Tuesday, January 1, 2019

December 13, 2001 9:58:23 AM PST - Melinda to John Fund (Subject: I am very concerned)

I am very concerned
12/13/01 9:58:23 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear John,
      First, I want you to know that I got the number and called the Jersey police.  
      Not hearing from Morgan worried me and I am sure you can understand why.  You know she is emotionally unstable and needs calm, not continuous fear an, pain, and manipulation.  We talked about your own concerns that she might harm herself before I know the whole story.   And while it pains me to mention this you must know that battering her is wrong on every level.
      You should not try to keep Morgan from communicating with her family and concerned friends.  That is part of a pattern of control that is always associated with batterers.
      I still think you both should be in therapy.  You should also stop lying and face what you have done.  You are an intelligent man.  You must know, in your heart, what doing the right thing means.
      Please get help, face what you have done, and do the right thing.  


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