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Exhibit 21 - Police Report August 2014

Police Report
Ashtabula Police Department

This report has also been filed with the FBI, locally through Painsville, and to the FBI for Ohio.

Normally, I would not take threats by Raye seriously as she loves drama, exhibiting many characteristics associated with psychopathy, but she appears to be working with my former husband, Craig Franklin, who I know previously tried to find a hitman to kill me. He also paid $10,000 in a failed attempt to kill my son, Arthur. The transfer of funds came to light late in our divorce.

Manchester hired a hitman to kill Wendy during their divorce but the hitman informed her of this and refused to follow through.

The VoiceMessages

Around 40 recordings of voice mails were received from Manchester by Melinda, Wendy, Wendy's daughter, Ashley from 2012 – 2013. These are the first in 2014. These are included on the Lexar Drive.

On August 7, 2014 I received an email, with audio attachment, from Wendy Buford Montagu, who is the former wife of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester.

This first voice message, left on Wendy's answering machine at work, conveyed the information Wendy, myself, and my disabled son, had been targeted for murder. Manchester said on the tape Raye was involved in this, also naming others.

On August 22, 2014 I received another email, with audio attachment, from Wendy.

The second voice message, again left on Wendy's answering machine at work, explicitly said I was targeted and named the person targeting me as an Ashtabula resident, Raye Smith. Manchester quoted Raye Smith, “She is a dead woman walking.”

About Wendy and Melinda

Wendy has worked for a very large legal firm, Latham & Watkins, LLC, located at 650 Town Center Drive 20th Floor, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1925 for over twenty-five years. She coordinates conferences for the firm.

She was married to Manchester from 1993 – 2007. Two children were born of the marriage. The youngest child, a daughter, who is now 15, refused to have anything to do with her father or his new wife, Laura. The same is true for the son who is 20.

Manchester has not seen the children for five years and left California to evade paying court ordered support. Any support paid comes from the Manchester Trust, which provides him with a modest stipend every month.

Melinda is working with a start up, Envirock, which produces such products as Ultra-High performance Concrete and other building materials. Corporate headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company has not yet been funded but this is expected to happen in the next six weeks. We are in negotiations with investors and have about 35 million in LOIs now and other projects moving forward. She will probably have to relocate out of Ashtabula as soon as they are funded.

In the normal scheme of things Melinda would not be living in Ashtabula, but in California.

Why Melinda is in Ashtabula

Melinda accepted an offer for a partnership from Raye Smith in her company, Rubicon Aegis, LLC. Rubicon Aegis owns a website, Rumor Mill News, which is basically an online tabloid, but has a high hit rating. It was Raye who introduced Melinda to the Manchesters.

Melinda serves as a Vestry Member for St. Peter Episcopal Church in Ashtabula.

Melinda's involvement began when she was asked to put up a website for the Manchesters by Raye Smith, AKA Rayelan Allen on August 25, 2011.

Raye presented the Manchesters as close friends of hers. She also affirmed them as people of good character who had been wrongly maligned in the media. Promising they would pay for the work in a short time.

On this representation, Melinda agreed to do the work requested.

Melinda discovered Raye's representations were false in November, but at that time Raye presented herself as also having been deceived. Only a year after coming to Ohio did Melinda learn this was also false. Raye had known about Manchester because of evidence offered by Wendy, who heard an interview Raye did with Manchester on her radio show and contacted her station. Although the slanders and other lies told had cost Melinda tens of thousands of dollars Raye refused accept any responsibility claiming she was, “Not a journalist and the truth does not matter, anyway.”


Wendy and I do a website,, which enumerates the wrong doings of her former husband to protect potential victims. We have been thanked on numerous occasions for providing this service, both by victims and journalists. The site includes previous articles published by the mainstream media, court documents, emails, and other items which serve to illustrate Manchester's long history as a conman. By the time he was 24, in 1985, Manchester had 22 felony convictions for fraud, auto theft and other crimes in Australia.

Despite his title, Alexander is a convicted felon and a conman with a long history of criminal activity, the consequences for much of which he has managed to evade due to the title.

Alex was first diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies in 1984 while under the care of a psychiatrist. He had barricaded himself in his home and assaulted a policeman and held his own attorney at gun point using a spear gun.

While Wendy was married to Alex she learned he had some kind of connection to agents in the FBI and he later claimed to be working for the FBI on a case. The name of the Special Agent was Gregory Coleman. His email addresses in 2011 was,

Wendy and Melinda do not believe Coleman is in any way involved, but this is the contact to which Manchester refers.

Who Is Involved

Wendy, who was married to Manchester for 15 years, expressed surprise he would have come after Melinda with a barrage of calls to her clients and editors after refusing to pay her for the work done. His usual practice, she says, is to avoid contact with those he defrauds.

There is a strong possibility the cooperation between Manchester and several other individuals who view Melinda as a threat because of information in her possession.

The evidence in the most recent VoiceMessages mention Raye Smith. This points to a cooperative effort which included her from the beginning.

It appears that Raye was never out of contact with the Manchesters and intentionally misrepresented their characters and ability to pay for the work done. She enticed Melinda to relocate when all of the work she was then doing for Raye could have continued to be done remotely.

Her excuse was her failing health and the problems she was having with the Powers – Lee Family. She asked Melinda to write a police report, using her statements on these supposed events at the time. Later, Melinda realized Raye had completely misrepresented the situation.

Raye failed to honor any of the promises she made to Melinda and then tried to evict her while Melinda believed she was still working for Raye, doing advertising.

It appears she wanted Melinda in Ohio for reasons other than any having to do with her representations.

At one point, in November of 2012, she exclaimed to Melinda, “I should have not let them talk me into having you come out here.” Melinda asked her what she meant. She refused to discuss it, walking away.

Other individuals we believe to be involved include Craig Franklin, previously Senior Vice President, Green Hills Software, Inc., now CTO of Firefly CU LLC, a company in which Green Hills Software is invested and holds a board position.

Craig and the president of GHS carried out a “Throw Mama from the Train” ploy to deny Melinda her marital share of stock in the company granted to Franklin. In return, Dan O'Dowd, GHS President, was able to obtain full ownership of the company, then worth 350 million in 1998 for only 47 million.

Franklin lead a walk out of critical employees while Dan's partner, Glenn Hightower, was at the company campus in Santa Barbara with his potential funders.

This was later litigated. Hightower failed to prevail because he could not prove a conspiracy existed. [e.]AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION No. 72Y 180 0960 98,” a true and exact copy of the originals that are in my possession, which is a series of documents generated by the law suit filed by Hightower against Dan O'Dowd over O'Dowd's exercise of their sudden death partnership agreement on January, 1998. Decision that unlawful action is not proved.

Franklin admitted the fraud against Melinda, involving O'Dowd, on a tape made by Morgan Pillsbury in October, 1999. Transcript.

More individuals are mentioned on the earlier Manchester VoiceMessages

Signed, August 27, 2014

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

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