Sunday, February 3, 2019

1999 January 25 - (Date may be earlier) Fax to Robert Jordan, McGraw Insurance Services


2028 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, California 93105
(805) 569-0421
(805) 682-4444fax

To:Robert Jordan
            Tel:  (650) 556-8263 x 3063
            Fax: (650) 780-4820
            McGraw Insurance Services

From: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
            Tel:  (805) 569-0421
            Fax: (805) 682-4444

Contents:  Summons to Arthur Foster & civer page.

Mr Jordan:  I am conservator for my son, Arthur, who is completely disabled due to injuries suffered in the accident in question.  Subsequently, Arthur shot himself in the head and suffered further brain damage and was paralyzed on the left side.  Again, this was a direct result of the accident.   Arthur maintains that the car pulled out in front of him and had the only and last chance to avoid the collision.  I believe him. 
            The insurance bills have amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Since Arthur is in a conservatorship he cannot appear for himself.  I am now undergoing treatment for several medical problems and am having an angiogram tomorrow and being scheduled for a corneal transplant.  Therefore it will be difficult for me to appear in his behalf, necessitating the continuance of this matter for an indefinite period of time. .  But I would like it resolved.  Your advise would be appreciated. 
            Please let me know what needs to be done in this matter. 
            Sincerely, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

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