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Feb 22, 2012, 9:52 AM - Subject line "text - now I get on to Ruthless People"

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Wed, Feb 22, 2012, 9:52 AM
to Wendy
Pursuing justice, for myself and others, is very much who I am and I make no apology for demanding justice, an accounting, and restitution for those who have been wronged.  
To quote Laura and or Alex, the "friend who we did not know very well she was sending us jewelry" is Raye Smith, who thought the Duke and Duchess were nice people - until she got to know them an they began tapping her for a stream of loans which were never repaid. Records are being assembled for publication.
The rest of Laura's blather is her not very creative rewriting of reality. One of the assignments which Raye, myself and Charles most dreaded was to 'babysit' Laura, which means to be on the phone with her listening to her repeat the same stories over and over and over again.
If I had not realized the ducal couple are serial abusers who wreak havoc in the lives of those around them I would probably have written off the entire experience.  Anyone in business today knows how often, even those who are usually careful to fulfill their obligations, find themselves without the funds to pay their bills.  But with the ducal couple this is a life long pattern, along with other habits even less savory.  
If we do not clean up the world around us who else will do so? 
As Laura's exposition is sadly disjointed and repetitive I organized my rebuttal in several parts.  As Laura has raised these issues it is entirely appropriate she provide some proof of her own background, which is murky at best.  
While she claims to have been raised in Laguna Beach and come from an upscale family the facts do not support this assertion.  Alex, who admittedly is not a reliable source, reported for publication she was raised by a pig farmer in Michigan and dropped out of high school when she was 16.  Her mother was a hair dresser.  After that, he said, she was an 'escort' in Florida.  
Laura, herself, claims to have been in business but cannot describe any specifics about these ventures, including any work she might have done.   
The only business contacts she has mentioned to me were indicted for medicare fraud. Her recounting of attendance at the Grammies placed her in the role of paid  'escort' to a music executive.   
As a career move she decided to seek training as a real estate agent in 2009.  
Both Laura and Alex should produce their Curriculum Vitaes, with accompanying documentation though if you glance at the Time Line you will see much is known as to how Ale has spent his time.     
Professional relationship with the Duke and Duchess 
Between August 28, 2011, when Duchess Laura first called me, and the time she and Duke Alex separated in early October, I received over 500 emails from the two of them.  Simply reading and cataloging these ate up entire days.  These included emails, articles, documents and photos.  Additionally, I spent hours on the phone with her and Alex.  It was not an experience I would want to repeat with either of them.  
During that time I produced a website, which they stole, an article and outline for several more, which were sidelined when they decided to pursue the Michael Jackson tape sale.  
This short statement links down to the Declaration I wrote for the FBI  and also to the contract, to which Laura refers.  The contract was received, at Alex's request, and then ignored.  No other agreement was ever written.  The statement to the contrary by Laura is a flat lie. 
The Declaration was written because Alex was threatening to kill me.  Later he also threatened Raye, who also filed a complaint both with the local police where she lives and with the FBI. 
The Declaration refutes every absurdity written by Laura here regarding the work for which they contracted and then failed to pay.  Failing to pay their debts is apparently as natural to them as breathing.  
To quote Lady Mary Montagu, this written to Alex in an email dated Sunday, September 11, 2011, "Both Emma and Boppy have always worked -- while you have bludged off any sucker you could find.
Again do not contact me... If you do I may release all the documents I have in relation to your life going back to you early childhood."
Emma and Boppy are Duke Alex's younger siblings. 
Alex ran Laura out of their condo located about five minutes from their mail drop at 8414 Farm Rd. Suite. # 180, Las Vegas, NV 89131 because she had, he said, stolen the Michael Jackson video he hoped to sell.  As it turned out this is community property from his previous marriage so not salable.  The copy of the edited tape has now been restored to its rightful owner, Wendy Montagu.
Of the two of us it was Raye who had chummy and carried on personal conversations with Alex.  She is more forbearing than myself.  Alex is not a fount of wit and intellectual insight and interviewing him was not a pleasure.  
Alex persuaded Raye, who persuaded me to help the ducal couple originally, to pay so he could file for divorce, he sent us the papers.  Ducal Divorce Papers  Ducal Financial Papers for Divorce
These are well worth reading.  
You can see photos of the ducal establishment HERE.
The strategy followed by Laura and Alex, who most likely wrote this posting together with the assistance of my eldest daughter, Morgan, is The Stink Bug, outlined below and in more detail on Ruthless People.    
Be so ugly and vicious people will decide attempting to collect is not worth the trouble.  Muddy the water with outrageous lies.  The farther your reader is from knowing the individuals directly the more likely he or she is to accept these as credible.  
I was not actually pursuing collections when Duke Alex began threatening me but Raye and I were certainly discussing our options which involved the rather pedestrian option of small claims court, nothing more dramatic.    
Regarding Laura's libelous and fantastical statements about me, my professional and educational background and family.  
The law regarding libel requires I show damages to collect.  Since neither Laura or Alex have any credibility with anyone who knows them and are despised by the Manchester Trustees and the Montagu relatives, for good and sufficient reasons, their statements are unlikely to do me any damage. Additionally, suing them would be a definite case of squeezing blood out of a rock, in this case a very hard rock.  
It is these statements and the fact Morgan is the sole 'follower' of Laura's blog which alerted me to Morgan's involvement.  Until now I have not published the facts regarding Morgan because, despite her ugly and predatory behavior toward all of her relations, she is still my daughter and I love her.   A dispassionate recounting of the facts will now be published on Ruthless People.  This is strangely ironic since the first Ruthless People was published to defend her.  She did nothing herself but, naturally, took credit.  Morgan can't write either.  
I have been married three times. This is just a fact and absurd to criticize.
My third and last husband is very psychopathic and sexually deviant.  I have no fear he will sue as these statements are documented by varied and substantial sources, as he well knows.  
Craig adopted Arthur, along with my other children, at his insistence, allowing his biological father to negate any obligation to provide support. Documents on these and other issues  will appear on the Ruthless People website.  
Arthur suffered two major brain injuries, the second caused by direct and intentional attempts to manipulate him in hopes he would commit suicide by my former husband, Craig Franklin, to whom I was still married.  Craig's motives were entirely pecuniary.  He had been told by counsel he would be forced by the court to provide support as I was, and remain, Arthur's conservator.  Craig's income was around a million a year.  It is higher now.  
Arthur has received SSI for nearly two years. For the eleven years before that I supported him entirely myself along with caring for him 24/7.  
​This care began when he was in a wheelchair and incapable of going to the toilet unassisted.  For many months I diapered him as he went through rehabilitation.
I remain full time caretaker for my disabled son, who would be grossed out by the suggestion he sleeps with me.  This is something which would not occur to any decent and normal person. 
His sisters, my daughters, completely abandoned him and have not helped, with his care in any way, or contacted, him during that time, preferring the far more lucrative relationship with my former husband.  They have not helped, with his care in any way, or contacted, him during that time, not so much as a card or call on his birthday. 
Arthur has received SSI for nearly two years.  He was eligible for SSI from 1998 on.  For those eleven years I supported him entirely myself along with caring for him 24/7.  
At the same time I was suffering severe heart problems and debilitating migraines along with coping with damaged corneas which made driving impossible for me for a long time.  
I, myself, am also legally disabled, which they well know.  While they unendingly asked for money from me they provided no help to either myself or their brother when it was needed.   
Until now I have never mentioned these facts publicly.  I still love my children, despite these facts.  
Documentation on what happened is available on Ruthless People.  
Although disabled myself have continued to do what was possible to bring in some small income while caring for my disabled son.  I understand what other Americans are facing today in a very visceral way. 
My political involvement began in the 60s.  Since both Laura and Alex are illiterate regarding politics, as they are in many other areas, it should surprise no one they had not heard of me.  I am not offended.  
However, this article will show I both wrote for my local newsletter for NFRW and had tea in the White House with Laura Bush, if that matters to anyone.  
The truth was unpalatable but when the facts were proven I have never hesitated to accept the truth. 
And while Duchess Laura perhaps does not understand the articles I write she should be informed they are respected.  This last year I was asked to host two new radio shows. 
The first offer came from BBS, the station where I started radio.  It was completely unsolicited.  The second offer, which I accepted, was at RMN Radio, which now hosts my show, Reclaim America Now.
You can do radio, even if you are nearly blind.  
My first video, which I wrote entirely and recorded, has been very favorably reviewed by professionals.  
Formal Education
I attended a year of high school at St. Stephen's of Rome, an Episcopal Preparatory School graduating after we returned from my father's year sabbatical during which time he was doing consulting work for the FAO of the United Nations.
My college was at Santa Monica College, where I attended for two years. I have never said anything else and do not view formal education as particularly important.
​Ruthless People
John Fund is a neocon operative who was once a friend.  I outed him rather thoroughly, something he and his cronies, who include Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Newt Gingrich, resented.  Fund also battered and nearly killed my oldest daughter, Morgan after seducing her and forcing her to have an abortion.  
Karl Schwarz is a completely debunked conman.  See article and links.  Ironically, Laura produced these as proof I was crazy when they prove the case against Schwarz handily. 
Craig Franklin, who continues to prey on women and girls will be dealt with on Ruthless People
I've never heard of JOANNE STARK or LISA ANDERSON or received email about them. 

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