Saturday, January 19, 2013

JOHN FUND Exhibit 9 - Letter affirming abuse of Morgan by John Fund, Eric Buchanan

Sent to Morgan in August of 2003 from Eric Buchanan

To Whom It May Concern

have served as a youth counselor for my church as well as counseling the survivors of domestic violence.  I am a life-long conservative as well as a firm member of the Republican Party.  I became acquainted with Morgan Pillsbury on line several years ago and talked to her on a regular basis during the period when she was living with John Fund at his apartment in New Jersey.  On several occasions while she was living there I was on the phone with Morgan when John entered the apartment and was shocked and struck by the obvious fear in her voice.  From what I listened to those nights there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Fund was abusing Morgan. I heard to abuse. I recognized his voice, having followed his commentary for several years previously.  The voice of her abuser was John Fund.

Eric Buchanan
xxxxx Wickerberry Hollow
Roswell, Georgia, 30075
770 645-xxxxx

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