Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sbwhoeop = Sidney Blumenthal -How do you spell Clintons + NeoCons = Love and Profits?


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\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20  Genegaudet: \par
 Genegaudet:  Fund went to Grove, so we beat him to the punch \par
 Sbwhoeop:  Got it up. Thanks. Very clear copy of documents. \par
 Genegaudet:  We're not bad when we put our minds to it. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  You guys should email the document page to grove: \par
 Sbwhoeop:  Superb work. \par
 Genegaudet:  Thanks.  He got the text edition; I'll attach it as a web page. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  I don't think grove will figure out to click on document so just send the page, I think. \par
 Genegaudet:  Not a bad idea. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  The first edition has already gone to bed so he should get it now. If he misses it, well, he's missed the scoop. \par
 Sbwhoeop:  You guys should also send the document to Romenesko. \par
 Genegaudet:  Does Jeff have his contact info ?  I don't \par
 Genegaudet:  OK \par
 Sbwhoeop:  Let's email tomorrow, see what happens.  \par
 Genegaudet:  OK --good night!! \par

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