Saturday, August 23, 2014

An American Businessman Looks at Communism by Fred C. Koch

Fred Koch was an American and a businessman.  The founder of what we today know as Koch Industries, his views of the world were very different than those held by his sons, Charles and David.  Fred believed with his mind and heart Communism was an ideology which was profoundly dangerous to Americans. He also believed in business and the efficacy of business as a means of improving the world.   

Fred took stands based on what he knew during his lifetime.  This booklet, which was never copyrighted, speaks his concerns and was printed at his own cost.  It is reproduced here so you can read it as it is nearly unavailable otherwise.  

This scan was made from a copy loaned to me by John McManus, President of the John Birch Society.  The Birch Society underwent profound attacks from the 50s until today.  When such attacks take place in an organized fashion by those associated with the MSM and major corporations it is well to reconsider your first impressions.  


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