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Exhibit 15 – Brobst Letter, February 2

Exhibit 15 – Brobst Letter, February 2

To: Robert Brobst
3815 N Bend Rd
Ashtabula, Ohio
Phone: (440) 969-1900
Fax: (440) 992-5335

February 2, 2015

Dear Mr. Brobst,

Eleven days ago, on January 22, you received three fax transmissions containing the following pages of information and a letter. The identifiers for there were: FSID: 15327935, 12 pages delivered; FSID: 15328767, 6 pages delivered; FSID: 15328468, 10 pages delivered for a total of 28 pages of information regarding Rayelan Allan, AKA Raye A. Smith.

List of Page Titles delivered to you:

First Transmission - FSID: 15327935
1   Small Claims Suit.doc
2   Aqua Payment .doc
3   January 5, 2015 Posting libeling Melinda RMN.doc
4   Business Card with note and front.doc
5   RMN Front Page.doc

Second Transmission - FSID: 15328767
1   Exhibit 8 - P-F Med.001.jpg
2   Exhibit 8 - P-F Med.002.jpg
3   Exhibit 9 - Arthur Med.001.jpg
4   Exhibit 9 - Arthur Med.002.jpg
5   FINAL Dominion Gas Bill, January 2015 - MPF.jpg

Third Transmission: FSID: 15328468
1   September 13, 2011 Email.doc
2   Letter on Melindas Employment.jpg
3   Page 63 from PDF.png
4   Page 64 from PDF.png
5   A Pro Con.doc

In the letter written to you from myself you were informed I had decided find another place to live as you clearly were cooperating with Ms. Smith to evade the law in relationship to the rights of tenants and legal residents and I wanted no part of doing business with you. You, Ms. Smith, and at least one attorney in Ashtabula County, David C. Sheldon, appear to have engaged in Abuse of Process in this matter, threatening eviction against Ms. Smith as a means to help her evade filing against me herself.

Ms. Smith evaded every attempt I have made to get her into court because she knows she cannot prevail if the facts become known regarding her evasion of the facts regarding my employment by her.
You were given a date for February 13th when I would move out. That is 24 days after determining you, with Ms. Smith and Sheldon, were acting unethically and in evasion of the law.

The Small Claims Case, No. 15CVI0048, filed in the Municipal Court of Ashtabula, was sent to you with the exhibits cited above in the fax transmissions.

I did not expect to have to contact you again. Since the utilities are now in my name I hoped to have time to organize for my move in peace, this being a matter of only a few days.

However, unfolding events lead to the ugly conclusion you are still working with Ms. Smith to harass me in hopes of forcing me out a few days earlier.

I was informed via the Internet that Ms. Smith has said she is not allowed to move out until, “I have been forced to move first,” this demand was said to originate from you, Ms. Smith's landlord. Since Ms. Smith appears to be delaying her move and also providing access to the house at 525 Bunker Hill Road at all hours to people unidentified to me who give clear signs of not being of good character, these include screaming threats and banging on the walls.

I must consider this as a threat originating in your demand I be forced to leave before the date I previously gave to you, February 13th. That this seems petty, ugly and shocking goes without saying.

In addition, as another form of harassment and possible threat to the life of my son, Arthur, who is severely disabled, Ms. Smith asked my son to, “come and visit her in her new house on Washington Avenue.” She told him he would have no problem finding it but did not provide the house number. Since I know she is moving out of the city of Ashtabula in hopes of evading the several years of City Income Tax she failed to pay, and is moving to Austinburg, this is a lie.

To attempt this at any time could result in my son becoming lost due to his vision. He would be likely to keep looking and become disoriented. He is entirely blind in one eye and 70% blind in the other along with his very limited mobility. In this weather any such attempt could result in any number of outcomes which could cause him grave bodily injury or death.

I construe these as attempts to either harass me or to intimidate me into leaving for fear of my life and the life of my son.

In the material you received was included medical letters. So you know my son's disabilities are real. Also included was the published libels about me by Ms. Smith and information showing clear indications Ms. Smith is a con-artist and likely a psychopath.

By the report I received you demanded a person who has demonstrated her lack of ethics and honesty do whatever was possible to harass me.

I include with this letter two letters affirming my good character, one from a paper for which I write and another from a long time professional associate. Feel free to ask Father Peter, the minister for St. Peter Church, Rick Balog, a member of our Vestry with me and a member of the City Council, Connie Dixon, Vestry Member, John Korb, Vestry Member, or Alice Cook, Member of Ashtabula City Council about my good character and honesty.

You are receiving this letter because I am being threatened even though I have done all possible to leave this house after your last cooperative attempt to evict me in abuse of process when I had no reason to believe you would be unwilling to rent to me when Ms. Smith left.

Copies of this letter is going to my attorney in California, via email, and to you, via fax transmission.


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

CC: Bloom,

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