Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sbwhoeop = Sidney Blumenthal Gene Gaudette and Sid work together, you know.

Sid and Gene score one on John Fund by getting the domestic violence document from New Jersey to Lloyd Grove at the Washington Post.  The first incident of domestic violence in Manhattan took place after Morgan left John and began living in the apartment Melinda rented for her in Manhattan.  Unfortunately, John Fund her, moved in, and forced her to travel to his apartment in Jersey City to keep it clean and the frig full of burritos.  

This is the normal part of this chapter of the story.  The rest gets strange, but will now be told at How The NeoCons Stole Freedom.

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\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20  Genegaudet: \par

 Genegaudet:  Fund went to Grove, so we beat him to the punch \par
 Sbwhoeop:  Got it up. Thanks. Very clear copy of documents. \par
 Genegaudet:  We're not bad when we put our minds to it. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  You guys should email the document page to grove: \par
 Sbwhoeop:  Superb work. \par
 Genegaudet:  Thanks.  He got the text edition; I'll attach it as a web page. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  I don't think grove will figure out to click on document so just send the page, I think. \par
 Genegaudet:  Not a bad idea. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  The first edition has already gone to bed so he should get it now. If he misses it, well, he's missed the scoop. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  You guys should also send the document to Romenesko. \par
 Genegaudet:  Does Jeff have his contact info ?  I don't \par
 Genegaudet:  OK \par
 Sbwhoeop:  Let's email tomorrow, see what happens.  \par
 Genegaudet:  OK --good night!! \par

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