Monday, October 8, 2018

Fraudulent Loan Agreement written by Jacqueline Misho and signed under duress by Morgan Pillsbury

Morgan was always credulous about those who had previously been ready sources of money.  Although she knew, because she participated in the conspiracy against her mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Craig had no scruples, felt no gratitude, and otherwise exhibited psychopathic characteristics, she did not realize this because she operated on the same characteristics but was far less intelligent and calculating than Craig or the other psychopathic individuals he attracted.  

Craig is a highly intelligent psychopath, one of the 20,000 such individuals active within the US at any time. 

Craig's relations with women always took a particular form.  First, he enticed and romanced them.  Then, when they were emotionally and financially dependent on him he destroyed them.  

This fraudulent loan agreement was one of the steps Craig took in the belief it would succeed.  It did not because Morgan asked her mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster for help.  Melinda believed Morgan's  lies as to her previous actions because she is emotionally normal and believes all people are capable of redemption.  Lacking the attributes of compassion, conscience, the ability to love, Morgan only used a semblance of these neurologically based attributes to get what she wanted.  

No loan had ever been made.  It was a straight-forward employment agreement to act for Craig Franklin the slandering of the wife he wanted to destroy.  Morgan provided slander, told to Melinda's friends, manipulated her other siblings to alienate them from the mother they loved, and took all other actions asked for by Craig.  

He pointed out to Morgan this had to appear as a 'gift' because she was carrying out criminal actions, felonies.  Craig had the same kind of agreement with Dan O'Dowd of Green Hills Software, Inc (GHS) for the take-over of the company and with those Craig had persuaded at the company to cooperate, for compensation, with this conspiracy.  

The conspiracy was intended to bring Melinda's death, either directly or through the physical stress caused and the death of their son, Arthur Foster.  

Bankruptcy Response by Morgan Pillsbury - See Page Three

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