Monday, July 21, 2014


Carol Divine Molin
A Republican Woman Activist. 

 Devine-Molin was a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan played a minor, but dramatic role, in events surrounding the battering of Morgan Pillsbury. As mandated by the tenets for Professional Journalism, it was my intention to ask her some further questions regarding her role in an instance of battery she caused.   

Devine -Molin called me at my home in Santa Barbara in 2001 to warn me Morgan was in danger because she knew John Fund to be very capable of violence.  

This heightened my concerns, most especially because Devine Molin identified herself as a counselor for battered women.  I did not then know she had had a brief sexual relationship with Fund.  She told me she was sympathetic because she was a Republican activist.  

A longer and less disinterested explanation pf Molin's actions came to my attention within the month.  I made notes.  These will be included in the book.  

Look carefully at her mouth and think of Monica Lewinsky.  

It seems Carol was obsessed with John Fund, then a pundit on the way up, and had oral sex with him after she heard him speak.  John's comment to her, "You got to swallow."  


  1. If you have any decency, you will retract this. Three years ago, this person died from cancer at the age of 57. Why would you want to post this type of cruel angry attack on someone you don't know for her surviving family to see? If you are hurting, seek counseling from friends, family, support groups, or professional help. This is not the way to go...

  2. You know Carol Divine Molin from your own experience. However, I know her directly from mine.
    Dead of not, the example of what she did impacted others who did not deserve the ugliness of what she chose to do
    for reasons which are mind-bogglingly selfish and unprofessional. If I had had the time I would have done all in my power to have
    her license pulled and her prosecuted.
    She called me up when she found out Morgan was being abused. We did not know she existed, and certainly had not contacted her.
    She told me John was vicious and intimated he had abused and nearly killed many women. She did not tell me about her own, invited,
    contact with Fund following the meeting where he spoke or that she invited him home with her for a brief sexual encounter.
    She did not tell me she then complained vociferously to the management at the Wall Street Journal.

    She offered help and extracted information from me, leaving me terrified and in tears. She promised to find us help and a place for Morgan
    to go. Then, she called John and told him what I had said.

    I heard that beating, too. She was looking only to get back in John's pants, we later learned.

    Let her family live with reality. I have lived with the self-serving small minded ugliness which
    defined her. I will never forget the tears, nausea, and fear she caused or her attempts to
    defame me, too. I was also a Republican woman and she used this to gain my trust.
    We called her "Feral Supine Moaning," in the aftermath of her vicious behavior.

    What kind of a woman does this? Scum of the lowest kind.
    You should be ashamed to acknowledge her instead
    of defending her.

    She put another woman in immediate danger for her life, and did so to get laid.

  3. And let me point out your screed and claim to a right to an image which was not deserved came with no shred of sympathy or compassion for
    those your beloved relative had impacted. I can't give her what she really deserves, but I can give the world the truth.