do not know     how to calculate my losses. 

8.8  Yes, I will.  I cannot seek employment because of the migraines andbecause I need to            be here to act as Arthur’s caretaker.  Iestimate that it wil take two  years to have         Arthur able to live on his own without my day to day oversight. 


9.1  Yes, I had tospend money for medical expenses for Arthur.  I will have my     bookkeeper send long a read out of those figures. 

9.2   (see bookkeepers readout) 


            10.1 The migraines began to worsen after the incident.  I had never sought medical           care for migraines before then. 

            10.2 I was havingtrouble with my eyes, I had not sought medical care.  I had                                  problems with my heart, I had been hospitalized for a suspected heart                                 attack. 

            10.3 No. 

11.0 Other Claims and previous claims 

            11.1 No.

            11.2 No

12.0  All of my infirmation regarding the actual incident is heresay from three cources.  The         first two sources, Ronald Edward Foster and Beverly Foster are both very     .           unreliable.  The third source is my son, Arthur Edward Foster.  His contact        information is stated in this document.  Ronald and Beverly’s contact information is             readily available through court documents. 

12.2 No.

12.3 No

12.4 No

12.5 No

12.6 Yes, Ronald Foster or Beverly Foster called the ambulance and police.  A report was            made. 

12.7  Yes,I went by and looked at the grass where Arthur shot himself several days later. 

13.0 Surveillance

13.1 No.

13.2 No

14.0 Statutory or Regulatory Violations

14.1 Yes. Ronald Edward Foster, informed of the potential in Arthur for a suicide attempt            recklessly ignored the risk, allowing Arthur to go to the mall unaccompanied on         Saturday, where Arthur states he tried to throw himself off the parking structure.        Prevented by the presence of security, he returned to the house in Reseda.  Left            alone  there on Sunday morning while Ronald Edward Foster and Beverly Foster went to get breakfast at Taco Bell at around 11:30am, Arthur went to get the gun, which was kept loaded, according to him, by their bed, and went into the back yard             and shot himself though the mouth into his brain. 
                        I did not know that Ron kept guns in the house. 
                        Ronald and Beverly had both been informed of the risk and had promised
            not to allow Arthur out of their sight for his entire visit.  They had each read a       suicide note Arthur had sent the previous week.  I was informed of  this by Beverly       shortly after the incident. 
                        But I had called on the previous weekend from Texas, where I was at a      conference with Arthur’s sisters, Dawn and Ayn, because Justin had found a            suicide note Arthur had left there.  I was called my the old friend, Vicky Emerling,     who was stayingwith the boys in my absense and informed of the note.   Arthur   was then in Reseda with Ron and Beverly.   In the call I made immediately            thereafter  I asked Ron to check on Arthur.  I asked him to keep him on Sunday             night so that I would be there when he arrived home.        
                        When Arthur returned home I took him to a medical doctor, Dr. Richard    Danson.  He had taken a corrosive substance, Draino, I think. He had tests to             ascertain that no damage had been done.   On Wednesday I took him to a therapist,       Dr. Marquart, who talked to him about his depression.  On Friday Arthur went to             his regular rehabilitation visits at the OutPatient Rehabilitation of Santa Barbara.          They called me to tell me that they thought he was a potential danger to himself.  I             called Dr. Danson to arrange to get him in a treatment program on Monday.  
                        I informed Ron of each of these developments as they took place.  I told     him on Friday I was reluctant to allow Arthur to come because of the risk if he was        not watched.  Ron then guaranteed he would keep a 24 hour watch on Arthur.  I      reluctantly agreed to allow him to go to Los Angeles. 
                        They, Ron and Beverly,  were to put him back on the bus on Sunday                      afternoon.  I was to pick him up at the terminal in Santa Barbara.  Each of          these    points was discussed within the hearing of Arthur who remembers the discussion      which took place over the phone while he and I were in the breakfast nook in Santa     Barbara Friday afternoon.    Each point was further discussed with  Dawn, 24             then and living at home.  Dawn remembers discussing these points with     Beverly. 

14.2  No. 


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