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Exhibit 8 – Second Response and Offer of Settlement

Exhibit 8 – Second Response and Offer of Settlement

Dara Leigh Bloom, Attorney-at-Law
Vindicatio Consultants-Homeowners’ Justice Group
1748 Prytania, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
Telephone: 818-xxx-xxxx

December 16, 2013

Re: Rumor Mill News
RMN News
Rubicon Aegis
Your Notice of
November 29, 2011

This Letter should be construed as a Notice of Intent to Sue, but it also constitutes an offer to settle or compromise a dispute prior to the formal institution of litigation. Nothing in this letter should be construed either as an admission of any fact nor a waiver of any legal contention or equitable assertion.
This letter is, by law, and shall be deemed inadmissible for any purpose in any subsequent Court proceedings, should you refuse the offer herein expressed and tendered to you in good faith.

Raye A. Smith, aka Rayelan Smith
Aka Rayelan Allan
525 Bunker Hill Road
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

Dear Ms. Smith:

I understand there is more trouble at the home you and Melinda currently share as co-residence and that the local police department has been called out again. I have never received a response to the letter I sent you 91 days ago on September 10, 2013. I know that you received a hand-served copy although you appear to have refused to sign for the certified mail I sent you. Accordingly, this letter is being sent to you by both regular mail and certified mail (as well as, again, hand delivery inside your shared residence).

Your Silence Constitutes Acquiescence and Agreement

By your failure to answer, reply, respond, discuss or dispute the letter I sent you on September 10, 2013, I can only presume that in fact have no answer. By failing to answer, you implicitly admit that my previous statement for $120,000.00, submitted on behalf of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster was correct. Please understand that three months more have elapsed, so the minimum amount to which Melinda is entitled at the present time would be $135,000.00 (October, November, December, 2013).

Please understand this: you will go on accumulating debts of $5,000.00/month until such time as you terminate Melinda’s employment according to law, paying her all back wages and benefits accrued (to Melinda and to Arthur as her beneficiary), plus statutory penalties, plus interest and my legal fees in having to deal with this miserably petty affair.

To date, you have caused Melinda to incur only $2,250.00 in time, expenses, and fees, but please be aware that this amount you owe me personally will exponentially increase if Melinda is forced to file suit against you for violation of state and federal employment laws, or defend against any action in equity or suit at law. You would do well to remit the sum total of $137,250.00 to me immediately (or in the meantime, you should at least call me so that we can work out a settled agreement or compromise where you can start making smaller but regular payments divided over time).

It would behoove you to write or call me 1-818-800-8978.

Yours very truly,

Dara Leigh Bloom, Esq., for
Vindicatio-Homeowners Justice

copy: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and
Ashtabula Police Department
Justice Center, 110 West 44th Street, Unit 1,
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

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