Monday, March 2, 2015

Exhibit 27 - Post Today, March 2, RMN

Exhibit 27 – Post today RMN

Server is due Need $400.00

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 2-Mar-2015 10:19:45

I also need $500.00 to pay the rent on the new house.

I was $400 overdrawn on the account where my social security comes in. I had no idea that I had a number of automatic withdrawals on that account. I also had no idea that the bank had not put up all of the $36.00 overdraft fees.

My SS check is what I normally pay the rent with. I also use this card to pay for the auto-renewal of my domains. I used to use Paypal to do that, but we lost because there was no money in Paypal. So I switched them to my private account. I usually monitor this account well enough to be on top of things like this. But with my best friend Buck having major problems with his back and not being able to walk, my mind was more on getting him well and not on anything else. Add to my distraction, the cost of the vet and medication.

Buck walked yesterday evening for the first time since his problems. He still limps on the right side. His right leg is the one that was most affected. I've had a three legged cat and a three legged dog, so I know he will soon learn to not use the bad leg at all.

With all the overdraft charges and automatic withdrawals I have $164.00 left out of $1,254.19.

I need $600.00 more just to pay the rent and $400.00 for the server.

I am planning on making a huge effort to move most of my furniture out of the house this week. I also have to appear in court. The freeloader is taking me to small claims court to pay for things she thinks I owe her. I have hours of research to do so that I can prove that her charges were NOT paid for by her... but by me. Thank God Paypal keeps track of all my expenses going back years.

I was given a number of things to sell to make up this $600.00.

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