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Supplemental Information – Pillsbury-Foster vs. Smith

Supplemental Information – Pillsbury-Foster vs. Smith

Small Claims Case No. 15CVI0048

I am requesting the amount of $3,000 from Raye A. Smith, AKA Rayelan Allan, born name Darlene Rae Smith, as an award for the following causes.

The first cause is having relocated to Ohio from my home in California at Ms. Smith's request. Ms. Smith offered numerous enticements to exact my agreement to do so. I am asking to be reimbursed for my expenses for driving to Ohio, a trip which took me over three weeks because my vision makes driving at night difficult for me.
(SEE – Two Medical Records)I also included two letters showing Arthur, my son, is disabled and will never be able to support himself.  

Item No. One - $1,322
Reimbursement for my expenses for coming to Ohio in November of 2011. This took several weeks due to my poor eyesight of which Ms. Smith had been duly informed before I agreed to come. My unreimbursed expenses came to $1,322, totaled on the back of one of my business cards. (SEE Note on card)

Ms. Smith has said I imposed myself on her and was an 'uninvited guest.' This statement entirely ignores the documentation. I was already working for her as Director of Advertising for her online site, Rumor Mill News and for her 'radio station,' RMN Radio, where she had also asked me to host a show on Tuesdays. Although she removed any mention of me from the site I had my own site and maintained records of my guests. The show was Reclaim America and the site I maintained can be viewed online.

Cost-free housing was offered to me as a benefit of my employment, both Director of Advertising and COO for Rubicon Aegis, LLC.

I left my home in CA, on which I still pay the mortgage, and my friends to come to Ohio where I knew no one but Ms. Smith.

(SEE Email between myself and Ms. Smith after she hired me dated September 13, 2011.)

Duration of Employment as Director for Advertising

I was still working as Director for Advertising in August 2013, an employment lasting over two years. I have hundreds and hundreds of emails documenting this and a list of advertisers, with their correspondence to me as well. I will produce these in court so the court can see they are in my email account and genuine.

The enticements which made me decide to accept Ms. Smith's offer were an offer to partner with her in a corporation to be organized which would be focused on online publishing and a benefit package which included medical insurance. Ms. Smith told me this entity would then own Rumor Mill News (RMN). RMN generates a decent income through advertising but it was clear to me it could at least double this if a redesign took place.

In coming to Ohio I was to be Chief Operating Officer of Rubicon Aegis, LLC. Ms. Smith was Chief Executive Officer of the company we would, together, start.

As part of my assigned duties as COO Ms. Smith asked me to find a state where the LLC could be inexpensively incorporated. I did research and provided to her with information on five different states, printing these out on my own printer. Ms. Smith then asked I use for printing our business cards and for multiple other jobs since Ms. Smith's own printer was not working.

Soon after this Ms. Smith informed me she had suffered undisclosed financial reversals which made it impossible for us to start the corporation immediately. She asked me to wait and began giving me household chores to do.

Only much later did I discover she had already incorporated Rubicon Aegis, LLC, in Ohio the year previous. The Incorporation Number being 1986471, incorporation date November 18, 2010 and it appears the Ohio entity is the actual owner of Rumor Mill News.

This appears to be fraud from the inception. See The History of Raye A. Smith for insight as to her history as a con-artist.

Item No. Two - $1,440.
I am asking for payment for one job Ms. Smith assigned me unrelated to either my job as Director of Advertising for Rumor Mill News, for which she had hired me in early September 2011 while I was still in California, or as a partner in Rubicon Aegis, LLC, which entity she told me we would operate together, as partners.

Beginning in January 2012 Ms. Smith asked me to carry out household tasks, which included cleaning out the basement, then filled with unopened boxes from her previous move from California to Ohio, which had taken place two years previously. I was to sort these and organize them as well. I did so.

Cleaning out the basement took nearly a month of days of not less than six hours each, including Saturday. At the moderate rate of $10 an hour this comes to $1,440.

Causes Three & Four – Utility Bills - $328.08
Payment for utility bills of $226.12 (Aqua) and $101.08 (Dominion Gas) I paid to keep the water on and in the mistaken belief Ms. Smith was moving and I could, therefore, rent the house in my own name. I was told when I called Aqua, Illumination Co., and Dominion Ms. Smith had turned off the gas as of December 3oth and would be moved by that day. These facts came to my attention because Aqua turned off the water because Ms. Smith failed to pay the bill.

(SEE copies of 2 bills, Dominion and Aqua)

The History of Raye A. Smith - Discovered from Research

Ms. Smith, then divorced from her second husband, married Gunther Russbacher on August 30, 1989. Russbacher claimed to be formerly the number three man in the CIA and the pilot who flew George H. W. Bush to Paris to set up the October Surprise in 1979. This claim appears to be a fabrication.

In an article published in the Chicago Tribune,A Pro Con, by Michael Tackett on March 17, 1992, Russbacher is revealed to be a con-man. At the time the article was written Russbacher had recently been convicted and sentenced to 21 years in prison in St. Charles County, Missouri.

In an article about Ms. Smith and her then husband, Gunther Russbacher, published November 15, 1994 by The Phoenix Project, both Ms. Smith and her husband are publicly named as con-men who bilked supporters of thousands of dollars.

(See ARTICLE: The Phoenix Project)

The article contains this statement by Ms. Smith. I need $2,000 for my phone bill,” the writer then states Ms. Smith, referred to as Rayelan, one of her pseudonyms, in the article, asked for money for other bills after she and her husband committed credit card fraud, charging $36,000 to pay for “Gunther's coronation” in Austria.

Ms. Smith still claims she is the legitimate Arch-Duchess of Austria, though Russbacher divorced her in 1996 and immediately, by Ms. Smith's report, remarried.

The Phoenix Project article includes this quote, chastising a Dr. Koenig for trusting the Russbachers. should have checked this out a bit more carefully. One of the smoothest SCAMS ever run was foisted off on these people AND YOU by the so-called Russbachers.”

The writer goes on to say the police in Vienna said Russbacher had been in prison in Germany, the U. S. and also in Austria.

The article includes the same formula for panhandling which is replicated online at Rumor Mill News today as a matter of routine.

On Rumor Mill News Ms. Smith continually claims to be either victimized or in desperate straits and unable to pay her utility bills or other necessities. RMN Readers donate around $3,000 to $4,000 a month to relieve needs which I observed while living in the housing provides, upstairs from Ms. Smith, did not exist.

After coming to Ohio at the end of 2011 I learned that around 2007 Rumor Mill News Readers were enticed to invest in what was presented as a 'Family Campground' to be developed in Rock Creek, Ohio and invested thousands of dollars. The money was never accounted for and the subject was dropped from discussion.

RMN is organized to give Ms. Smith complete control of what appears on the site. Posters, referred to as 'Agents' who annoy her are summarily eliminated and unable to take issue with anything she says. There is no channel for appeal. Readers who post use handles, not their names so locating each other and sharing information is nearly impossible.

I did not actually read RMN until after coming to Ohio. When Ms. Smith asked me to consider partnering with her to improve the look and income of Rumor Mill I looked at the layout to assess the need for redesign but not the content, which included subjects, for instance aliens and multiple conspiracies, which did not interest me.

At the time, Ms. Smith I was already working as Director for Advertising for Rumor Mill News.

Over the time I was working for her Ms. Smith drained me of resources. She then attempted to force me to leave without even firing me. Knowing I had documentation of my work and employment she has attempted in various ways to force me to leave without attempting to evict me, which would put us in a court of law where I could present my evidence.

On January 5, 2015 Ms. Smith published a Post which appeared on Rumor Mill News libeling me. This same post publicly states I am a free loader who foisted myself on her, ignoring that I am in Ohio as an employee occupying 'corporate housing.' The post is an astonishing fabrication of outright lies.

I made multiple attempts to reach a resolution by settlement using my attorney and offered mediation through the minister of the church we then both attended.

The issue of slander and libel are not being raised here in any legal sense. The material is presented to illustrate the methods Ms. Smith employs and her personal history.

I am now asking friends and associates to send me character references and will have those at the hearing.

Signed, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

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