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JOHN FUND'S WOMEN - Christine Hall Reis January 21, 2002

Christine Hall Reis 

Another of the many other women in Fund's life was Chrissy.  This media minx offered to 'get' us for John Fund.  She had not been married for long at the time and information about her lovely wedding, her delight in retro thirties dancing and obsession with shoes were readily available.   
Chrissy and Mike's Wedding
She was working for Christian Broadcasting Network at the time.  In the email below she and her friend, Julie Currie, offer to help getting Morgan and Melinda.  Jule was working for Kroll Opposition Research. 

This is one of the email John left for Morgan to find. 
From: Christine Hall Reis []  
To: Fund, John 

Subject: my friend Julie 
Sent: 1/21/02 10:49 AM 

My friend Julie read about you in the NY Post.
Remember Julie, the opposition researcher who works
for Kroll?  I told her the bare bones basics of what
happened, and that you're writing a book.  And she
offers her help--

--- Julie Currie <> wrote:
> From: "Julie Currie" <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: fund
> Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:40:15 +0000
> Election fraud?  Yummy topic.
> If you hear from him let him know I'm still
> interested in helping him out. 
> As far as the mother/daughter go we could run all
> sorts of checks on them -
> litigation, etc.... - to discount them.  As far as
> election fraud goes,
> well, you know.

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Christine, a bride, sent this photo to Fund. 

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